REAL DINOSAUR TRACKS 🔍 IRL [Dinosaur Toys Educational] | Roman and Auroras Childhood Adventures

– Are those dinosaur eggs? (roaring) (laughing) – The dinosaur is scary, we should go! – [Voicover] Join us for Roman’s and Aurora’s childhood adventures! – [Mom] Hi guys! Where are we today? Hi! – We are … at Dinosaur Valley. – [Mom] Dinosaur Valley, yes! And we are going to take a
look at real, real tracks. – Wow! – [Mom] Made by dinosaurs,
by real dinosaurs! That’s gonna be really, really cool. (playful music) Smile, guys! Yay! – Dinosaurs! – Adventures! – Adventures! – Adventures! (laughter) – [Mom And Aurora] Adventures! (playful music) – [Mom] Good job, guys. – Can I … can I go to the water too? – [Mom] Yes, we’re gonna go to the water and see the tracks, they’re in the water. (kids mumbling to themselves) – [Mom] We’re looking for theropod tracks which are the three-toed tracks and we’re also looking
for sauropod tracks. They look like elephant tracks. Okay, so let’s search. Let’s see where they are. Look at the tracks, guys! Oh my goodness! Wow. – Can I sit? – [Mom] Those are the three-toed tracks. Those are from the theropod. They’re 26 inches. – I’m gonna slide inside. – [Mom] Wow! And there
are more here guys! Whoa! – I don’t see any dinosaur tracks. – Whoa. Hey Roman! Hi! Look at the tracks! – Look what I found. – [Mom] What is that? – It’s a … glass something. – [Mom] Oh, a shell! – Or a … – Got one too I’m feeling it! – [Mom] Can you believe that
real dinosaurs were here? 112 million years ago.
And they left the tracks. (kids playing) Whoa that’s a real dinosaur
track in the river! (peaceful music) – Can I go? – Yah! – [Mom] You gonna clean the
track with your instruments? – What do we use for it? – [Mom] That brush looks good. – But I don’t … I … – [Mom] That brush looks good, yeah! – I already used my brush. – [Mom] Yeah, good job. – I already used my brush. – [Mom] Use it again, a little bit more. Clean it up. I don’t think
you’ve cleaned up this track. There we go. Oh you’re doing some good work, Aurora! Yeah! Very good! Very good archeological work. What are those? Are those dinosaur eggs? (roars) (jungle drumbeats) (screaming) The dinosaur is scary! We should go! Let’s try to get a couple. (Aurora shrieks, Mom laughs) Let’s go! Let’s go! (roaring) (screaming) (laughing) Here you go Mr. Dinosaur!
Or Mrs. Dinosaur. – [Roman] Whoa! (laughs) – [Mom] You are opening
those dinosaur eggs, wow! You’re chiseling away, huh guys? Yeah. And there’s a surprise … hidden in it. – [Dad] Want me to help
you with that, Roman? – [Roman] Yeah. – [Mom] Hidden underneath. Break in there. – [Dad] Oh wow, these
are really tough eggs. – I love dinosaurs. there’s (mumbling) in it. (laughter) Ooh this stuff … – [Mom] Ooh I see
something coming out of it! Look! Something is coming out! – What! – [Mom] Oh wow. Okay be careful with the dinosaur! Wow! Look at that! – I know! – Okay, one more. Don’t
put your hands in the way. – [Mom] One more. Ooh! – Pterosaur. – Pterosaur, right. And the pterosaur is
not a dinosaur, right? – Uh-huh. It’s a flying … – [Mom] A flying … – Reptile. – [Mom] Oh, look at that. – Lived at the same time as the dinosaurs. – [Mom] Ooh, let’s see it. Ooh yeah. That is so cool. Let’s see the other one, Aurora! Wow, they’re cool. – Can I open it? Can we open another one? Can we open another one? – Sure! – [Mom] Ooh! That’s good progress Aurora! – No no no. – Oh it’s a duck-billed dinosaur. – Wow. Let me see it? Can I see it? What is that? Oh! Oh! The dinosaur– ooh! (laughs) The dinosaur is attacking! (laughter) Dinosaur is attacking. Oh. I think the dinosaur wanted his eggs! (laughter) Oh! That is a cool dinosaur! Aw, Roman. Poor dinosaur. Whoa. Here comes Mr. Dinosaur. Ahh! (laughter) – In your face, Mommy. – Let’s not break that. – [Mom] Let’s not break
that, that’s right Roman. – Thanks for watching,
don’t forget to subscribe. Aurora’s and Roman’s Childhood Adventures. (dinosaur noises) – [Mom] Bye! Whoa. Yeah, there we go. – Come on, let me chase it. (laughter) – Give me that! Give me that!

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  1. Hi Friends 🙋 I couldn't believe these were REAL Dinosaur Tracks! I tried to clean them up as well I could with my archaeological tools 😂

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