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JAN HARE: The current
state of education that supports indigenous learners is
not good enough, particularly in public systems of education. As educators, we need to be able
to respond to educational reform that prioritizes improved educational
outcomes for indigenous children and youth. My name is Jan Hare. I’m an Anishinaabe from the M’Chigeeng
First Nation in northern Ontario. I live and work on the traditional,
ancestral, and unceded territories of the Musqueam people on the
west coast of British Columbia. An important aspect of this
course are the conversations with indigenous and
non-indigenous educators who share with us strategies, teaching
exemplars, and their own learning journey in indigenous education
that help us rethink our practice– and, in doing so,
rethink our relationship with indigenous people
and their worldviews. Through their words, we see that
reconciliation means different things to different people. Yet, their conversations reveal that
it takes real work, real commitment to shift our thinking and the way
we do things in classrooms, schools, and communities. Research consistently tells us
that young indigenous learners will experience success when educational
approaches value indigenous ways of knowing, and if
learning is inclusive of indigenous content and perspectives. For educators, creating a
radically renewed relationship means learning about the histories
of indigenous peoples impacted by colonial practices
that bear significantly on the lives of indigenous
students and their families. It requires us to reflect on our own
personal and professional assumptions and beliefs that influence how we teach,
allowing us to consider how we might advance indigenous ways of
knowing in educational spaces. I invite you to make this
commitment to a renewed relationship by joining this course, Reconciliation
Through Indigenous Education. Miigwech Thank you.

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  1. This was a wonderful learning experience. Thank you to Dr. Jan Hare and team for this course. I recommend this to all educators.

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