Red Has Started Cussing, I wonder Who He Is Learning It From??

hello everyone welcome to a foreigner farming in the Philippines what you doing guys there's gonna be a little jerky camel work here my friend Jimmy are out here harvesting harvested mangoes that's how you do it you know this tree had a lotta mangoes on it still does we had a young man out here last time it was all up in there climbing all around in there are worse than these mangoes I forgot how many he got last time but it was a lot what's going on over here red red what are you whining about boy Reds had his cousin's to play with here all afternoon they're kind of wearing him out he's going for that ecstasy one minute – why in the name what are you doing red red you know I can remember doing that same thing when I was little hollering down through a PVC pipe right red red what will happen you broke your you broke your these this sacks all full of mangoes – Wow where'd all these come from love what the heck are we gonna do with all these mangoes well they're gonna take them home on that motorcycle yeah well it'll take the ban for people plus all these mangoes on a motorcycle I don't think so I think you're trying to trick the foreigner know you're going to Hyderabad hmm hi Marie yeah again I want to stay can either be you find some tie wire you

30 thoughts on “Red Has Started Cussing, I wonder Who He Is Learning It From??”

  1. I love u all, but please dont swear in front of children. We really shouldn't want God to damn anything.

  2. My husband did cussing a lot when the oldest was about 3 years old. She would say sh- t . Husband would say God bless you. He thought she was sneezing. Lol. I told him no she got your habit.

  3. Speaking of the PVC pipe, is it equivalent to schd 40, or is it another animal altogether? If Red is cussing in English we know the culprit to taught him that 😁.

  4. In our place we wrapped the mango with newspapers one by one and when we harvest we used a net or sibot that is why our mangoes in my place are the best that why when people goes to carbon market they always look or ask if it comes from guadalupe .

  5. Maricel you have a lot of mangoes so you can make mango salad match with fried tilapia or any fried dish

  6. when im growing up i feel cheated now ,pvc did not exist o well i will start to get caught up its maricel teaching red may be

  7. I'm drooling those mangoes. We always peel and slice those raw mangoes and then add sugar in it and pair it with rice. Yummy! I miss eating those already.

  8. U know who teach him the only person that say bad words we hear on vids is from Brian (Uncle Giant)
    Look Red is just having fun😁👍

  9. You should make a basket type fruit picker, this way you will remove the risk of a concussion, or of bruising the mangoes.

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