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  1. Not my story but a classmate told me that he used to work as a kindergarden teacher. When he was changing this little girl’s diapers, he noticed a rash and when he asked about it, she said “daddy”. He reported it and the father was later arrested for sexual abuse after a proper investigation.

  2. I wish the kindergarden teacher with the neglected kid reported it! Neglect is just as serious as abuse, and there was probably a lot more going on at home. Just because you can’t see signs of physical abuse? Wtf. No wonder the child was so angry and unstable

  3. It’s really sad how little teachers notice or care for hungry kids in my school. They clearly haven’t eaten in a few days and you don’t even care

  4. With the girl who’s grandparent died in a car crash, the teacher said that he’d edit when she came back. It’s been over two years. 😢

  5. “Luckily we never saw any physical abuse”



  6. 4:10. If a kid comes to school hungry and under—is that not grounds for a CPS wellness check? Not all neglect or abuse is physical…

  7. I wonder if that autistic kid was like me and only got mad because someone was provoking him and then was blamed for everything.

  8. Not sure how Dipper looking stressed out on the thumb nail has anything to do with 'Red Flags' in students but hey anything for views, right?

  9. The foster mom one really messed me up inside. I've read countless stories about stuff like this and it never gets less heartbreaking. Some of the "foster parents" (I put that in quotations because they don't even deserve those kids, let alone that title) are only in it for the money and don't even spend that money (which they are supposed to) on the foster kid(s). Its so sickening, personally I think they barely do any screenings or background checks since there are so many kids in the system and they want to be rid of them. You are extremely lucky if you get a good family. Bless their hearts. </3

  10. :/ the one that ends around 4:21 … idk about elsewhere but part of safeguarding (part of the teachers' responsibly as it's part of the duty of care) is to note and report signs of neglect. Looking for signs of physical abuse and seeing none so doing nothing is a lapse in duty of care by the teacher and director. Part of safeguarding training is knowing how to spot, note and report all instances of abuse whether it be physical, neglectful, emotional or sexual (as well as signs of radicalisation). Kinda baffled that they didn't mention reporting it to their local services for at-home investigation.

  11. it's lovely to see how much these teachers care because when I was 13-14 I went through an ordeal trying to get my best friend into foster care away from her parents and when she finally was in a good home a girl at school started bullying her, telling her to kill herself nearly every day (my friend was already suicidal) and even threatened her saying her dad was going to find my friend and kill her with a knife. the teacher in charge of bullying called my friend a liar (despite her being the better behaved more honest student) and said he wouldn't do anything unless a teacher heard it, the girl obviously wasn't going to say it in front of a teacher. This teacher even had a go at my friend because she missed some school to get some therapy and another teacher has to step in and tell him he couldn't do that.

  12. I also have to hide stuff about my life it is not the greatest due to mental disorder I am extremely good at it as I have never been cracked by my school councilor parents ect. I'm good enough that when I had "die" written all over my arm in red ink and it looked as if I had a lot of problems I convinced my parents otherwise and can successfully lie to a school councilor for hours on end without a single suspicion except for this chart she had which I miscalculated and said on a scale of 1-5 that I was 2.75 thinking that would be slightly better than average I was dearly mistaken and regret that number every day of my life

    I hate the number 2.75 now

  13. 1:49 Yeah, many (not all) foster parents are awful. We had one in our school. Kids were not provided for, and they were always just …DIRTY. Amazingly, one of the kids survived and seriously excelled after moving out, completing multiple advanced degrees.

  14. I wanna foster children. I know what it's like to be in one, and it sucks when they force you to immediately socialize with the others or not be cared for well.

    I want to be a good and more reasonable foster mom. Let them do as they please, within reason. Let them go their own pace to being comfortable. If they miss their family and such, I'll let them be for a bit before going into their room with a food I'd know they liked and smile. A broken home can still be something you love, a home with loads of fighting and abuse can still be a loving home, just not the best. I want to give the child anything they'd want with smiles and such, make them happy while they were there in my home.

    Even if I get the most rotten kids, I'll try to help.

  15. Damn that last one hit hard for me, being a person who lives with 10 people in a 3 bedroom house, I'm emotionally drained all the time and I'm physically drained, I'm always tired and depressed but I never let anyone see that side of me, I act happy and not stressed but in reality I want to leave my house and feel actual love and support.

  16. 8:17 thats because their like "poul is dangerous better not hurt him " "Jamie is dangerous better not hurt him"-pual

  17. The teacher who helped make the autistic student happy hit too close to home. 😭 Me, my parents, my cousins, and many of my friends are either diagnosed with or show many signs of autism. (I'm the most 'severe' (I can't think of a positive word for this context though I don't view my autism as a disability) of all the undiagnosed people I mentioned) and am often misunderstood and outcast, and despite being in gifted education, all enriched classes, and going into AP classes in high school I'm still considered an idiot by most because I understand things so differently. It really gives me a boost when a teacher slows down for me or assures me that I have potential, because most days it doesn't feel that way. I hope that person knows that they are a hero.

  18. I remember one time my bus had missed my sister and i’s stop and had taken us back to the school because there was a rule that if there is no parent at the end of your road then they can’t drop us off. So we went back to school.

    Luckily our recorder teacher hadn’t left yet and she took the two of us home.

    Unfortunately my parents were both caught up at work so the door was locked, so we left a note and we went to her house had a piece of cake and where picked up by my mum shortly afterward

    (We went to the same church as the recorder teacher at the time and trusted her as she ran the Sunday school)

  19. My old teacher was worried about me because I medically needed transport to go to and from home but allways arrived walking.
    Asked my parents what was happening and they had no idea, i had to explain that the reason i walked was because it helped deal with my medical issue.
    Parents didn't understand, teacher didn't understand so both asked my doctor who explained it

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