Realtime Mowing! | Vride II, Toro Timemaster, Srm225 in action!!

stopwatch thank you 12 minutes 35 seconds and 10 whatever that is so basically 15 minutes and it's done all right guys who's excuse me not having a hat I almost always wear it but I'm not because I was wearing the headset for the GoPro but anyways here's how the property came out I wanted to show you guys really quick and that lovely lawn sign over there but here's how all that came out got the edging up along the sidewalks I did this whole section here with the scag and all the way to the back just use the time mask for the devil strip here whatever you guys call it and here's a real quick look at the back came out now guys trust me I wish that all my properties with this small and they're not this is actually the quote of the small end of the scale my second smallest crappy that I service however I do have some larger ones as well that are extremely large at the pushing the three acre mic but I would say my average property is maybe 1/4 or 1/2 acre but yeah guys I just want to show you how inefficient a 52-inch standard Toro time master just echo SRM 225 and the pvat 10 which surprisingly saves a lot of time this year but anyways I just want to show you guys how efficient that was oh and before continue on to the man cave oh you guys with the man cave here and finish up this video actually of three pieces of fan mail to open up alright guys so the first one is from solid ground landscaping out of Spring Springville Utah let's see what's in here alright so we got a sweet business card here trying to block out your postal info here Ryan but anyways he said I was awesome business card and he has all his info and different services on the other side which is the same thing I do and I absolutely love that design on business cards and then he also sent out this awesome decal which should go up on the man cave right now alrighty guys and there it is way up there super cool man thanks for setting that out and he'll appreciate it so fed mill number two for today is actually from Scott Bowers out of Elizabethton Tennessee let's see what's in here Scott sent a note here says thanks for the sticker and I wish you luck in the 2019 season and he also sent out the super sweet business card appreciate it Scott and I'm glad you enjoy the sticker if you guys don't already know I actually do have my own stickers now or decals I should say just like the one right up here on my shed now if you guys want one and just check out my email in the description and shoot me an email that was a title sticker or a sticker swap in the subject and give me your address and I'll be happy to send one out to you guys if you want to send something back great but you absolutely don't have to I'm blowing map you send it out all right and then last but certainly not least is from Ross lawn care from South Elgin Illinois I think is how you say it and let's see what's in this one all right guys advice sent out this note says thanks for the stickers have a great season he also sent out the super sweet business card here and I have to say Brandon I definitely liked it and last he sent out not one but two of his own personal stickers the advertises Instagram and YouTube channel so you guys haven't already be sure to check out Ross lawn care I'll put it down in the description below Oh a tea man and we got your sticker right up here makes a solid ground landscaping really appreciate it and made a good addition to the man cave tale check it out guys Steph is starting to fill up one half is basically entirely covered if I get more small stuff more small stickers like this one here I'll be sure to piece them in wherever I can oh and here's what mine look like – if you guys want one still got one half to go but if you guys want to shoot me an email I'll be happy to send you a sticker of mine and you could send me a sticker yours help fill out this other half before it's completely full anyways guys I hope you enjoyed today's video I think this kind of video is definitely interesting to watch myself so that's why I wanted to make one for you guys but let me know what you guys want to see in the future down in the comments below as always don't forget to comment like subscribe and I'll see the next one

46 thoughts on “Realtime Mowing! | Vride II, Toro Timemaster, Srm225 in action!!”

  1. And why would u bother bagging the strip by the sidewalk rather than mulching it with ur small mower…cmon dude u bag what’s not needed then blow grass with the big mower into the mulch beds…don’t post shit like this undercutting companies that actually are licensed and pay for insurance…this will be a summer fling for you and You will be out of business..1 season landscaper going out of business

  2. We are a bigger company with dot numbers and state ids on the truck cause dot would kill us with fines…u seem to do fine tho

  3. Should invest in ex mark over skags..few more grand but better quality with better bagging options that help out with fall cleanup

  4. My experience as a landscaper…don’t cut anything for under 35 even if u have multiple lawns same road…Why do some use enclosed trailers, is it for storage cause u don’t have a garage …seems like a pain in the butt having to unload to fuel up in the am

  5. Why were you blowing grass in the neighbors yard? Just curious, I would have blown it out of her yard.

  6. Using weedeater wrong and mowing wrong and don't know how to use blower or how to blow. It was fast job though

  7. 13 min job but then you have to drive another 13 min to te to the other job and another 110 min to get ready to get started so at the end 25 dollars is not enough.I always see lawn guys still driving around at 7pm while their wifes are having fun with someone else Lol.

  8. Perdió mucho tiempo llegar a la casa son como unos no sé minutos 2 minutos o un minutos hubiera puesto primero la máquina en el pasto Ya teniendo la lista y poner el calculador de tiempo ahí perdió tiempo

  9. I'd try to avoid blowing grass into landscaping / neighboring yards, and blow off any cars after you've blown off around them.

  10. Maybe he's not in it for the Landscaping yet. There's a lot of Lawn Care that don't do landscaping. They're in it for the quick Mo jobs. And they have standby guys that come in and do that kind of work.

  11. Nothing secured. DOT wet dream! Shooting grass into neighboring lawn and beds…. bruh this is why I get so many customers

  12. I work in a prison and i do between 600-1200 hrs of overtime a year, ive considered mowing on the side instead of having to be inside the walls during the summer and fall months. Ive already for a ferris 2100z and and echo trimmer/edger. i think all id need to invest in is a push mower and a blower. i have a 6×10 trailer. was looking at a cub cadet cc800 for a walk behind

  13. Hey Wyatt, this video earned you another subscriber!! (Me) and also I couldn't find your Email address In the description to get a decal? I tried all the links but couldn't find it? Thanks

  14. Some day can you please do a video of your smallest property, and your biggest?

  15. You left your push mower halfway in the road, instead of curbside next to your trailer like you should have. You blow all your clippings into the neighbors yard, or beds instead of using the mulch door. You’re also charging about 60% of what you should be for that yard. Can’t drop the gate on a trailer for less than $40 these days and expect to make any money in the long run.

  16. If I was their neighbor I be flipping out at you. Due to you blowing their lawn, weeds clippings and dust on to my property. BUT nice work and video.

  17. Need to get it up to $30 my man…if you can. There are people out there that see value in what we do (lawn & landscape). Get that money, and never leave money on the table if at all possible!

  18. Yes that is $38.16 after tax.I understand your charges buddy 👍🏾Do you have liability insurance?

  19. Hey just one quick question. Why don’t you just invest in a toro turf master instead of the time master ?

  20. That’s a least a $35-$40 lawn never do $25 . The way i see it if you are charging that low is that you are doing that for free

  21. Nice man. Ever thought about hiring a couple more employees and expanding to both mowing and fertilizing, then eventually straight landscaping projects?

  22. 13min for a rushed job and the yard looks like crap. I guess your idea is Quantity not quality. Bravo👏

  23. Only thing that I recommend is that when you blow off driveways, always blow off the cars as well, because you blew lots of dirt at the car. That is something that I have had complaints for in the past.

  24. Was just wondering why you don’t use the scag for the little strip in the front? Is it rough or something? Also I know the going rate may be lower in your area but strive and push for those higher prices. I still underprice some lawns but you can get jobs being 5,10,15 dollars higher than the competition. I just got one the other day the lady said she was being charged 30 by multiple different companies and none of them did a good job, I told her 45 and she is really impressed with my work. When you’re getting paid good you can slow down and do better work and work just keeps coming.

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