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Verbatim : No Time codes : No Special Comment : [Audio Starts] [0:00:00] [Music] Female Speaker: If you’re looking for a new
culinary experience, fun is always on the menu at the award-winning Institute of Culinary
Education. Located in America’s culinary capital. ICE is home to the nation’s largest hands-on
recreational cooking, baking and wine education program. With more than 2,000 classes each
year, day and night, there’s something for everyone.
Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a curious beginner, ICE accommodates all skill levels.
You’ll work in the same kitchens the pros use and have access to the finest ingredients
from global cuisines. Our small class sizes give you the advantage of working right alongside
a chef for a better hands-on experience. Classes begin as your chef walks you through
the menu. Then, split up into teams, roll up your sleeves and get cooking. We’ll work
with you every step of the way so you build a foundation of classic approaches and modern
techniques. And be sure to take notes – ICE chefs are experts in their fields, have years
of professional experience and diverse culinary backgrounds. You’ll go home to approach your
next meal with confidence. When the burners are off and the table is set, you’ll sit down
with new friends, feast on the fruits of your labor and enjoy a glass of wine.
If you’re looking to perfect a technique or start from scratch, ICE offers a variety of
classes from basic knife skills and cooking 101 to multiday intensive series.
Explore new cuisines and travel the culinary world right from ICE’s New York City kitchens,
from Italian to Thai, French to Indian, Spanish to Middle Eastern and more. From land to sea,
prepare the menu of a traditional steakhouse or dive in to our favorite seafood dishes.
Discover the secrets behind healthful and hearty flavors with our gluten-free, vegan
and green market cooking classes and everything in between.
Enjoy the opportunity to learn and meet the chefs from your favorite restaurants and cookbooks.
Have a date night one of our couple’s cooking classes or plan your next girls night out.
Classes also make great gifts for weddings, showers, birthdays, milestones and more.
How sweet it is to learn at ICE. Whisk, bake and knead your way through one of our pastry
and baking classes. From bread baking and cake decorating, to chocolate and confections,
we have it all. Want to learn more about wine? Swirl, sniff
and taste your way around the wines of the world learning from an ICE expert. There’s
classes for beer, bourbon and whiskey lovers, too. Or shake, pour and mingle at one of our
mixology classes. Our instructors will teach you to craft the perfect cocktail for your
next party. If you’re looking for a bit of culinary adventure,
indulge all five senses with walking tours of New York’s most iconic food neighborhoods.
Go on location to the city’s most renowned restaurants with ICE for exclusive tours and
meals. Whatever your skill, technique or cuisine
you want to learn, ICE has the perfect cooking class for you. You’re in good company: 26,000
people each year enjoy a class at ICE. So grab an apron and find your culinary voice.
Visit slash RECREATIONAL to book a class. [0:03:51] [Audio Ends] Vanan Group of Companies

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  1. I  have taken 6 recreational classes so far, and  must say I enjoyed them all. I look forward to attending some more classes and would encourage anyone who interested in learning something new, meeting new people or just doing something to try one of the classes. I do wish the school had more recreational classes in the evening.

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