Red Dead Redemption 2 – John Marston Reveals His Gun Skills

how'd you get home okay I guess better sure I'm just tired I know anybody want some more I miss mr. Pearson John Marston you're such a pig alright it's getting late let's get some rest good night jack good night mama good night jack good night Paul no was that what are you are you doing John I have a gale Lock this door behind you don't open it unless you know it's me ooh something they've killed mr. tobert cuz they've stolen like goddamn cattle you've been ok I think so yeah Jim Milton saved my life it's mr. Raven of course it's mr. Abel I can't believe he thinks it can scare me out of here then I guess we're getting your cattle back I guess we are can you go to tom of course sir all right Jim I know you can handle yourself go get your guns and head out guns oh don't play coy with me son we need your help I don't care what you used to do or what your your your name is this is the land of second chances understood ok what was it mr. Gettys cattle was taken sorry what are you doing in that thing mr. Gettys real good to us we I what are you doing a job Abigail my goddamn job I'll lead the way this is gonna be the last we hear out of him yeah okay if you say so that's the police up ahead there's our cows a couple guards out front a couple more outside I imagine let's get a closer look let's go yeah there's plenty of guards I'm gonna head straight in yep Tom you head up there and try and give us some cover babe you're gonna try and flank the place and come in from the back I'll give you a minute or two you than I'm heading in yes sir bellows shot my feet up I got this you boys take care hey hey I know you're in here you know that woman here's got the look of a woman ain't had a real ride in her life she's gotta make do with some piss-poor stinking farmhand hey thank you tell her I'll let her in my sheets long as she paid first and she dips got the stink of you this make you really fine save the whole place that weren't nothing oh you you saved mine no need to say nothing sir just doing my job now I don't think they'll be back tonight but how about Abe just in case you stay up yep see anything hear anything you fire that rifle three times three times we'll all come running will do yeah well said and thank you mr. Milton truly just glad to be a servicer huh I understand you get some rest Thank You mr. Geddes what what what choice did I have just answer me that what was I supposed to do but just do one thing or another not be two people it was that's all I'm saying

47 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2 – John Marston Reveals His Gun Skills”

  1. Over those 7 years you can really see how skilled this son-bitch John has become. Earlier he was never acknowledged for shooting at all, Arthur was. Now, he's just as good as Arthur, perhaps even better. Mind you, Arthur was a natural with more experience. John probably had to train his ass off to come even close to Arthur. It's really cool, man xD

  2. That pissant who knocked Arthur’s hat off of John got an automatic death sentence. That hat is a damn national treasure

  3. Lancaster Repeater was my preferred rifle of choice. It was good for pretty much all combat situations in the game with a decent reload time and rate of fire.

    The Cabine Repeater was quick to reload, but not enough fire power. The Litchfield Repeater was powerful, but way too slow to reload, and it seemed it was slower to fire as well.

    The Bolt Action Rifle was great for taking out enemies with one shot and had good range, but if you weren't far enough away, it was detrimental. With only 5 shots, if you missed, or enemies were closing in on you, it was damn-near useless.

  4. In this mission John loses the Arthur's hat. I don't have it in the horse and I don't have a closet in the new house. Is It going to appear again in any mission? I want it on my horse damn

  5. Abigail : Goodnight Jack
    Jack : Goodnight Momma
    John : Goodnight Jack
    Jack : Goodnight Pa

    It's sad if you already finish the first game 🙁

  6. Fun fact, back in John’s farm. The door he opens in the last game. Rockstar purposely made sure that when you open it., it opens a bit slower than other doors.

    On that note my PTSD from 7:20 was tremendously high

  7. They really should’ve saved The iconic shotgun pose for when John kills Micah. It should’ve been in the desert with the exact clothes John has on in the cover of Red Dead Redemption.

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