Reasons to Remain Single

Anyone who lives alone and manifests no longing to be in a relationship is in our times, almost automatically, more or less secretly viewed as both pitiable and deeply troubled. It’s simply not thought possible to be at once, alone and normal. This sets up for collective catastrophe, because it means that a huge number of people, who have no innate wish to live with anyone else, and are thought deeply ill-suited to doing so are every year press ganged and shamed into conjugal life with disastrous results for all involved. Only once singlehood has completely equal prestige with its alternative can we ensure that people will be free in their choices and hence join couples for the right reasons; because they love another person, rather than because they are terrified of remaining single. Here, then, are a few of the many good reasons to spend your life alone: 1. Because romantic love is a dangerous illusion. We should recognize that romantic love the idea of being deeply enamored of one special partner over a whole lifetime, is a very new, ambitious and really pretty odd concept, at best 250 years old. From close-up, over long periods of time, almost everyone is condemned to be pretty dispiriting and difficult A good Romantic marriage is evidently theoretically possible, but it’s also be extremely unlikely in practice, which should make any failure feel a good deal less shameful. 2. No one thinks their partner is terrific – After a while. Those among us who chose to stay single should not be thought un-Romantic. Indeed, we may be among the very most Romantic of all, because it is in the end the fervent Romantics who should be especially careful of ending up in mediocre relationships: relationships best suit the kind of people who don’t actually expect too much from them. 3. We aren’t sane enough to be in relationships. Though it is a sign of some maturity to know how to love and live alongside someone, it it is actually a sign of even greater maturity to recognise that this is something one isn’t in the end going to be psychologically capable of – as a good portion of us simply are not. Retiring oneself voluntarily, in order to save others (and oneself) from the consequences of one’s own inner emotional turmoil is the true sign of a great and kind soul. 4. Being alone means not inflicting yourself on others. It spares you from constant reminders of how difficult and strange you are. No one is there to hold a mirror up – record your antics and constantly make you accountable for them. If you’re lucky, you will be able to tolerate and even like yourself if you are on your own. 5. Relationships spoil love. It may be better to feel alone and be denied sex outside of a relationship than inside one. One thing the single are never denied, is hope. All this isn’t to say that being alone is without problems. There are of course drawbacks to both states, being single and being in a couple: loneliness in the one; suffocation, anger and frustration in the other. The truth is, we’re simply not terribly good at being happy whatever our relationship status. Which is ultimately an argument for neither rushing too fast into a couple, or rushing too fast out of one.

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  1. Imagine having to work in the hot sun and the cold rain of the winter, then coming home to a dirty house no supper nagging, your always tired, we never go out, never doing what you want, paying all the bills, you don't make enough money, my mom is coming over( my personal favorite ), we don't make love enough or to much. Women are never satisfied and can never be satisfied. American women are spoiled, entitled, overvalued, and more often than not, overweight. I've been mgtow for 25years and it's nice to come home to silence. I eat what I want, watch what I want, go where I want and return when I damn well please. I'm polite to women but deep down I hold most of the whores in complete contempt.

  2. A happy married couple own a duplex! She lives on one side ,you live on the other! She owns a cat and you own a dog. You sleep in on sundays while she jogs at 6 am. You party all night while she stays home . Then when you want to hook up ( my place or yours)she starts a fight ( tell her go home) you like the lights on ,while she watches TV in the dark.she swims in your pool while you relax in her hot tub! If she complains about her day ,you turn up your stereo!

  3. I really needed this video and these comments make me feel a lot better!! There‘s this girl that basically shattered my heart. Although I’m still recovering, it’s comforting to know that being single again is actually pretty great. It’s when I’m the happiest, anyway! Take it from someone who loves to go to concerts, long walks and to the movies alone. 👍🏼

  4. Legal marriage should be abolished. The State has no interest in the existence of couples. Women who want to give birth, should be able to purchase all the sperm they want from sperm banks. The State should be the only entity that educates the masses. No child should be under the custody of an unfit parent.

  5. I want a relationship I’ll be honest
    But I’m taking my time and not rushing into the first opportunity life throws at me

  6. Here is what is likely to happen as the path forward:
    (1) Marriage will decrease even further than it already is.
    (2) Divorce rates will increase even further as women get increasingly desperate.
    (3) Women will be more likely now, than ever before, to never be able to find a partner to marry or have a child with.
    (4) Decrease in birth rates even further in advanced Western economies, putting incredible strain on those country's government revenues, taxation, and support networks, especially for women.
    (5) Growing numbers of Men closing their wallets, and reluctant to spend money on women, not only because they are MGTOW, but even those who aren't MGTOW are realizing they can't afford a woman in their lives.
    (6) Women are having plenty of sex with males of higher value, but those Men are not getting married.
    (7) Men are finding pleasure in their hobbies rather than women, and this of course leads to the plethora of videos of lint examining social workers and women on the mythical matter of 'Men failing to launch' , which translates into 'Men should serve society'. (NOTE: Men who are disrespected and victimized in the society they work in and support financially, are more likely to do less for it, sit by and watch it burn when they really need Men. TRY to keep that in mind!)
    (8) More stores closing down as consumer demand for goods ( mainly female) is reduced, and this is now very obvious to anyone watching the consumer market now. It is NOT because of Amazon.
    (9) Increase in homeless women and suicide by women.
    (10) More men going the MGOTW route, and are lost to the marriage market forever.Deny it all you want, this is the dynamic that most Western countries are in now.

  7. What the joyous solitude of early hermits can teach us about being alone (The joy of loneliness in early christianity)

  8. The premise of this video is that "social attitudes" need to change. Well that may or may not be feasible, and if attempted, may result in unintended consequences equally damaging or worse. So, it's like this: if you're getting into a relationship bc. of social pressure, then you're a person who really doesn't know themselves and hasn't defined themselves on their own individual terms. For some reason, this which has always seemed natural to me is not how many (or most?) people seem to operate. Being happy or at peace is impossible if your self-concept is heavily tied to what others think or expect. Individuality is where it's at.

  9. Currently, in most developed countries, people living on their own are the fastest growing demographic ……………. in less than a decade, this group will become the largest. This is not a natural state of affairs but more a testament on how increasingly dysfunctional societies have become.

  10. I was surprised when at the end you said that the big drawback of remaining single was loneliness. I know more lonely people who are stuck in second-rate relationships than lonely single people. In fact single people I know seem to have more friends and a better social network than friends in relationships. People sometimes forget that loneliness is very different from being alone.

  11. This channel often communicates interesting observations, but seems to specialise in horrible animations.

  12. We should take this man seriously because he has a chicken jacking off in the video.
    Literally animated the metaphor of choking the chicken.

  13. I have been single for 4 years now. I have had many sexual partners over the years but at the end of the day I can go anywhere and answer to no body and living my life. " My only life " I have my female friends who feel the same way. It's to much work to be in a relationship or have kids. If being married and having kids is your thing most definitely go for it.
    I have been married once but it's not my thing. I like my freedom and do whatever I want. No hangups or asking permission .
    I love my freedom .

  14. Did I just see a chicken 🐔 master bating 😳yikes …. hope I’m never that pathetic 🥴🥴

  15. You may be lonely, but at least you dont have someone arguing/judging/wasting your money/messing up your stuff/thinking they own you…

  16. I don't think I do good on relationships, I find myself wanting one but I know I am hell to deal with, the hard thing I guess is to fully accept that I should be single for the rest of my life, but I am optimistic I will

  17. I'm already doing that now going on 15 years… more drama or stress to deal with….I am enjoying my single life to the fullest

  18. How to be single? Just sacrifice your sexuality(be sexless & get rid of your sexual thoughts). So that you can see both women & men as people & nothing more…

  19. I enjoy other people in small doses, because solitude is freedom! Love is for the young cos at least you are supposed to get sex out of the deal.

  20. Well, being "denied sex" and feeling lonely for this reason might come down to the relationship not working. It's the wrong way to see it and very egoistic . The other person might simply not be happy having sex with you for a million reasons that could or could not have something to do with you. I'd rephrase it and say "not being able to be intimate", "not finding intimacy". That's the core problem, instead of some physical need to have an orgasm, which obviously can be satisfied when you're single. The masturbating chicken doesn't look very happy though. Because the orgasm wasn't the point…

  21. Einstein was an advocate of and enjoyed being alone..

    If you can't spend time alone you will ultimately be unable to have a relationship..

    This is one of the reasons why most marriages fail…

    Being alone and being lonely are 2 different things… :8)

  22. The reason im sad is because im single, I tried trying to get with someone but i got rejected and now im now sure of where i am in life.

  23. Being single is liberating, because you can do whatever you want. You can quit your job, which you hate. You can start new job or be unemployed. Nobody saying to you anything, you dont need to feed your wife or children if you have children for example. You have less pressure financially.

  24. hard to live in a culture devoid of basic respect….when trying to set boundaries with others, they don't care ….more so if people are on the narcissist spectrum (lack empathy) or other…..madness surrounds wherever you go………self protection vital, self care…not supposed to be separation….most are not true self but version construct mind control abuse victim….some are sensitive and see through a lot. Being alone is the only option if you can not find those who respect you. Don't give up

  25. This video is mostly bogus. I've seen enduring romantic love in multiple family members. This includes both grandparents as well as great aunts and uncles. If you've truly fallen out of love with a person what are you doing with them other than sparring hour partners feelings? There's really no point. Why bother getting married at all? A lot of people get married for the wrong reasons which is why divorces are so high. Of course there's the fact some people can change dramatically this also is a cause of divorce. Unfortunately people can change to nearly the polar opposite of who we fell in love with in the first place.

  26. I dont understand what's the big deal about being single. You get to know yourself, you can do what ever you want, you dont need to be home at a certain time.

    Some of the greatest writers in the world locked themselves in a Room, isolated from friends and family. They say being alone brings out your creative side. , planting, writing books, poetry, religion, cooking, music.

  27. I think I’ve finally learned something, thank you so much for curing my desperation! Now I can have a free will of decision to choose how I’m gonna live my life for myself.

  28. 50 years old, divorced and now living alone in my apartment with my dog. I have finally achieved inner peace and satisfaction……

  29. 59k likes! A lot of us have seen through the illusion of permanence and the danger in attachement, I guess😅

    If you are lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company
    – Sartre
    That is the others
    – J P Sartre

  30. Don't think others will provide you happiness, you have to do it yourself. Every morning you wake up you have one decision to make, "I'm I going to be happy or sad today". I've always tried to live like that.

  31. Love the graphics. I do think much of the desire to be alone is especially a Western European/North American ideal. We all need our own space and time as part of being human. I honestly believe Northern European (in particular) are far too contemplative about the vagaries of relationships.

  32. thinking you aren't alone leads to the most expensive lesson there is. Plug back into the matrix in order to learn it again.

  33. Every single video I've watched about being alone says being by yourself is the better option rather than having a relationship with someone else
    I guess I'll stay single from now on

  34. The lead statement, a premise, is faulty at best, and a hyperbole in the extreme. Pitiable and deeply troubled? How about chalking up the perception to all those who are married or live together in a toxic union, jealous of all those who do not, and wishing they were them? If it were so pitiable and deeply troubled, why would anyone want to live that way? Every year I see society turning more and more caustic and toxic, cloying drama, hypocrisy and what have you. The divorce rate, the rancor among those who tell us they live in bliss, it is all make belief.
    My take on living arrangements: people need to stop listening to the herd and find out what is best for them, enhances them, gives them peace (and their own measures). I have never been interested in all these people who glean how to live from the movies, the media, the broken churches, and such. It is a big driver of the Mental Disease that everybody believes plagues America today. Take charge of your life in all facets of life. The system only sees the individual as a bank account number no more. TO EACH HIS OWN!

  35. I am married with a family.There again if I
    was single,I would enjoy it to the fullest.
    A woman said to me,there are many men,
    but so little time.This woman was single
    and she is enjoying herself.(Nobody can
    be better than that).❤️.

  36. Because of health problems my wife abandoned me claiming that she can't spend the rest of her life with a sick person. Thanks to that sickness ( I recovered my health 6 months after divorce) cos it made my life happier
    Being single is far better than being with someone who doesn't care about you

  37. Talk to any elderly person who never planted roots. They are so unhappy. I know an elderly guy who lived the wandawn life of a bachelor. He's in his 60's and retired. He won't have kids now because he believes it just wouldn't be fair to them. But any time you get a few beers in him he talks about how his parents and only sibling are dead. How he's all alone in the world. How he feels guilty for ending his family line. He says he wishes he had been a family man. He says his life while in the moment was fun was also completely hollow. He would trade it all away, all the good times and money for a do over if he could… With that said I feel society has eroded. Women are eroded. Cultural has eroded. And having a family and loosing them to the corrupted world would be just as painful. I really don't know if a correct decision even exist's anymore.

  38. Pro#1: You don't go through a painful divorce and lose half your sh1t.
    Pro#2: hahaha you don't really need any more pro's, now do you?

  39. Here's a reason…
    If you think marriage/dating is only about love, or the cure to loneliness.
    -You are naive and not ready to be in a relationship at all.

  40. I had multiple crushes before my classmates started to date..and for my own experience Love hurts way more than being single And I chose to be a single Pringle forever and I'm not ashamed I am proud so I can set my eyes on my future rather than wasting my time loving someone and Spending all my time Improving our relationship tbh

  41. I dont intend to be single forever but I definitely dont think I could share a home. I know a happily married couple who live in their own houses 5 mins apart. I could totally do that

  42. No interest in love, I assume it's overrated. The only reason I think of getting into a Relationship is when I'm listening to romantic songs, where Is visualise myself in that song or when I'm lonely. Super lonely. But I guess, it won't help.

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