I believe if the Red Nose Foundation was not operating here they would revert to how they used to be with no direction The Red Nose Foundation has become a safe place for the children to depend on to share their stories Therefore they can be guided by the instructors Basically, circus is not the main goal It means these children are not led to be a professional circus player Instead, we teach the students life values from these circus skills Therefore they can apply these values later on in their life. I used to be shy presenting in front of the class After practicing many times I can do it I was nervous at my first performance but was proud and happy after my parents saw me I gained the courage to perform for the first time in front of many people. I joined the sport program to reach my dream. I gain experience by performing at hotels birthday parties and opening ceremony for new buildings I’ve been to Poland Last January I also performed in Bandung We get the motivation to uphold our perseverance Not giving up during training and until now result can be seen. From the beginning, the Red Nose Foundation has helped to pay the school admission fee school payment and tuition fees. Children’s responsibilities should be only to play and learn as kids It’s not time for them to work yet and here, when our team came and saw their high spirit and motivation At that moment, we were moved and felt that The Red Nose Foundation should operate here to help children have better lives The partnership is align with what we believe in that kids are made to play so that a good start for a partnership Red Nose team are so very engage they are very professional they always make it very easy for us to work with them and our employees are always excited to participate in our joint program

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