Redwood City Education Foundation 2019 Gala Video

(Redwood City Education Foundation) – Our nation made a promise
to make public education available to every student. The work of the Redwood
City Education Foundation is a way of keeping that
promise to our community. Redwood City is a place
of great opportunity, but those opportunities are
not available to every student. They’re uneven. So, that’s where the Redwood City Education
Foundation steps in. The needs of our students
and of our schools and of our teachers have
increased exponentially. 21st century learning standards mean that kids need to know more, they need to be able to demonstrate more, and that requires new ways
of teaching and of course, new ways of learning. We want to prepare them for
the challenges of their time. – We are an 8:00 a.m. to an
8:00 p.m. school basically. We go through our school day where a child will not just go through
an instructional day, but depending on their
needs or their priorities, they could go through counseling, they could go through tutoring, they could have services
in or outside of classroom. So, community schools is
a model based on the idea that if we ever truly want
to close the achievement gap, we have to address the opportunity gap. It’s very hard for a child
to expect them to learn if they have nowhere to sleep, if they are shamed of coming to school cause they have nothing to wear, if they’re hungry. Overcoming those things allows
every kid in the classroom, regardless of what’s happening outside, to just be a student in the classroom. – Kids that have less need more. And our community of schools are a way of helping our
children and our families to get all the resources they need to be successful in school. – We have programs that
really built up adult ed and family planning and goal
setting for the long term. – I learned a lot of
financial literacy stuff, like budgeting, savings, I’ve learned how to increase credit. And that’s quite a huge role in my family because I get to teach my kids this. – [Pati] And we have programs
that are very needs responsive that we’ll make sure you
have what you need today. Food, I’m helping families
navigate through housing, immigration, domestic violence, legal. If they didn’t have that, we’re looking at crisis. – We’re very fortunate to have a district that believes in community schools. However, community schools are not part of the traditional
public education formula. It does take a heavy lift, it does take everyone coming together and truly believing in this
and supporting it financially to make all these programs happen. – Redwood City Education
Foundation has been a great supporter also to
meet those opportunity gaps in the area of technology. – The students who go
to our schools are part of a demographic that are not represented in Silicon Valley industry. Being in Silicon Valley, I
think it’s easy for them to see that that’s a different
world from where they live. And so, part of my work
is to give students from underserved backgrounds
or from low-income backgrounds, an opportunity to maybe see
themselves being a part of that industry and their
community that they live in. – Using technology in the classroom, students gain creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. We have now a robotics elective. They design and build a basic NXT robot. They do the programming on the computers and then download it on to their robots, to make things move. – We’re trying to make our robot go to the finish line right
there from over here. But we’re not allowed to
cross any of these rulers. It’s pretty hard actually, cause most of the rulers are in ways that we can’t really do it
unless we work together. – [Suba] You start with a concept and then you go and give it a try. And then, if it doesn’t work, you come back and look
at why is it not working, which way we have to go back
and change my program. – You know what the problem is here? We’re going forward too much. Four, 4.5. Let’s not go crazy. – They have this great knowledge of the sciences and the math. They are able to talk to one another, able to work with one another. They’re able to think
outside the box on a project. – There’s a buzz of
learning in our classrooms. It’s not quiet classrooms. They’re working together. They’re collaborating. The hard work and that productive struggle is what we like to see happening. And then, you see the light bulb go on. Look, look, I did it! And they want to show
you what they’re doing. – Yes! – The Redwood City Education Foundation invests in professional
development for our teachers. Great teachers are the
bedrock of a great school. – I work directly with teachers doing
professional development. My goal is to show them a STEM activity, even a making project, so I’ll meet with a group of teachers and we’ll put them in the role of students and then from there, they have the confidence to go out and to do that in their
individual classroom. Today, we’re at Henry
Ford Elementary School, and we were doing an activity we call “making and literacy.” We read a book and then we
give them cardboard cutouts of the piggy character from the story. We challenge them, “Okay, now you’re going to
do an engineering activity “where you have to get
something on the pig “that helps the pig stand up.” For kindergartners, that’s a challenge, because you have to
work with glue or tape, and different materials
to get the angles right. We give them challenges with constraints and they try to engineer a
solution to that problem. So, this is sort of step one
in the world of engineering, as I see it for kindergartners. – [Bryan] Why is the flag orange? – Because orange… …is a fruit. – So I go out in the district and I work with lots of teachers at all of our schools to bring
really important activities in for their kids. That’s how we build
agency with our teachers. I like how everybody
did something different and solved the problem of getting it to stand up in a different way. And that’s what engineers do. I’m really proud of everybody. – Can you turn to the
person next to you and say, “Great job?” – [Students] Great job! – Turn to the person behind
you and say, “Great job.” – [Students] Great job! – So, in terms of getting STEM
activities out to our sites, I really think we’ve only
just scratched the surface. It’s well established
in one of our K5 schools and I’d like to see that expand out to our other K5 schools in the district. – What we’re trying to
do is make sure that there is equity in this and
that children have access to the things that they need
to prepare them for the futures that they deserve. – [Kathleen] We want to
raise sufficient resources so that our schools can
have lower class sizes, that the adult to student
ratio is much smaller than it is today. We want to make sure
that every science kit is replenished when it needs to be. – [Karen] As we know with
our own personal devices, things become obsolete, and so we really need to
replenish what we have to keep things moving
forward for the kids. – I have two boys, a fifth grader and an eighth grader and my wife and I love
living in Redwood City. Oracle has been a loyal supporter of the Redwood City Education
Foundation school district for many years. Oracle’s worldwide headquarters
are in Redwood City so it’s a no brainer for the company to support the local schools. Giving back is a key
component to their success in retaining and
attracting the best people. – [Pati] This is the time to double down. This is the time to really say we believe in our community. – [John] I want them to know
that yes they can do it, don’t let anyone discourage you, that’s what I want them to walk away from the Redwood City
School District with. – When I grow up, I want to
be an aerospace engineer. – Maybe engineering sounds fun to me. – I could become an animator
for something like Pixar. – Something to do with
robotics probably or coding. – I really programming
and building things. – [Kathleen] They have the willingness, they’re wired to want to learn. We just need to be wired to give, to help them have what they need. (inspiring music) (One Community. Every Child) (Redwood City Education Foundation)

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