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– I don’t know if I like this. – I don’t think I do. – Sex Education. – My favorite topic. – My least favourite subject. – Sex therapy clinic at school. Imagine if we had one of
those running at our school. – No thanks. – Probably want us to watch something that’s gonna put us off a little bit. – Something sensible? – Possibly a documentary? – I’m thinking documentary. – Here we go. Get ready to learn something. – It’s not teaching related content. – SRE class. Apparently there’s been
an outbreak of pubic lice. – Oh. This is a condom lesson. – So glad we teach primary school. – How does it work? – Yeah, that seriously
would have been me though. – I’m getting vibes. – He’s keen on her. – Bit of a love interest. – What’s that? – What is that? – I can’t even see it. – It’s like up here! – How can you not see? – No. Why? – Oh my god! – I don’t know where to look. – I know. – Definitely not a show for kids. – Be proud of your penis. And your heritage, cause
neither are going anywhere. – You should work with what you’ve got. – This is not something you
watch with your parents. – This is not something
you watch with anybody. – This. This is my dick. – That’s full on. – No. – I’ve done some googling. And it’s actually just above average. – Who would do that? – That’s a large bunsen burner. – Immediate suspension. – Just penises everywhere. – Yeah. – If I have to deal with a big pickle like that at school then I’m done. – That’s it, quit. – These students at this
school need your help Otis. I haven’t got all day, are you in or out? – I’m in! – I enjoyed Sex Ed. I probably wouldn’t
recommend it to my parents, but I definitely give it a thumbs up. – Highly recommend it to my friends. I give it five stars. – Thumbs down. – Thumbs down and I’m stuck to my chair cause I feel like I’m so awkward. It’s so awkward. – Yeah, I learned a lot of things not to do in romance and sex ed.

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  1. I love this show and I 100% recommended It to my parents x'D (also I'm 25 so that's not that weird)

  2. They were more awkward about it than my little cousin! Thats why kids are afraid to make questions to their teachers!! Adults have to change their mentality asap

  3. I still love the fella who's unlucky enough to be standing in front of Adam when he drops trou. The look of fear, envy, bewilderment and existential crisis on his face is heartbreaking.

    And poor Mr Hendricks, who we don't see in this clip, but who was just trying to enjoy a chip when Adam pulled out his ham.

  4. Okay but why show it to primary school teachers? They don't teach the demographic that would watch that show. Why not show it to higher-ed teachers? Or, you know, sex education teachers?

  5. The show is great and can be a great way for today's youth (even adults) to learn more about sex education while still being entertained!
    Obviously this show wouldn't be okay to show in school…but some of these teachers are coming off as prudes! It's just a TV show about teenagers learning about sex and the complicity that comes with it. WHAT A CRAZY CONCEPT THAT IS TOO FARFETCHED TO RELATE TO!….

  6. Why did they show primary school teachers this? Also this show is great, this and big mouth should be homework for teenagers honestly.

  7. One why’d they show it to Australian primary teachers when its a brit show and england hv primary schools too

    Two why are they asking primary teachers at all when it would be funnier to see the reaction of secondary school teachers whose classes would’ve been talking about the show?

  8. Its really concerning how a teacher who is suposed to teache sex edjucation
    Is saying this is awkward and you shouldn't watch it with anyone.

  9. Teachers like this are exactly the reason shows like sex education and big mouth were made. The shock and horror reactions of these adults are why kids don't and are uncomfortable asking questions about sexual health. Just a shame.

  10. Teachers: don't watch it!
    Us- thinking to watch the whole series the 3rd time!!
    Like if u watched the series again!

  11. I told my teacher to watch sex education for some reason and she watched the first episode…… 🙃💀

  12. What a bait, this is a movie! I came from Philly D and figured it would be classic sex ed videos that kids were shown while attending school!

  13. amazing how there are teachers that think that sex ed and sexual counselling aren't necessarily in school or even "kids shouldn't know about sex". yes, ok, the series in itself is a little over the top with the sex scenes, but everything that was shown there is important for kids to know.
    in my school, we had sex ed since we were 10yo. when we were 12yo, me and a group we made a seminar during the cultural week (it was public, everyone could watch) about sex ed and we were actually teaching other people how to put condoms (we were using bananas lol) and distributing condoms (here we can take free condoms in the public helth care center). my school was bombarded with angry parents and random adults. like if 12yo didn't need to know how to use a damn condom.

  14. my year 12 english teacher watched this show and we talked about it in class. sex education is a really shit class at school bc u dont get taught anything really. why didnt they use hgh school teacher/?

  15. everyone saying that they should’ve shown this to high school teachers, does it really matter? they are all adults and i’m sure that all of them have an active sex life. the fact that they are acting like 11 y/o when they show a penis it’s concerning. i can’t believe that i’m waaaaay more mature than those people at 18.

  16. I didnt know Bullseye is a British Teacher now. Times are hard now that Daredevil is over. LOL -jk #WilsonBethelTwin

  17. I think the first episode wasn't really good example. It should have been somethin later or some clips, because in first episode, there's not much. For example the moment in bathroon when he teach the couple to talk tk each other and to see the beauty that the pther partner see in his/her girlfriend/boyfriend was really, really beautiful.

  18. Y are they so prudish about it? They are mean to teach these things at school and they can't even watch a comedy show….

  19. As everyone else is saying…legit makes no sense. Could’ve been a group of primary AND a group of highschool teachers. That way we could’ve seen both perspectives. Would’ve been funny and better but TWO groups that are BOTH primary school teachers like…..naaaaah, pretty boring.

  20. I thought they were specifically showing it to high school, sex ed teachers. Not like… primary school teachers that it doesn't really relate to at all.

  21. Here's your sex education in 3 simple lessons: 1. Any voluntary sexual attraction towards anyone other than ones lawful spouse is a mortal sin, resulting in eternal damnation. 2. Any sexual behavior that cannot potentially result in conception is a mortal sin (damnation as with #1) 3. Any voluntary "same-sex" attraction is a mortal sin. You're welcome.

  22. PS- I know that Netflix is now working with known satanists with the Sabrina reboot… that fellow publicly thanked the devil for you picking up his show. Since you are serving the devil, it makes sense that you would promote obscenity, since sins of the flesh are the most common means of damnation (Our Lady of Fatima), which is what you support.

  23. I just think it’s so sad how the left are pushing their overly open agenda on others. Look at this comment section. If you don’t agree with the near pornographic scenes then there’s instantly something wrong with you. Leave people alone they’re not ‘prudes’

  24. Is it just me, or does the blond guy look exactly like Wade Kinsella (actor Wilson Brethel) from 'Hart of Dixie'?

  25. Wow, these teachers suck. It would have been WAY more entertaining if it were actually Human Sexuality teachers/professors watching this instead

  26. why some of the teachers be acting like this is some sort of "taboo"…like they're real adults who most likely already had sex in their lives. And its not like their primary students are reacting to this or sum shit lmao

  27. Why are they all Australia? Like what's the point in that ?? There is only gonna be one viewpoint.

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