Redefining the “experts” in education reform might be the key to success | Matt Candler

if I was trying to sum up, and I turn 50 soon,
and I’ve been thinking back on my career and if I was summing up the lesson that I’ve
learned in the last ten years it really is about this distinction between how you do
your work and what that means about the relationships that you’re in with the people in that equation. And no doubt the 40-year-old version of me
did school reform to people and I’m hoping that the 50-year-old version of me will do
it with people. But in fact, what I’m really looking forward
to is a world where school is done by those families I’m trying to do it with on their
own, that it’s self-actualized, that it’s under their own power, that power itself is
redistributed and they actually have the agency they need to do school by themselves. So, if we’re going on this tour from to
to with to by I feel like I’m in the middle of that and I don’t make progress towards
with and by if I don’t interrogate my methods and I don’t interrogate my own mindsets. And for me like one really crystal clear example
of that that is under with right now as we speak at 4.0 is answering the simple question,
who coaches an education entrepreneur? When we started it was me and it was people
that I knew. They were experts, mostly folks who grew up
like me in privilege or had spent most of their career in positions of power, they were
teachers, they were principals, they were people training teachers and principals. I did not hire students and families and people
who were approximate to the folks we’re coaching in the early days of 4.0, I hired
experts. And what we’re trying to do in the 4.0 community
is redefine expert and say we can make a very practical change right now to how we do this
by instead of hiring our own staff basically fire ourselves and hire alums who have just
gone through the program. So, that’s one example a very concrete step
that Hassan, who is now the CEO of 4.0, lead us through and it’s been amazing to see
the changes. So again, this specific switch from seeing
yourselves as the experts, instead you see yourself as the host to experts who already
know the answers and you’re just putting those experts close to other folks who are
also trying to do the work. I’ll just tell you what it’s felt like
to look in the mirror at 4.0 as someone who founded this organization, was in charge of
it for close to nine years and now just recently has handed it off to someone who is a two
time alum and a staff member. What I’ve experienced throughout that transition
is the process of letting go of some of my own control and sharing some of my own power
with the people around me. I think I’ve bought into this idea that
the future of school is as much about empowering people, equipping them with a voice, an agency
and resources, financial, social, emotional so that they might be more capable of being
part of the process, be less consumer and more producer, to blur that line. And there’s no question that for most of
my career I’ve seen myself as the provider, as the solution provider. And there’s been a radical shift in the
last few years at 4.0 where we have said we will resist the temptation to see ourselves,
the small staff of ten to 15 people, as the experts and we will instead embrace this value
of hospitality that our job is not to provide wisdom but to create a space where wisdom
can be shared amongst those people that we’re investing in. And so, 4.0 has very much changed from a transactional
institution and it is slowly starting to breathe like a community, like a party that you’re
inviting people to constantly and that we really see ourselves, the staff of 4.0, as
hosts to this increasingly more courageous conversation about what school could look
like and who might actually be in charge of answering that question of what the future
of school could be.

22 thoughts on “Redefining the “experts” in education reform might be the key to success | Matt Candler”

  1. Is Christina Koch related to the Koch bros? And if so, did she buy a ticket to the ISS? Or did her aunt BECKY pay for it? 😜

  2. Look Mr. Platitude got a Ted Talk!? Corporate jibber jabber. Nobody has confidence in education anymore because of clowns like this. Corporate tool bags like him failed to create anything worth keeping and now they make excuses. Go pound sand. Who knew irrelevant could wear a shirt?

  3. I like it and❤️ love❤️ the humility expressed in this perspective. Rock on Big Think. We will transform education in this country, we don’t have a choice. New ways of thought and accumulating knowledge will be required to advance as a society as a whole. As an educator, I focus less on the curriculum and more on the experience as we learn through experiences. I admit repeatedly that I’ve learned just as much as my students during my time in the classroom. I’m an the authority when it comes to safety and security; but when it comes to thought we stand on common ground. I’m far from an expert at anything, this is what makes me wise. If you know it all, there’s no room to learn. If you’re not learning you’re not growing. If you’re not growing you’re not living!!! 🙏🏾FOLLOW🙏🏾 for page for more thoughts on education!!! #education #lovesomeonetoday

  4. Why does this kinda shit always seem like some kinda con? It feels like some kinda corporate capitalist somewhere is trying to figure out a way to produce more efficient workers for the world he envisions to perpetuate his life style and the social class divide. Could just be really annoyed with the way this dude presents himself. Feels WAY more like a salesman than an educator.

  5. God bless the kids and the teachers as education experts very gradually fumble through to finding a better way.

  6. If teachers communicate with the students in their classrooms in a way anything remotely similar to how this guy communicated in this video, then I can see why our schools are in such a dire condition.

  7. They coach themselves. Like most us. In all works of life. " Knowing the answers". Yes, well…..the answers?!

  8. Upskilling and mentoring is what it is about the planet is overloaded with knowledge. The real learning begins with identification of personality traits and empowering the natural abilities within that interest. The existing system only allows 15% of the population to excel as it only suits a narrow range of personality, with most kids moving into university absolutely confused with what they want to do. This identification in most cases can be easily assessed between 5 and 10 years of age. This is when we need to begin to empower their natural abilities. By the time further education is required, not only will they know their true identity, they will also be brilliant 🙂

  9. I hope this isn't what it sounds like- rejecting the idea that there is truth and that there is the right way to get to it. I hope experts that think that 2+2=4 don't get fired in favor of "experts" that think that math is a tool of white, patriarchal oppressive regimes and that 2+2 is what you feel like at that moment, like your gender is.

    Defining experts as people who don't know what they're talking about is a very, very, very bad idea and will bring nothing good. So I sincerely hope I misread his keywords of "oppression and positions of power."

  10. This comes across as very wishy-washy.

    The way you reform or rather improve education is though doing research into the best way to teach kids, using that to inform your approach and though the removal of political interference.

  11. This is a great dumbing down video. It essentially takes teachers out of the schools and replaces them with knowledge administrators/marketers. The end gets to the point that they invite in corp mouthpieces who "teach" the kids what the businesses want them to believe. This is a huge mistake.

  12. Education? we dont have that in modern society. We have mental retention training and ego stroking nonsense. Modern education as a whole its so archaic and behind the times as to be detrimental to the progress of people that follow it.

  13. Tell me about it. I'm still waiting for BigThink and NASA to acknowledge that there's no such thing as squares with no edges because Earth isn't Flat and acceleratingly expanding the Flat Earth Theory by only making the variable infinite, is fraud. But you all are "accredited" and I am "not named" so the reality of the General Theory of Relativity proving space has 4 dimensions with the 4th altering the geometrical shape of a 3d shape, determined using only quantum mechanics (density) under Newtonian physics and not Relativity (including optics and dynamics), is "non-accredited" to all of these scientists because somewhere down the line, they forgot that there's no such thing as the geometrical shape of space because it's called spacetime as it has a gravitational field.
    Education is institutionalization rather than a structure of principles. If I was "accredited" like all of them because I went to one of their "schools", I would be brain dead..and honestly believe my Kindergarten teacher was lying when she said the shapes are defined by the parameter and not the interior and that is how we differentiate a square from a circle and I might even thought my high school geometry teacher was lying when he said the only geometrical shape with no parameter surface or edges is an infinite sphere. I might even believe infinite is observable and infinite curvature would be observed as 360° rather than flat. I might even have believed Stephen Hawking when he said that there are no laws of physics in all of science because they have to be proven all of the time to be accurate but they all break down at the point of a singularity, instead of having common sense that the variables of a singularity are infinite and zero and both equal and opposite reactions of those variables are non-observable. As why accelerated expansion is caused by the infinite curvature of time space because it's center is a singularity that has an infinite gravitational field. Which means infinite curvature that's non-observable and recorded as flat parallel lines but a circle around a circle causing accelerated expansion with its field in Dark Matter and Dark Energy.
    Yep, if I went to school, I wouldn't understand a single word I just said because I might be dumb enough to think Black Holes have infinite density that only push gravity around the given area and don't have an infinite effect that will implode the universe for as many times as each exists with infinite density.
    Doesn't sound so bad to be "not named" after learning from "accredited" people.

    Whew……What a relief.

  14. One education method in 5 steps. 1 Show how its done. 2 Let them gradually try more and more. 3 Step back and observe, mentor and coach. 4 Lastly allow them to "teach" you so you know they know how its done. 6 Always be ready to challenge the method to improve the method and to improve yourself and others.

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