Reception baseline assessment: pilot commencing this autumn

The reception baseline
assessment is a short, twenty˚
minute check which
will look at what your
child can already do in terms of early maths
literacy when they start
school. Many schools across England
will be trialling the RBA from
September and your child’s
school may be one of these. The assessment will be
carried out between your child
and their teacher and their teacher will run
through a number of simple
tasks. Most schools already carry out
some form of check with their
pupils when they enter
reception and and this is likely to be
similar. The reception baseline
assessment will help show how
much progress a school makes with their pupils throughout
their time at primary school between reception and year 6. It provides a clear starting
point to measure from. It will also help parents see
the progress that the school
helps children to make and help teachers better
understand the needs of their
class when they enter school. Over time it will replace key
stage 1 assessments which take place at the end of
year two The assessment will not be
used to label or stream
children schools won’t receive a score. How they do in the RBA will not follow
them through school. It is used to create a measure
of how much progress that year-group as a whole
has made. The check is carried out in
the first 6 weeks of reception so that we get a better
understanding of your child’s
starting point when they
arrive at school. The tasks will be very similar
to the kind of things you may
already do with your child at home, so
there is no need to prepare. The teacher can pause the
assessment at any time if they
feel they
need to. If your child gets distracted
or restless, they can pause
return later. Your child shouldn’t even be
aware that they are sitting an
assessment at all.

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