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For today’s informational text read aloud uh I’m going to read a book called is it hot or
is it cold. And I’ve picked three vocabulary words to teach the kids today
during this read aloud. And those are thermometer liquid and tube and you just saw me glance at the back
of the book that’s because I’ve prepped. So I put the three words
that I’m planning to teach on the back of the book where only I can see them and also some notes, um, some teaching
notes for myself and also the child-friendly definitions
for each word. That way I’m not trying to explain it to
the kids on the spot. I already have a plan for what I’m gonna
say to them to help them understand these words during the text. The other thing about teaching
vocabulary to young children like kindergartners
and, um, and children in general is we want to
give them a lot of opportunities to interact with the words because these kids are are super little I’ve got a few things to show them to
help with the word so these are some different types of tubes I’m gonna use when I talk about
the word tube and I’ve got some thermometers when I talk about the word thermometer um and they’re
gonna be able to see that the liquid in the thermometer goes up and down because liquid is
another word that I am teaching today. Okay so today I have a book to read to
you. It’s called is it hot or cold and the
first thing I was gonna tell you is that on each page what I’m gonna do is I
will fan the book you don’t have to tell me I
can’t see because I’ll make sure that you have a chance to see. Does that sound okay? Okay. Okay so this book is called is it hot or cold. We’re gonna talk about that we can use a thermometer to find out how hot or cold it is outside. Can you guys say thermometer?Thermometer. So a thermometer is a tool to measure
how hot or cold something is and this picture right here is a
thermometer. Great. Good job. So it says some kinds of thermometers have a glass tube with liquid inside. I’m just about to
tell you that so liquid it’s something that flows like
water and this liquid right here is what color? Red. It’s a red liquid and listen to
this and it’s in a tube. A tube is a pipe. it’s kinda empty inside. Okay? And the
liquid the red liquid can move up and down in
the tube inside that thermometer. Okay I’m gonna tell you some more about
that. Well I’m gonna tell you a little bit more he
can see. Yes? Um, does it change color? It doesn’t change color but it does go up and down to tell us how hot or cold outside. So some kinds of thermometers have a glass tube, remember that’s
the pipe with liquid inside. So that’s that red stuff that
can flow and up and down now I’m gonna tell you a bit
more about what it does Air around the tube gets warmer the
liquid moves up inside the tube. So that’s this picture
right here. And when that air around the tube gets colder the liquid moves down inside it tube. Yes? What are those things in the back of it? well those things in the back of it are my special teacher notes so I remember what
I want to tell you that’s a good question. So look here. This is
super cold and snowy and the liquid has gone down in the tube
in a thermometer and over here it’s super hot so the liquid
went high. you got it. It does kinda look like Texas
doesn’t it? Okay so there are numbers. Check this part
out. There are numbers on the thermometer that show how hot or
cold it is outside. So now I’m going to show you some different places that
are hot or cold and how the thermometer looks. One second. Some places get cold in the
winter and someone said that’s a really cold because thre’s snow right? And when the number on the
thermometer is 20 which is down low people have to wear warm clothes so
the liquid in the tube is it down low or up high? You can all tell me. Down low cuz it’s so cold. Okay. So when it gets high it’s hot. Someone saw
this picture and said they think it’s hot but let me
read to you. Some places get warm in the spring. That means not
too hot right? just a little bit hot. When the number on
the thermometer is seventy some people might plant flowers in their
garden because it’s springtime when it’s a little bit warm. So
here the liquid in the tube inside that the thermometer is around
seventy and that means warm not too hot way up here not too cold. Way down there. Some places get high in the summer. When
the number on the thermometer is ninety some people go swimming. That’s right! Let me see. Let’s let that this person
over here. Go ahead. It’s a race. Uh huh. So let me ask you my friend. Uh is the liquid in the thermometer way up
high here and kind of down low here. So this one is way high therrrre! It’s almost all the way up to 100 so it’s super
hot. Okay wait I’ve got a new one to show you now.
Some places get cool in the fall so not super cool just a
little cool. When the number on the thermometer its 50 sort of right
in the middle some people may rake leaves. You did? You rake leaves?
Sometimes we rake leaves in the spring and the fall. And this last page says what is the
number on your thermometer today? and this is a
different kind of thermometer that doesn’t have liquid and this one has liquid. And I thought
since it asked us that question what is the number on your thermometer today I want to show you what I did. I looked on the
weather forecast and I said what is the weather going to
be like right here today? And I’ll show you okay? Hang one one second. I’ll show you. So, here I’m showing you that the liquid. I
colored it it’s not real liquid but in a real thermometer it’d be liquid. The liqud in the tube on the thermometers is right about 70. It’s not super hot up high here. And it’s not super low
so who wants to raise their hand tell me
what they think that telling us about how hot or cold it will be today? How
about you in the striped shirt? Ummmmm….hot. You think it’s hot? Super hot? Or just kinda hot? Or cold? Hot? Just hot. What do you think? Warm. Warm because if it was super hot where
would it be? All the way up. Up high. The liquid would-be
super high in the tube. okay so I’m gonna show you something else. Can you guys tell well I me. Okay well I’m going to show you something else. Can you guys…let me show you this
show you this um tell me what shape this is? I just sort of told
you the word. Why don’t you tell me? Tube. Can you all say tube? Tube. And who can raise their hand and tell
me where this tube comes from? My friend back there. Right here. You with the purple shirt. Where does this come from? Do you know? A paper towel holder right? So paper towels wrap around this
tube and I have another kind of tube here and this tube is used for liquid. And this is a really cool tube. Who wants to tell me what kind of tube this is? Oooo? Okay what is it? Silly straw. A straw and this is a really silly straw. It’s a silly tube and the the and you can suck liquid up right? In this straw Mmm hmm. So these are two kinds of tubes. So can you all tell me together what shape these are? Tube! You got it. Okay and so I have something else to talk to you
about cuz we said liquid. Right? And we said liquid is stuff
that flows like water and maybe you guys can tell me some other liquids that you might drink at
lunch emmm. What do you think? What’s the liquid that you drink
maybe at lunch? Go ahead. Milk. Anyone else have another liquid they drink? It’s kinda sweet and sometimes grown ups say don’t think that liquid too much. What do you think? Chocolate milk. Mmmm. That’s delicious. What’s another kind of liquid? Kool Aid’s another kind of liquid. Righ? So can you all say liquid? Very good. And
liquid flows right? And liquid can flow in a tube and a thermometer. And I have one last thing I want to show
you. Do you remember what this tool is a called? Thermometer. Can you all say it together? Thermometer. Excellent. So now I’m going to ask you something. Okay? Can you show me with your hands – take one
hand- you can put it up high if you think that
this thermometer shows the liquid is up high and very hot and you can put your hand out
low if you think this thermometer shows that it’s cold and the liquid in the
tube is down low so where where would your hand go on this
one? It’s ninety. It’s up at ninety. I see hands are going
really up high cuz it’s hot right? The liquid is up high in that tube. It is hot. Let me show
you another one. Show me where your hands will go. I’m not going to give clues the time. oh I saw those hands go down low your hands went down. Cuz the liquid in
the tube is down low, it is? cold. Cold. Okay well that’s what I
brought with me today so thank you very much for listening to me read.

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  1. Tanya, it's great to see you. I'm using your video in a course on ECE Languge Arts this spring. It's a great example of how to read, using props to explain vocabulary and keeping the children engaged.

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