Real skills for real careers

[Music plays] (Rachel Bacon) I would describe myself
as a little bit of an introvert, a little bit of an
awkward turtle. (Hanna Darmody) I am a country girl. (Daniel O’Brien) I am open minded. (Jessica Wooley) Well the old term,
my head screwed on too tightly gets used quite a lot. (Matt Morrissey) I am a foodie. (Dawn Ivinson) I am a single
mum of three children. (Nicola Lang) I am a caregiver. (Indi Clarke) I’m a proud
Murri, Murri man. (Brendan Carlson ) And I am a soldier. (Tyrone Pynor) Um, what did I
want to be when I grow up? (Rachel Bacon) I wanted to
be a doctor or a lawyer but that was more my parent’s
dreams for me, more than my own. (Shane Dealy) When I was a kid in school,
I wanted to be a carpenter. (Rachel Bacon) Running
up to the windows, pressing my nose against the glass
and watching the planes come in. (Matt Morrissey) I
was a young sailor. (Nicola Lang) I was working
as a receptionist. [Music plays] (Indi Clarke) That’s a good one. Success to me is in showing that
I’m giving back to my community. (Hanna Darmody) Success means
hard work and determination. (Jessica Wooley) The more I’m
coaching other people, it means that I feel
more successful. (Brendan Carlson) Success for me,
going to a job that I love. (Rachel Bacon) Success,
being content, being happy, being proud of who you are
and what you’re doing. (Brendan Carlson) The focus should be
on what you actually love and what you want to do. (Jessica Wooley) Dad suggested, “Maybe
you should do a apprenticeship” and that’s pretty much when
my whole life changed. [Music plays] (Nicola Lang) I have a
Diploma in Nursing. (Daniel O’Brien) I have a Certificate 3
in Health Services Assistance. (Jessica Wooley) I have my Certificate 3
in Electrotechnology. (Rachel Bacon) I have a Diploma
in Aeroskills Avionics and a Diploma in Management. (Tyrone Pynor) I’m studying for my
Certificate 4 in Screen and Media. (Dawn Ivinson) I’m a senior
Aboriginal Community worker. (Brendan Carlson) I’m an Electrical
Instrumentation Technician. (Shane Dealy) I’m a carpenter, builder
and cadet building certifier. (Jessica Baczynski) I’m a Master Stylist. (Nicola Lang) I am an
Enrolled Nurse. (Hanna Darmody) I am the 2017 Local
Woman of the Year for Monaro. (Matt Morrisey) I’m a Head Chef. (Rachel Bacon) I am a International Sales and
Business Development Manager. (Jessica Wooley) I am a High
Voltage Electrician. (Indi Clarke) I’m the Manager of
the Koorie Youth Council. (Hanna Darmody) When you take on a
vocational education course, you’re actually making
that life decision. (Jessica Baczynski) I get to make people
feel beautiful every single day. (Rachel Bacon) I am so happy
to be doing something that I absolutely
love every day. (Jessica Wooley) You definitely
feel like you’re important, that you matter
to the community. (Matt Morrissey) It is
absolutely brilliant. It’s everything that I
ever wanted it to be. (Jessica Wooley) You definitely
feel like people rely on you and you sort of feel like a
bit of a mentor or a hero. (Jessica Baczynski) It’s definitely
a career versus a job. [Music plays]

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