Real skills for real careers case study: Matt Morrissey

(Matt Morrissey) I’m very proud
of what I have achieved. The thrill of going
to work is there. It’s absolutely wonderful. Just going to work every day is an absolute pleasure. My name’s Matt Morrissey. I have a Certificate 3
in Commercial Cookery and am currently undertaking a Certificate 4 in
Commercial Cookery. [Music plays] I am a foodie and
a sports fanatic. I’ve got two beautiful
teenage children and I think I’m a fantastic father. [Music plays] Fifteen or 20 years ago, I was a lot different. I took on a number of
different careers. I was a young sailor.
I was a musician within the
Royal Australian Navy, travelling around the
countryside playing music and I worked in a number of media and marketing roles. I had a great career
in the Public Service. I was enjoying what I was doing but I just wasn’t finding
that fulfillment. So, I’d made a
decision to try and do something that was actually
going to make me happy. So, that’s when I decided to take on an apprenticeship. I’d always wanted to be a chef. I took the plunge to actually go and become a chef. In order to be a
chef, the only way that you can go
about it is through the Vocational Education Scheme and when you have a look at the people now that are chefs, so your Heston Blumenthals, people like George Calombaris,
Gary Mehigan, all of these people
have gone through vocational education
in order to be the successful people
that they are today. I was fortunate enough to study both through on-the-job training and in-class environment. This was a different
level of cooking. This was getting really immersed in the food side of things, really looking at paddock
to plate philosophy, different ways of plating
things and food styling, all those sorts of things
really captivated me. [Music plays] Just being able to finish
that apprenticeship was an amazing
achievement in itself. To then go on and
become a Head Chef, to win a couple of awards has been amazingly successful and now as Head Chef, I get to train my apprentices. [Music plays] Knowing that you’re
actually putting your heart and soul
into what goes on to someone’s plate,
it’s a great privilege. I couldn’t ask for anything more. It is absolutely brilliant. It’s everything that I
ever wanted it to be. [Music plays]

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