Read Write Inc. Literacy and Language

initially we were all really excited and I felt like it was such an energetic start Tori here because the trainer was so fully and enthusiastic and really brought this program to light for us so we could say this bus is going on a magical adventure we could say it's going on an exciting journey reassuring that's brilliant the teachers find that it's a good balance between structure but also being able to have an input into the planning as well and that throw the proud moment for me when and I realized how much that my teachers were putting into the program because they thought that they were getting so much others in your partners I want you to discuss what could the police an opening line be I really like that it's contemporary the children have access to literature that relevant them authors like Michael Fargo and I'm Jeremy strong really excite the children and draw them in it's a wide variety of genres so that you know you're covering all different aspects of literacy while we're looking at one now is called blinging that might be my favorite one with knowing its own existence itself my favorite is called the toon life I want new facilities because it's a pleasure because the children get to know the text so well throughout the unit they really understand what they're reading so their comprehension skills are really deepening helps us so understanding the story because it's broken up into little pieces it's like a puzzle and they also have a wider reading for pleasure appetite after studying those mentalities in the classroom the impact on literacy has been actually really palpable because we can see in their writing I really increase in the use of ambitious vocabulary we can see that retention structure has improved their grammar has improved because in each unit of grammar is taught in context we're really proud that this program has helped to focus the children in on those skills about we're missing before I just regular English

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