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  1. Not the cafeteria on the upper east side. We have fresh taco salmon. But everything else is true. The nurses are the blood of the hospital.

  2. You mentioned (sarcastically) how you love how these dramas show doctors doing every little thing (bringing blood samples to the lab, transporting pts, etc). While you're at it…throw in sitting in the CT control center and operating the scanner…or having there own dark rooms where all the scans are hung and they read them themselves hahaha! I'm a radiologist and I don't even know how to turn the CT scanner on smh.

  3. I like the medical profession I want to share with you the assistance of patients in need . but I am still a student to achieve my dream.😉 😃 😉

  4. I learned how to do chest compressions from The Office – Ah ah ah ah stayin-alive, stayin-alive 🤓 600 pumps per second, cut off the patient’s face after

  5. 9:30 i swear to god, my number 1 pet peeve is when TV shows treat asystole like a shockable rhythm. that could kill people dude!
    thank you to McDreamy's doppelganger for calling them out

  6. Okay this guy is super realistic, but most of these “laws” about discussing a patients name in public probably wasn’t in place in the late 1990’s and talking to the patients relatives/guardians not in private probably was not a law back then.

  7. Why isn’t he commeting on the fact that they wear their stethoscope around their necks? No Real doctor does that. That was one of the first thing i learned from older students at medical School. Or is it an American thing?

  8. Yeah food in hospital are 100 percent relatable as a medical student i preferred to eat healthy at house but in hospital cafes there are only fry or junk food always

  9. Yeah food in hospital are 100 percent relatable as a medical student i preferred to eat healthy at house but in hospital cafes there are only fry or junk food always

  10. Im like ok hes yum so ill watch him critisize my fav drama series…….i think i may be in love with real life mcdreamy!!!!!

  11. Just wanted to say that further in the series they make that change from 48hr shifts to 80 I think the show progressed a lot to have a little more accuracy throughout the years

  12. The whole thing where drama and people sleeping with doctors and nurses.. that is definitely true. It happens a lot.

  13. Can you do the plane crash, the bomb, the shooting, the domino surgery, twin separation, kitchen c-section, the lvad wire

    I am missing some of the good ones but I cant think rn

  14. You really should watch The Knick Dr Mike!. That is the earliest surgery and some almost medieval medicine, but greatly produced. 🙂

  15. Greys anatomy is 15 years and counting. The libby Zion law was just going into full gear in 2003 in New York state.

    This episode was filmed in 2004.

    So for the time…. I'd say it was pretty accurate and these lagality changes do reflect throughout the series as time goes on.

  16. I wish this guy was my doc. He seems social. Like when i broke my finger the doc just said tape it and blew me off. I didnt really know where cause it was all swollen. It bends soo much i cant play the cords i want on guitar.

  17. Yo Dr. Mike, just to clarify one thing- Dr. Shepherd met Meredith and slept with her just BEFORE she began her internship,. They met at a pub, and didn't discuss what they do for a living, therefore he was unaware that she was even a surgeon, never mind that he would be her superior.

  18. I have a question for you. So you definitely dont watch Grey's Anatomy, but surely you do watch television on occasion. What shows DO you enjoy watching in your down time?

  19. This guy didn't watch the beginning of this episode or he would know they had sex BEFORE they knew they were working together.. I HATED when they killed him off, but really he wanted off the show.
    It's also funny to see how young everyone was in the 1st season. I love this show.

  20. but this is season 1, it means that was like 14 years ago I think. so maybe yeah the rule, the set, the script on couple of scenes werent relevant anymore at 2019, dont you think?

  21. At about 2:27 when he's talking about how doctors don't just look at charts or whatever and make a diagnosis, I've actually had this happen to me in the er. I came in for chest pain that was situated in the intercostal muscles, he walked in, looked at the chart and said I had acid reflux and gave me a prescription for antacid. The pain was under my left breast, that's not where acid reflux pain is. Turns out I have a fairly rare condition called plursey and there's a good chance that I will have it for the rest of my life. Some doctors think they know everything about the patient before even talking to them

  22. I am always wondering if these shows are authentic. I often catch things that I wonder about and my wife gets annoyed, just watch the show.

  23. Every doctor's action is apdating and experience every day , week , month, and years . so don't judge them, bcz may be one day , what u all said will be past, and we judge u as we become future of the doctors 😊. So pray for me doctor , I'm five year medical student .but ur best bay the way doctor . from Somaliland . 😍

  24. I mean I watch grey's anatomy and I wanna be a doctor but I know it's a dramatization and I wanted to be a doctor before I started watching it lol

  25. Derek and Meridith had sex before they knew they'd be working together. They met at a bar before her first day. Its not their fault for the first time, it was supposed to be a one night stand.

  26. He is taking the time to explain how it isn’t realistic without completely bashing the show.. anddddd he has such a sweet face

  27. I heard once while doing my nursing rotations a doctor telling his students to never argue with a nurse, to be nice to them, they are their necks….

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