Red Cadillac – Line Dance (Dance & Teach in English & 中文)

Oh this dance is called red Cadillac Korg robbery masala mine Jose makovica Varney and dois Mason it's a 32 count for war improver level ideas section 1 starting with a left but side sailor Hill hobo cross sarahfey cover cross side section 2 raw back recover shove for hatch your left slightly step back and point three times back point that point that point quarter her right side point section three rolling by Jill left into a sauce 1/4 leg forward haven't you left back quarter turn left side Shaw say Samba cross I recover Crofts I recover last section rough over recover shaft Co happy right forward hold together walk walk and you start over again now let me go over there dance for the counts five six seven eight one two and three hold four and five six and seven eight one two three and four and five and six and seven and eight one two three and four five and six seven and eight one two three and four five six and seven eight how it's in the other way that the young true in challenge pig puppets without her she palm sailors them Oh Pancho contain pink wha-pong wha-pong think about pay who we want to enjoy e bi ba Holden Holden who did you drain pump in these Thank You papa rolling by John chasse won't open children share or the way Holdren who they go to address pong cha-cha samba quoi pong we qua pong we say we go pop a chin wait what you've been drive-by ba chin ting ting so so now you're talking cash

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