Recording of Police & Social Services Kidnapping Santiago 06.02.16

okay all right I'll just keep you on the phone here um what was your name again pull up Thomas Paula Thomas okay so what are your reasons did it appear here with a police officer because I would like to go through what we have put together as contract expectations I can try our expectations because we would like to have them checked over to have the baby checked over and I'll explain to you why okay yeah okay can I include you because you know you want to make contract with us yes let's ask you yes and I question you want to make contact and Weaver what contract never why do you want like I'm just going to claim good good we had we have been informed that and don't sure came out today and you children though you would let me okay all right so can I tell you you know I'm not going to get into an argument whether it was right or not because I've been asked to do a task a job and that's why I've come here all right I'm sorry if you don't want to just brutalize and no I do want to know so I can't contract me anything let me just take it once to what you have to say I take a1 stuff but it's okay absolutely what happened the doctor this is what I think hope the doctor came out today at your request and he wasn't allowed to enter okay he left and you rang again later and asked him to come back and he said to you well I've been out when you wouldn't let me in and so I'm not coming out again and you got quite I like what happened is there was a phone phone number and I rang it back because it was a missed call I didn't know who it was and it turned out to be the doctor who just arrived and it confused me because I had spoken to the surgery it did confuse my life that was odd the doctor so it's all very confusing at this time okay it is confusing okay I'm sorry you know I do understand but you're really stressed I understand that to move I'm not strong or very worried and okay well can I just explain to you why I'm here yes fine we've been asked to come out and see you because you are first of all I'm really sorry I'm not contracting anything anything I'm not talking to you I don't want to spit things you need to relax you need to relax oh please let lips and um I understand also there's been two missed midwives have been out nothing out to see the baby and it is normal for our midwives to go out and do home visits um and that how you know baby's not been seen then the call to say that the baby was unwell okay so then we were concerned there's a four day old baby and you know obviously the baby that age is unwell you want them checked over sooner well friends here thank goodness commands continue ok so then um understand the police came and you would just let this happen yeah we came to visit our friends as we're yeah she's just missing the first one and when he showed you baby there was another police officer who came to our door she's just missing that yeah yeah you casually avoid not that way yeah yeah yeah yes yes yes see did you say that he was happy no did you say that yeah there was a policeman on the door yes it we have the number and that we have the number yeah and learn that policeman he's no mister agreeing with you it's okay so she's agreeing with oh you may sit okay no I shoot intentionally yes I'm just trying to get to where I am so because of these concerns and because of the age of baby it was the standard practice that we have their baby checked over because you said the baby was it Wow okay and you then say why does the perception that's under right or wrong doctor okay okay can I be information okay can I just say something y'all have can I just say something what's the word that is going to put these two gentlemen to take my baby the man I'm not going sorry what's it alone yes I'm here I'm under time sorry for you that's how I feel that's how I feel in this room now what's the word they are just going to London tomorrow this this is a good one the two policemen the two gentlemen they are stand up you are standard I'm leaning on me on me ha ha after them being tall okay I'm being told when I feel faster it's just going to blow the any toilet you're a dirty little man listen for a second okay look at me look at me Mom look it's okay everything everything that was look every day say is wrong the see this thing happen they started at 5:00 nice place on each shake they stopped that's five days ago and not too bad yeah it's been talked about a bakit today the doctor they run laser otter okay don't have very much information the doctor today job given some information the doctor came to the bell without saying anything without saying always after them Thanks she says have today which is himself okay ladies fighting for to heat the door – work seems getting like busy person oh excuse me so started on a very good shot I didn't know you come when it's babies rocket apologize for surgery because they should run you back into the doctor was on their way yes and they didn't so you just got so there's an understanding there yes there's an understanding from you to meet them you understand but I understand that they didn't let you know someone's be out no you understand how I felt because I this I can understand that you throw I can't something make you feel uncomfortable yeah because you didn't know it was that she was talking in I can take that but the doctor surgeries in this country and its standard practice route they have doctors that go out and do the afternoon visits or the morning visit yeah it's not always all doctor because I yes yes they allow for that know that the doctor came said lady the Portuguese lady I'm guessing I don't know she said she comes from st. Mary's doctor surgery my doctor surgeries that might be local but they might have one what happens is sometimes they have a group a cluster and they might have one doctor knows that and does the visit so it's a cluster of surgeries to work together one doctor dick goes out okay I don't handle surgery works well that's what it sounds like to me fine can i sir so that's where the confusion starts right but they came out but didn't actually see the baby so then got the concerns about let's get your baby check launched our chance to actually check no discharge from the hospital why would the hospital discharge us can you ask me at not know this chance sorry I'm sorry us why was it discharged you'll answer they they did will discharge you and then they do home visits yes yeah they discharge I mean sorry arrange an appointment only me you boys when they will care to the dresser you arrange appointment when I come and see anybody you arrange an appointment with Russert's I know it's like a or day okay I didn't have that Melissa name I just explained my husband that explain why I'm here we would like to have him checked over okay by a beautician at the hospital okay and we would like you to come with us take them up the house for them and getting checked out which hospital and this general oh it sounds okay the new your name says choicelessness it's neon it works we understand that okay because he has it been checked and it was concerns faded somewhere no doesn't be seen yes we've been trying to get them using a midwife and I saw seven six o'clock today to me the baby's here I'm seeing your bindi and they have a lose well I hear you could happen for them across I'm sorry yeah just because we been through our window yeah what's your name Holly okay colles Collins we are talking about we're talking about the baby he's here yeah the baby said I'm not medically trained always pull know that's what to check children I because there is a concealer from yes well I think the baby learned babies here the babies here they're talking about the baby's here oh no when I don't trust anymore the way the things we have been doing babies here how's this no babies here I'll say true if you want I'm not mad at you can come if I understand unknown but what we're looked at and checked in my name I might but because there was concerns raised we are the Cutie of pet yeah okay so let's just cut to the chase right so for whatever reason for misinformation the concern was raised right now the concern has to be addressed and it's been escalated to this level the only way to address it is to go to the hospital that's their perspective from their perspective does you intend for that but yeah this is sorry what are you here for them just I'll explain it let's change and then Erica job from their side for various reasons which you may or may not know it doesn't need to be clarified they're very afraid alright and that part it played into white and enhance the door and why they did you know for three knocks and now this fears them all but crazy you know this really makes them scared so the way forward what's the way forward they're very scared about going to the hospital we feel like we have to address the situation by going to the hospital so what what's the way for this you know I mean we go together you Tom did not speak about the snow they do not want to start with it that's what it's full price or some other grossome eyes well they had a terrible experience there where the nurses and their votes were already trying to take the baby just take it from them a newborn baby well they want to take the temperature they want to take but it's only standard if the baby is born inside that hospital the baby was born at hauling yeah it had an aged white rock house who did the newborn check social sorry William fine and the only reason why we got the baby with the hospital room establish the breastfeeding relationship so what sure hang on Crete assurances can the family receive from you not especially not just words yeah I'm I don't review Chinese I work that was just a geometry done done tonight she wants to do a contract welcome to to I just watch there anything is there anything written attention that can be given to them to assure them well this we talk with that if the babies check have a lift to fit yes rights those concerns will give you don't walk the child and mouth it gets okay after they a little bit devil's advocate but mints to me they would say me what it from that but if they make something up that's the devil's advocate I believe when your foot when you're afraid that's where I cry the most and we can we get a list of exactly what tests will be done on the baby on and if I'm you can have it clear like if this is good this is good good we can go home money like I would I think they would agree to that right and what I think that's something very easily that the neonatologist can say I'm going to do this check this check this check I want to make sure those levels are good and if you change that can we get that before we get to the hospital just by you guys the whole school by me yes fine yes family the stories are out there going to the hospital or maybe won't take it tonight what is a fucking high social services try our best never to take children into care how we work on themselves and let you know families take child into care always yes too expensive we just know that the whole thing of bringing children up so what's not other than what Congress actually put okay yeah I am and accept yourself haha okay okay excellent news okay so how do we get this information to the social services okay could could probably tell you she just spoke to the supervisor of midwives in I can't change something okay hello hello yes I am Judy to make stream a year no I think I work at aerostructures agenda Rose yes we're gonna come down here against a nervous oh I play in creepy ones ma'am right oneself on screaming so you're okay what's wrong with that I lost the pup yeah that's right I'm same way make orphan even in there as an animal ban sorry come here can I ask who you spoke to please the social services lady from social services is talking to somebody on the phone your money's Thanks okay I'll give her a ring fine you're the chair I think I would – I better get rid of this this is gonna get streamlining they actually don't have the latest on the way of the land of the club yeah for two years check out your text you're gonna be okay yeah you're always on about thank you very much officer your last time efficient quality sir conspirator everybody for their houses and then congested very okay yes yes this Wayne Campbell name yeah that's really congested no been to this popular Park yours is getting in with one lane and then getting out one night to Terry's judgment yeah okay you ever watch the show cops never judge you know of it are you working I think I mean the sores okay you know you know what I can do thanks time yeah you got an overpair hunger worse yeah no we're trying to bring business in man struggle up shop in the neck have you yeah it's other doctor okay yeah okay that's alright we'll be here all day is it okay if they come to my home yes that's fine just the mama instinct you guys Julie we do she's asleep thankfully she hasn't woken up okay let me see once okay okay Springs patient lady much look you like hey look freeze you cut me will you pay – now sit thank you okay thank you for Louis's tape yeah isn't it yes thank you thank you alright thank you okay thank you he does it true a dollar from set one come yeah oh yeah I sell parts that you can't go in this momseveryday you can't get early Oh yep I do we listen it's not a good or a lot more place in America okay just waste my broker Miami asleep but I was born in that room did he lost I don't know we talked a while sir are you we take into this with some college you know of course in their income and mm-hmm okay okay oh how the baby's doing perfect speeding he was crying when you know everyone was yelling into it but he's feeling now and very very slow everything at the police you gentlemen I think she's going on yet so tomorrow morning in the morning 9:00 a.m. okay I don't know you know got a new parents so they don't sleep no no yeah I love you too thank you no I'm not a big boss my middle manager all right thank you so much oh you know what that you know between the bags you think we should down the road girl if it's Katherine over to just check on the baby make sure he's okay top oh hello is this for them please uh who's the operational coordinator yeah okay it's point Thomas for the emergency Tooting no it hasn't I'm super for Nick yeah have you business it is noon time times six is that the bling for a six I'm not going outside riding the moment yeah I think that I'm Canadians as much okay just when my son died presumably very shortly that okay yet I'm actually at someone's house so it's a seven nine one nine three oh one four nine six drug troubles are for Thomas a museum for us and they should make a collage for you where you got black Cobra vision on my back is a little slice over there why it's not my sister's support and ask judo champion from down at loosen connection out little scrutiny drop varnish rather so she used to have sea view I just got a block in front there it's ridiculous all right folks what's the resolution well really playing for the cold- call me Barry I think they might think one what's her name Lee sir Sir Elton Arielle t om I think she's gone home actually I should have had to go well so I've asked that I was taken over okay read me what we gave your King George then you came back and burned our white house down so you've got 90 views at the factory from this window a little slight night yeah I don't stand there waiting for so you don't get the creases freaking Amish I was going back to New York yeah no no no you can't go the community I could see the upper part of us wiser replies adopted sentence better to under mommy's a greater to have the midwinter from the morning so we'll have call in the morning she said be cool around 9:00 and then leave or what to come in the mill just come whenever they come you know we can't predict that okay um already tell me you she said she was going to do that we're talking about really so where's little Latoya so she's just coming to make sure that that is what I read and condition it is about loss noise don't know whatever whatever Obama that's the opportunity for us and you can know right a non-combat life whoever it won't mean anyone we know probably Hubble essentials come and check the baby here at home is a biggest to come in what if you want to stay over here give me maybe take a get water session that'll be for you well yes I like it for furniture she won't come like that the same award rate of the table so can't predict time survives are coming I think it'd be good to get that done so that say sales so really good I you know actually just look at illegitimate if America was confined as much as we are more the EU they would be pulling out benefiting America's isolation Paul said is this very fine advice but they would be bound by regulation money you decide that finger rather God being them in that Embassy you will do no one no no no your eyes enemy mysticism that's relegated sorry yeah so it was that about he's first meeting so you're gonna put planes on those carriers play well those aircraft carriers I go yeah yeah you ate the contractor planes are and then they become part they're America's plane I'm just a joke in Americans are late on delivery to the I'm sorry once there wasn't real but I carries over this I guess it's something you can't yeah so I guess it's only the French that have a carrier in Western Europe is it okay so I've got the one down here is with yeah Sark's I'm gonna say Nolan didn't give up okay for someone here we took it for someone they didn't quite heart my lady by did you just start a ship or you want like backup or and I'm just like Majid call me no I'm not I presume a conversation' did you just start a shirt or out for weeks oh wow yeah and how long ago cool night so do you sleep in the eyes it is totally on what I mean cast bronze good yeah company what are the ingredients around no that's the baby article so make sure you know is it yeah so if it's enough don't they pay with you right that's good to have some safety oh yeah yeah it is good but not consume n got anybody to handle on the ankle – but mother days same locket no there's really so that's so talk to me we'll put your it's like kind of rusty on doing yeah and so but you guys are from Southampton no place to hit change oh okay that's we're responsible teams on there and see it was a consolidation right Lord a gentle is it was a number of different be when in the fire station right justice there so it may open up a bar sense at least I still I live in my neighborhood facing yes but any other time hmm we have one patrol car is it for example was he pull out of your lap – you'll get less polish people though I know there is a plus and it's all policy squad canceled I can't tell that you know pretty much what's that no okay uh-huh got a tie-ins we got Germans Dutch but no refrigerator some things I'm doing man what engineering oh okay it's a big box well so but they do make fun of the boys all the time at work say don't you think it's okay well they say it's not okay well if you want to get more polish only for cargo say we got a dirty our cars up or something what they say nice job there party no we don't have a car but I care most polish pretty good iron to the car wash business yeah more than the Phenom yes right but maybe not what people oh good I wanted yeah they're going to do that before no no is just in the nature of the work and we come back home in Marion it's like a refugee from Syria yeah in Scotland that was a good point yeah it's not one really want to always be around yeah but I will carry my business yes oh dude was it okay and was it you – I spoke to her on no sir okay come on what's your last name please swear word that Kings okay lovely I'm right I understand the Beverly Beach Graham and she's the chair theists at yes okay yes great okay and she said that it'll be okay for these child to come in and to be seen tomorrow at home I don't think that's quite right I'm afraid can you get hold of Lisa for me please can you bring her I mean we really need to clarify this now I mean it's no good her girl up and saying she's emailed people I'm here now dealing with the situation and I need to know what she has said I with I'm with mom yes and I mean I've been in it yeah yeah yeah yeah it's got three ships that's unionized labor there's I started no offense to you lot of people who hate changes only seem happy well I know what I've been told lovely Beach spoke to Lisa and she said that the child could be seen in the morning and a midwife would go to the home address and I need to know that that is the case I'm not with you I don't understand what you're saying I mean I've been told something different from what I've been told earlier on by the midwives hello yes yes yes urgently okay I know how long shallow dish take to get home then and the ideas it okay well I need to bring me agent Lee is sinking right thank you 105 your work visa sorry about this but what what is is this person is said I'm just going to visit someone yes the person that I've just met with you're all are saying something slightly different and I need a very clear about what if we move on yeah okay thank you I'm just gonna yeah so it sounds like um the supervisor who talked about really went home or something and so now there's another supervisor of midwives I'll call and she's saying something different so now um we're trying to figure that out see what your work womper no on weekends I think what we'll do is I think I will then you know the drinking my football and all the studies are showing that they will forget money damage and later like it's happening I wonder if it's the same me and she's herbal medicines they just like a chance the ball xenoverse giggles I felt some you know your breasts shake you mean the ball hitting your head or something not just spoken to your mind I see right huh me all the way god that's is it harder or something you need me also your fashion pose okay there's what the Saints in Southampton right okay industry like anymore bill beat Manchester United the thing yes possible weeks ago yes please no – you know I'm gonna be asked oh yeah okay yeah we can anyone yes yes and I'm going to lose tops in premier and is it nevertheless or nine like a martini Loic last year Oh only last year sweeter one amazing young investor sort of small market no joke clearly can see the being in this Bailey cities or by yes yes yes I don't know what the reasoning is because I spoke to loosen lands on the beach that's not I mean I mean there when in your heart okay so why should we benefit from my older thank you she's not very urgently mine and I was looking to the Libra churches on the neonatal and I lost them twenty how did I get there soon because what Beverly what Lisa is Largent told Beverly was that they can be seen in the morning things missing in morning was it at home at home would maturity with it midlife but no but that's not what Caroline acting just hold my hand over I said well you better get hold of Lisa I'd like to know exactly what she has said not too expensive oh really and yes I wonder if you can clarify something for me please yeah great occasion and I have come out I was asked to come out and ask the parents to come in with baby some baby just over yeah okay um I come here and the parents are here with their friends and Beverly beaches the chair Association of improvements in the maternity services has spoken to Lisa Curtin lerton and Lisa said that they took they would could be seen in the morning at home with a midwife going out but that's not not much okay what well that was that was to be the case but I said well let Lisa laugh and i'm exceed the her because she's told a totally different thing she see I understood she was their operational coordinator earlier on this evening no not wait on you to be put wheel right well I'd like to okay I'm going to see if I can get hold of lucidum so though this is ridiculous I mean I don't know yeah okay alright alright don't line up and call you on to keep going throw switch seven nine eight one six four seven nine zero zero eight one six four one six two three and also is this is it 8 1 or eight oh now don't worry okay don't worry I think I've got something on the other line alright thank you thanks bye-bye who's on that's one nice trading ones I guess at the end never any answer that's my grandson so you a huge fan huh or you study on the same place live with me alright hello is that Lisa oh seven it all steps now hi I'm sorry I went for call from Lisa okay right uh well um I'm his home mum and dad's here and their friends and the baby's here the baby seems fine um and Beverly be choose the chair associates of improvements in the maternity services apparently spoke to Lisa lerton and and agreed that the baby could come in tomorrow they're not coming smiles come they go be at home and the the Midwife will go and visit her at home tomorrow morning now that's not what I've understood from yourselves a neonatal and so this Lisa nothing's Tom's Beverly a totally different thing Perrin she's the operational called nature I'm with Princess Anna and she's gone home so I've said well you better get her on the fabric cuz I need to speak to her did you take well nothing at the moment because I'm just trying to establish what's going on here I'm very happy if we watched her or something so then I don't know what Lisa's handle and my weight the this list to call back she's completely emotional corner well okay right well I might some to come back to me okay all right thanks bye well I'm not really getting anywhere with this I'm going to give this one a call and they're actually still saying that they want you to come and be checked over and now I mean yes yes oh here we go hello hello very good you can't have favourably it's cruel no yes it is oh hi there she says job you say well huh yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm going to keep tickles all right and and who did you discuss that when you spoke to I know she'll make some right off not Stephanie fuel that hell our seats Ella go for some leg silver secretly nothing yeah I know that way this is this is simply see what's happened is Lisa lerton was the brief version coordinate from four to five minutes ago she spent with epi bitch is the chair and associates beacon said that the mom dad could go to the highlands with the memory and they would have a midwife out in the mornin so that's different from what I've been told things change yeah things have changed alright well it okay we're waiting for out there at were London's grandpa okay we're an affordable Krong alright I didn't know it was a boy Lowell it surprised that's all it is it's a holy thing has happened now where am I you keeping English I'm out hello we should be where hey boy okay what but look sexy either be making it sure to be done on yeah okay yeah yeah okay that's fine them okay I just think when she said I don't know what I'm watching some song yeah I'm not really happy about that to be honest because it's confused things extremely here now okay okay alright okay you need to walk you need to walk yes okay alright okay thanks bite right okay I haven't actually clarified for the hand the old Lisa legend but I can tell you this Lisa lerton did not have the power to make that decision that wasn't to choose just the coordinator the ones that we are talking with is Kim a lien Alan and Maria doors for thee to sing garden Kim Allen a Alleluia hang yeah come on and Maria door and go who's Kim Allen she's the lead for maternity safe garden now I just had my manager on the phone and she said Lisa lerton didn't have the authority to make that decision she doesn't ask you told me she was a supervisor those midwives yet but um I've just spoken to Caroline Atkins on neonatal and neonatal she said that the operation of Porter does the other side of maternity nearly nearly why she's the one I'm calling and bugging me about bringing the women who lease away Lisa R Elton does she mean you earlier then yes I've been talking to her well I understood that she spoke to work I've spoken to now I've spoken to Caroline Atkins my manager and they are saying that they want the baby in tonight to be checked over okay but does I seem well I I am now being guided by my senior manager as in you're not listening to these other people you're doing us I have that's what I'm hearing I hear what essentially thing like what she say is her management in consultation with medical team at the Princess Anne Hospital have made the decision that the child has to be checked out at hospital today from all the circumstances have occurred today yes that is their final decision the child needs to go to Princess Anne hospital and get checked out Charles only be taking the work and you're well assurance me well can we have that in writing so you can come then when I'm taking the baby away yeah well I don't we tell you now so let's take the brace on but we need to go okay now we need to go up wait a second wait a second here okay um can we think logically for a moment it's a clump it's ten past one o'clock is the baby imminently going to die uh it's not the master oh my god if the baby was going to be imminently that we've had this conversation with hospital this entire day if they were really truly concerned about the health of the baby so he would have sent someone I've been asking them to send somebody and they haven't now just take it to the level now basically the information that's been provided with such a child we need to go to the hospital to get checked out yes that's all yeah now there is a refusal to do that that's the reason why we can then invoke what's known as taking a child into forever I understand you're saying probably have to cancel we talked to the supervisor of midwives in Winchester can we go to their hospital and said we really have an aversion to the Southampton hospital I can't find out I've got my got me controlling you ask you please to to take an interview with them we understand that but we've already had such amazing experience but maybe they can work our ass for us that would be that would be the nicest thing you could do where the mine place is the princess and hospital I understand that the main place and we are talking to be obstructed to take the child I understand that let's remain in place but that is it are you taking the child we're not asking you where are you you're asking us to come with you yes and if we don't tell them we would have to because awesome we can't becomes our introduction isn't that loss but my senior management I'm asking you to come after the hospital with us I would rather do this in this way get the baby checked over I have no control over what hospital is now can we leave can we make the request to just go to another hospital I come in it wouldn't it would take hours of negotiations with no it's not I've already spoken to Clara the super head the supervisors of a head wise really really tried to make this the easiest for everybody I'm not wanting to upset anybody but I have a job to do and I need to follow it through it so what's your name I can pull up pull up Thomas how is my mum's name oh they won't forget that they know your name is fallen sorry enemies color bombing all right there's two common in Finland yeah I'm sure you guys you can see that I have seen who you think I have seen who you think I aren't and and now um I was I was hopefully and I was I thinking that that this was in a good way and now I can see that I'm sorry that you mention just how they have taken London they have taken um so uh you guys don't mean who's the case all of us believe you have seen you have seen my babies you notice or sings what about my yeast and now super is going to be involved as more I don't have a choice I have to follow my management goes out you know and I have to follow through yeah you know I you know it's a tragic time for you've just had a baby I don't want to push you in the upset and it would be you know we just need to go inside here Ken and evoke something about taking the baby away what authority is that first place protection police protection order please I'm tired is the time that it is within even eight this looks like a party but we didn't even need the food is there we didn't have know that I already asked them if we could possibly go to the Winchester hospital and they've refused to even consider that or you can ask I think they want to go home something it's tiring oh my god if you could please have to just consider taking we're time with getting the baby chat we have a great not you sir they're waiting for your Christmas I'm quicker we get your native cricketer yeah what the year is that they're waiting to take the baby away that that is not the house take children away no I social workers did she say she has groans because of our supervisor saying don't say Dejan take a really weak International to the hospital like to get without we have lot of powers take because how to take children white 72 hours over police we do not have that power but we take children away we end up having to go the poor and we've got to prove why we're taking that all right so you have your policemen here to take the child away it a lot is what the parent is what's going on they get chopped to hopefully get the child going as soon as possible so where are we going then tip it says know about how sorry right now yes we take you up in your car yeah do we have to or are you get the atactic we gonna master that economy okay so I guess I'm we're nothing I can do that will change everything my baby is going to be taken autotest I don't have a clue can I good job I am being have you speak with father I'm trying to reassure you that we are making a house to do that and this is something when you're able the baby's been ill-treated we do not have two powers to do them legal yes you know we if we can't show the way we got to before why we've done it so once a wish or to this person on the door that we don't want to take your child away okay well charlie don't want that to happen again you having source we have enforced that's our baby we are not living with any solution in this house so whatever you have is sure to fill it what I said to Philip is that we don't want to take your child away what we want to do is get your child medically examined the sooner we get that done the sooner you get home as a family and start enjoying this let me get your Midwife saw so they're coming out regular and you know when they're coming yeah I'm sorry the English sisters that explained to you what happens now they work in Missouri but why did with midwives it's like doctors they go out on calls and if they get one that something's wrong they got stale and it makes them late so they probably give people a rough time they're coming on such as us but they didn't give any time didn't get one oh I can t win down all right well they should have done but that's and they didn't even go home with him away from them with that written on there you go for it poop to do look how they did not give it to her you've got so they don't have it they have this brown packet and the hypervisor my wife went through it with me she said oh there should be something that has been open my focus at the next day she she's like oh you can't find it I read her everything in this package I can apologize for I mean we will be taking legal action this is this is ridiculous okay that's that's you know stop all right he's got lotsa babies going to give him this no just so it's not you'll end up you know she'll under you can't let sure anything okay you are not alone in doing the best we thought in questions right you have to honestly Betty yeah have you mistreated your child no why have you given your child in many cases she should be given no we've got no grounds to take your child away from you right so what we need to do is get your child check that's all we're asking to do we are legally if we went to court with this we would get our wrist slapped like probably get D registered as a social worker cuz I haven't got enough what we're asking to do is get this child check that's all we really ask you because you run your doctor right requesting out right and then for some reason p.m. and she put you off and she was talking Portuguese or whatever you didn't know where she was coming from the bank on scene because they're brainwashing you said children somewhere you want some of that no no no no no no no I didn't never cat of glory new please record this I never said my baby was unwell right everyone here is my witness I never said that watching McCain just yes a check and they double its are you saying live childhoods I'm aware of it I've never said that once yeah but they make people call a doctor photographers they drink the charge on one no that's a newborn baby yeah it is it's a newborn have any billet that you can see oh yes I've given Beverley the number of the person I've spoken to she's going to speak to her but until it's not going to change anything I'm afraid unless by some miracle Beverly could persuade them to say yes go to a juster if that's the case I mean that's fine but that's not done to me I have no jurisdiction over that whatsoever mm-hmm um are we going to wait for that then well I'm not hoping she's doing it now but I well I want to know is dude I'm gonna I've come for ambulance or if you will come with at the moment we'll take you up there well I got a taxi pulling are gonna taxi with you what if you'd like to come egon why are they there bro oh she loves public transport look we just we have this view that there's a nefarious plot again there's no flow all right go there's no platform you I absolutely believe that but it seems like there's something fishy going on hospital oh you separate on it's really good oh wait it's not it's I what you're doing the right thing you're doing your job I'm saying that the way this happened we basically miss a three-hour window of home business and I think and they didn't cut us off further and I think wiring him a lot of ammo I've gone a stripe I don't know cuz I wasn't present but I not in those days potatoes or if it was in in Winchester they know the situation they said this is ridiculous you know expectations the expectation is that my baby is sick yes from the hospital you can tell he's the expert a baby is happy I'm not a medic I know okay we want to die in like an hour I can't share a cell over the background there's some background history with the father in that hospital oh my god oh I don't know I don't know okay okay and I'm there is some suspicion that it's that that's driving all right we understand well that's funny you wouldn't know you wouldn't know because you don't know your job is going to ring and speak to Caroline okay now if she can magic that and good witch stir it snowed switch as where you go to I don't have a Jewish I can change the designation the baby that's the question so then right so we doesn't wait if they actually did you allow so but what I need to know what I need to know now is either way we're going to gun will they come with us now get a taxi or do they want me to get an ambulance no I real and look I don't need to know blue that's just my name what's the point I needed an ambulance on the first and we wanted the Midwife to come and you know what the Midwife said to my wife there wasn't a livid you know what she said don't know and I might get a ticket on my car she said I can't go to the hospital with you because I need to move my car that's the reason my labor didn't happen that's why we doesn't like listen to them yeah I'll tell you more I don't tell me I would have sold that if the baby was imminent and she was going over the thought she ought to get yourself oh I will actually I will tell you I will tell you this the what happened because in these room there has been missed at 9:00 p.m. my contractions they start we have called a number that we have to do when we are your neighbor yeah we have been told that no one is available so right coming well sign any case though because they got so women all in labor yeah the latest a introduces Colin Colin Colin please let me finish it so what happened he said I fell by their wife I was left completely alone alright but I'm fine and I did a label six hours with my partner and my Dola Lilian she become a friend because we have been with her for all the process of the primacy we have been in touch with the team by the phone quite a few times ten minutes before my baby born ten minutes before the Midwife turns up only ten minutes before she turn up okay I was on the on a pool where I have my baby and he's when she says that I I'm concerned we the the the the blood that you lost I just had the labor I hadn't blood obviously I had it the contractions didn't happen since then the contractions didn't happen the president didn't didn't didn't didn't come up that's right I am she so sorry this one thing Helen this person sees us she said that you might have to go to the hospital because of the placenta and all sorry but how it happens then what happens how do you guys do you deal with this procedure are you coming with us and she said no I'm not I'm a can I'm not going with you guys because I have my husband I have my husband and I have my daughter four years old waiting for me at home go to a summer I don't answering the taxi yeah after the hospital and then she do you understand Alex to understand how I feel as a mother laboring by any challenge that I felt a midwife that turn up to my home and she's saying that she's concerned with the tickets father no one so I'm gonna make a taxi I understand darling I understand what you're saying but I can't I don't know nursing staff look you know and it might be jealous luncheon here a fresh food yeah I understand but if you're really unhappy with that you have to write to reply the right I don't have no right he's doing he does the right food I have no right I see that you're unhappy with what me and Paul had done work planes are unhappy with property so John you have those rights right right right having the right to be a mother myself me other than you insist on that I'll tell you why because I'm driving my car can we sit in your car Lynn please there's not enough room for taking you know you want your friend reviews it's not so we get in taxi we have reason that we can assist if this if you want us to tell someone about well actually did you introduce that I don't know yeah yeah I don't mind okay you come with me yeah so I did blue I'm doing right in a Monday and now I'm it's free of your thoughts sorry you said you become you look into it and if we get a call to say that we should take them we can always do better okay um so no motions no gosh they forced your hand they think they own your baby fortunately so I went in when their wives they're what they're going to take because I don't have no control on my baby so what I going to do what I mean we should have at least know the toys to Ronnie hasn't come you I don't know how to him because if you're not then the social worker is just going to take the two otherwise we can give you I same platoon – okay sorry baby but my dad baby he's too clean oh no no I had the police today in the house I had to put the police on the door you guys you're here that's that's that's how I'm feeling now so you feel like that let's get your child checks missing your eyes open but cooperate let's say keep your villain villain dojust we have to don't know you're being forced to the options if you don't cooperate I ask you guys if you have seen Chaplin can make it yes if there's anyone who can either that's great Cosby there with us and she's an in a minute megwin can you come – yes I can come but it would be good to just have someone that maybe we trust to be there as well you know just see she works in an accessories in his wife falen she must be shed yeah yeah someone because all right oh no it's okay don't worry about it don't be sorry about this okay y'all bring a common she's exciting my man I've had all years I know it looks weird I dunno how he's grown no no don't worry right I don't feel bad there's no social solutions you know ingredients hey I'm super fortunate to go to Southampton how fast you think you get there I know how you feel food no I don't feel anything I dunno princess and hospital and I'll call you if anything happens you can do little Mary password fuck you little mini mention them to liquidly what is cool so I think she's all in the phones now I'm trying to see if they'll comply I'm sorry bottom line oh but most likely weren't going that cell phone tree right now you should be there in about 20 minutes so we just need to vend away less time obviously by 20 just keep donuts for you to get there don't yeah I think you do okay thank you so much looking good all right I can try take it baby look you little man I was just making the Skype with my parents you don't matter hey little man hey little man hey little man oh please please please oh she just wants to see her mom please right now please let's go well I think we need to stop me please please sorry we're gonna move now they're fun to force the police so the police they make the police force us yes you understand what they're trying to make the bills we're not going for cents honey are you saying I just wanted one forces you I do know do you know what it is I don't want none because it's I just want my mom to see the baby hi baby for the last time it's not the last time you land up lambda lambda don't talk like this look what you're doing look what you're doing I don't see the baby for the long time you learned it don't talk like this chilly during time this is enough you'll end it you you'll finally we'll get checked out and be home with the baby you can't promise Holly and this is okay okay I told sister I don't got it you've got they don't let me the rest I almost died they didn't let me race they kept being on my dog that's all I wanted I wanted to ask you there's blood Sugar's of lunch and do you know how much fun we have anabolic but it was so five liters I lost you I worked in cardiology I know exactly I was into the medical tube I'm going to faint I'm going to pass out I told them I heard I heard I'm saying this is not normal comment cool just keep the baby calm bilenda yeah Yolanda Yolanda please Peter oh man you guys have a car seat should we put her in the car seat to be honest we were hoping that you'd have a car seat enormous boy we think about if not we will use man oh I see features boron yeah we have a car seat thank you here we go now becomes take off any oven chip psychology we should take our East work here I'm Glenda we're coming back here yes we're coming up here okay sorry yes are we yes why yes of course yeah don't think you're not going back on account of me okay let's go help your mom I think the willies get on but are they when they're given these things I think this might have those shells why meant that they would leave him out okay my mother oh Linda white tea come down yeah you want the world sports at all I don't feel anything you

41 thoughts on “Recording of Police & Social Services Kidnapping Santiago 06.02.16”

  1. I am on the prowl for these sick people. I want to expose them SOOOOO BADLY THAT IT MAKES MY SKIN CRAWL EVERY TIME I EVEN THINK OF THOSE 3 LETTERS TOGETHER
    C .P..S.

  2. I don't blame these parents for being frightening and untrustworthy with ss because they trick to snatch babies,that's what they've done to my grandkids.

  3. There's a child calling for attention and these bullies introject selfishly for their purposes of reaching objectives and targets.

  4. OMFG …🙄.. just get the bloody baby checked out then done ! Good luck with all the trials and tribulations of parenthood if you are traumatised your baby being “taken away” aka having its temperature and heart rate taken ! 🤷‍♀️

    Are they all conspiracy theorists or something 😬

  5. my friend came and the social worker stated she knew we went out once a week when my mum in law had bith kids. she asked my friend what I usually consumed and my friend told her orange juice. We gave her the landladys number and told her to check this and I agreed to do drug and alcohol tests. She said it wasn't nessesary. The meeting following this the chair person basically tore their case to shreds and the case was closed. BUT what they don't tell you is once accused you are subject to predudice. So when my daughter got conjunctivitis and her eye swelled the school checked the system and there is a red flag by my name.

    The other involvement I had was during a breakdown where I was mentally unwell. My friends called for an ambulance and came and took the children. The social worker this time said she felt we had most things covered and she would only be involved to ensure I got the help needed and wasn't concerned for the children as such because they were not being cared for soley by me. . .I think it depends on the social worker you get. In my opinion the first social worker we had was young, childless and inexperienced with something to prove. The second had children, experience and was a huge help to us. I do think this child snatching needs to stop. The irony is that I needed them as a child and never even got flagged up as my family had money. The system is floored. There are good social workers but they cant all be trusted

  6. hi. I have been on BOTH sides of this…My 6 year old told lots of different stories at school as to how he got carpet burn. They social services. My son admitted he lied and my older daughter told them at scool BEFORE social were called. I am disabled. I was laid up the day he sustained the injuries and had proof of this. My son (who is now being tested for autism) often had to be put into a wrap ( it took 2 ABLE BODIED people to do this) so one would think common sense would prevail. The social worker was awful to me. THE INJURIES WERE NEVER SEEN BY A DOCTOR UNTIL THE REPORT CAME OUT AND I FLAGGED UP THAT NO ONE QUALIFIED HAD ASSATAINED HOW THE INJURY OCCURED. THE REPORT WAS BASED ON THE OPINION OF A SOCIAL WORKEE WITH NO MEDICAL TRAINING. I then went to case conference they said It was their opinion I had pinned my son down (I have cerebal palsy and fibromyalgia as well as other issues) but that It was felt that my children could be at risk of neglect because of my disability. TOTALLY COTRADICTIVE. Fast forward 8 months of visits. They cant really find anything on me. . aside from a bottle (out of childrens reach) of alcohol almost full because I had been tee total for a year. I stupidly had no witnesses until this point. The social worker rang saying someone had reported me for alcoholism. .demanded to come over immediately. ..I told her I wouldn't ve speaking with her until my friend arrived. She had no option but to agree.

  7. You know my CHANNEL has all the information to get your kids back quickly! Look, those people make it hard for to get your kids back so you don't want to get them back. They want to do organ harvesting and trafficking. Or they just need to kidnap them to help the system keep the demand for foster kids. Now God is commanding you parents to get your kids back by watching 👀my channel.

  8. Once you register the baby by getting a birth certificate, then the child becomes property of the government.

  9. I believe in you both. May goodness bless you and I pray you get the funds you need to reclaim your precious child. I was an extremely trusting person until I experienced poor social work practice. My kids will NEVER ever trust a SW and I wonder if my youngest will ever realise how wrong what happened to us was…. it took 7 hours for police officers to eventually remove him from our home, where he was born 🙁 He is a compliant, beautiful trusting child who is being alienated from me, an eternally faithful and ever loving Mum. My son will be a full grown man when I see him next, I was robbed and the FCS is failing parents all over the UK I am recovered just about from the disastrous impact the stress had on my physical and mental well being. I do not have the capacity to rise above injustice, I have Autism and so the pressure of SW lies was too much to bare. Mothers like me are thorough, fair and kind… I lost my son for being 'over'protective'… I could never have ignored what he was dealing with, but due to my making a complaint, I paid a heavy price. I have had to recover and it has taken time to do this as I have chronic ill health that can't be risked and played with. I weighed 4.75 stone when my son was placed. I have recovered my weight and regained my mental capacity and strength. Eventually I think the scandals will be realized but it will be too late for me, Mothers and Fathers of the UK are being failed and robbed, the entire FCS is a farce.

  10. That's their usual modus operandi. That baby is stressed and not one fucker is taking any notice except the poor mother. "Standard Practice" my foot. Did the family get that procedure in writing ?

  11. The problem I see here is this precious baby Santiago was born healthy and gorgeously perfect. These are the kind of infants and children the SYSTEM targets. CPS already have a plan in place starting with the dr and or midwife. Info is given to the ringleaders(child protective services), which are our JUDICIAL SYSTEM (judges) and wicked lawyers and the hospital. Ask urself who really do the most damage to our babies? This is part of the reason our children grow up with so much evilness. These ppl avoid the children that are really being abused, neglected and even murdered in which they turn a blind side. I wonder if Santiago was born with disabilities would this video even surfaced. I have not heard not one evidence, all I'm hearing are accusations and a case builted on hearsay and lies. I have a very strong feeling that God is going to bless this family with so much law suit money and allow them to travel around the world with their precious son to tell their story live and expose these satanic worshippers. Don't weep mother dries ur eyes and hold ur head up high and call on JESUS, He will walk with u thur this storm. These ppl that stoled ur baby will pay dearly. The Lord our God said hinder not the children. EXPOSE, EXPOSE, AND EXPOSE 👶❤👶❤👶❤👶❤👶❤

  12. The poor baby is crying and crying and nobody did anything to relieve him from HIS stress!!! Not til too long for a newborn to cry did they. People make a fuss over nothing. Just do as they ask! If the child means so much it should be nothing to do as they ask. Because it's not worth it. Listening to this it's not worth my child's life and me having my child in my care…I'm sorry I just don't see a point when it comes to somebody so precious. I get the frustration. But that's why you have each other. Keep your stress and frustration for later when it's just you and your man and talk about everything, ven't if need be. Don't let these people interfere with your family structure, remain strong and calm.You

  13. Scarey thing is people don't realise how much power they hold you have to agree say yes please and thank you that's how I kept my youngest two after they removed my first child

  14. we are raped starved abused made fun of left out and the worst of all you watch them spend your money on their families

  15. I'm in America, and I've seen MANY similar unjust cases in the media here. It is both infuriating and absolutely fear inducing! I'm so sorry that this atrocious act was commited against you. I can't fathom that kind of heartbreak. This is such a blatant intrusion of your privacy and God given natural parental rights! Especially, at such a critical time right after birth. These people say they are acting in the best interest of the child regarding medical decisions, but it's been medically proven that the baby benefits immensely from both breastfeeding and skin to skin contact with Mom and Dad after birth. I'm not denying that medical well checks are an absolute neccesisty, however these decisions regarding who, where and when, should be left up to the parents, given they are not unreasonable. You have a four day old baby, in their presence, and he's obviously not in medical crisis. Your family should have only been focusing on Mom's healing, caring for baby, and bonding. Instead they turned a time of absolute joy into a parent's worst nightmare scenario. I just had a baby last summer, and even I realize that hospitals are not exactly a healthy place for delicate immune systems. Unfortunately, I had to have a C-SECTION, so I didn't have a choice. Your fear was obviously justified! I will be praying for your family.

  16. Always records you are aloud

  17. WHAT AN INEXCUSABLE WITCH!!!!!! WHAT GROTESQUE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS!!! WHAT PART OF GOD GIVES CHILDREN AS GIFTS TO THEIR PARENTS (Psalm 127:3) and NEVER TO THE STATE DOES THIS WITCH NOT UNDERSTAND??!!! JUST LISTEN TO THIS BABY BEING HARMED ALREADY BY THE DEMONIC CHILD THEIVES!!!!!! SIGN a CONTRACT regarding one's own baby?? THE CONTRACT HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE BETWEEN THE PARENTS and GOD – SO BUTT OUT. WHAT GREED-DRIVEN WITCHES. WHAT TERRORISTS. There they are – TERRORIZING a mother who just gave birth, the family, and the baby!! Oh – did someone put in an order for a new adoptive baby for sale?? This plague of family-attacking TERRORISM is getting more and more exposed every day, worldwide. It is a way for Satan to harm people and destroy lives – family groups at a time. Those guilty of these crimes against God and humanity belong being brought before a tribunal in the very same way that the Nazi war criminals were – for their CRIMES AGAINST GOD and HUMANITY. In any case though, Armageddon Day from a very ANGRY GOD – who is ENRAGED AT SUCH VIOLATIONS AGAINST HIS OWN, scripturally-given PARENT-CHILD and FAMILY ARRANGEMENTS, and HARM to children and parents – WILL BE SOON. THEN, FAMILIES WILL BE ABLE TO LIVE IN PEACE – WITHOUT EVIL PERSONS CAUSING THEM FEAR OR DISTURBANCE. This is DESPICABLE.

  18. Is it my imagination that this woman is saying that a midwife needs to check the baby at their house and that no-one has seen the "unwell" baby while they are holding the baby right in front of these people. I swear I can hear him. Can they not check on the baby while the baby is in-front of them?

  19. Repeating pattern of policing behaviours …the never ever let one finish their question, or opinion , before they pause or answer these IMPORTANT QUESTIONS

  20. This behaviour is disgusting this woman ,is stressing the mother,if the mother is breast feeding the milk flow can be affected crazy evil people.

  21. Please please please comment on this video and expose the social services/cps and the government for stealing children!!! On this video

  22. They've been taken over by bloodthirsty Rothschild Zionists. This is where this all comes from!

    For 3000 years, the Jews have sought the enslavement of all the non-Jewish peoples of the world: easily verifiable by too many of their demonic Talmudic verses, and enhanced by their Kol Nidre prayer, which together, demonstrate the intent of their ancient desire rather clearly. These are the historical blood rituals that they have performed across the ages, to hasten the desired enslavement of the world:

    I paraphrase from "Blood Passover": "In the 11th century, non-elites were banned from practicing the blood sacrifice to reduce the danger to the community from expulsion. Henceforth there would be a drawing of the lots in Narbonne, France, giving only a few communities in Europe, the right to enact the blood sacrifice, and they would only be from the elite or rabbis that were allowed to practice it." Thus, non-elite Jews that are not rabbis, would have no knowledge about this dark history, as it was kept fairly well hidden since the 11th century, from the rest of the diaspora.

    Further research on this extensively documented topic of Jewish Ritual Murder from across the centuries:

    Video: Child Ritual Murder Revisited

    Video: Oprah Winfrey interviews Jewish female survivor of demonic Sabbatean-Frankist sect of Judaism:

    Online Reading:

    Notes About Ritual Murders- Vladimir Ivanovich Dal:


    ebook: Blood Passover: The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder- Ariel Toaff

    The Talmud instructs Jews in several writings, that gentiles have been placed on earth by their god to serve Jews as slaves. Is this the mindset that allows Jews to torture, mutilate and slay a gentile child to obtain his blood for use in the passover bread (matzah)? Is this the reason for Jewish ritual murder? The 1500-year history of Jewish child ritual murders speak for themselves, plus the expulsions from 109 nations, in spite of the protest of the Jews over the centuries to try to keep the macabre practise hidden so they can continue to get Christian blood in their passover matzah every year. Do Jews consider their victims simply cattle for the slaughter?

    From, Satanic Verses of the Talmud:

    * “The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

    * “If you eat with a ‘goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

    * “Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)

    * “Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

    More on the Talmud:

    Hard Copy writings:

    book: My Irrelevant Defence Meditations inside gaol and out on Jewish Ritual Murder- Dr. Arnold Leese

    cd: Jewish Ritual Murder: An Historical Investigation- Dr. Helmutt Schramm German translated to English by R. Belser

    book: Debacle in Demascus- The 1840 Ritual Murder Case of Father Thomas- Dr. Harold Rome

    book: Judaism's Strange God- Michael A. Hoffman II

    Newspaper- The truth at Last- documents Oprah Winfrey interview of SRA victim Vicki Pollin- Dr. Ed Fields reproduced old version of Der Sturmer newspapers writings on JRM- Dr. James Warner

    book: The Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich- Thomas of Monmouth- Latin translated to English by Dr. A. Jessop New York State Journal of Medicine 1 Nov, 1971: Strange Murder of William of Norwich 1144- Dr. William Sharp

    book: The Matzo of Zion: Dr. Moustafa Tlass

    book: Blood Ritual- Dr. Philip De Vier video: Human Sacrifice from the fanatical Hassidic Jews from the ancient times to the present

    book: The murder of Andrei Youshchinski by former Duma member and attorney, G.G. Zamislovski

    book: Searching for the Jews who murder gentile babies: How these Jews use the babies' blood- Dr. Vladimir Dal

    book: Revelations of the Jewish Rites Before God and the World- Michael the Neophyte- Christian convert was ex-grand rabbi of Lithuania- (MS. dated 1716; first reproduced in Pikoulski's Zlosc Zydowska, 'Jewish Wickedness,' Lvov, 1760)

    book: 18 pages in Chapter 6, "Jews and Ritual Murder" of Eustace Mullins' "Mullins' New History of the Jews" (1968)

  23. They took my son when he was a month old. They tried to say we weren't feeding him because he has acid reflux and couldn't hold down his formula. Then they wouldn't let us visit him. I have been dealing with dss since I was 9 years old. They all know me. This is common interest

  24. Scumbag from the London Borough of Southwark tried to steal my daughter when she was a baby, because her mother abused her son years before my daughter was born. Now my daughter is ten and is being abused by her mother and the mother's paedophile boyfriend and they refused to act.

  25. He is such a beautiful little baby, I wonder if it has something to do with all this process. I'm really really sorry for you guys. May God helps you and be with you.

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