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  1. the lunar calendar is a very old thing… pre-deluge knowledge…and, Tesla was talking smthn about evertything converging to numbers 3,6,9..

  2. This is recommended soooo much…you know why?
    Because this day is 7 years after the human calender that he talked about…

  3. the moment he started to speak about conspiracy and evilness of Gregorian Calendar he lost my respect, just fell down in the silliness abyss….what a shame!

  4. in base twelve, eleven is the magic number.
    In base three thousand and eight the magic number would be three thousand and seven.

    9 is the magic number because it's one less than the base.


  6. He is doing good things – except calling number theory – MATH is kind of misleading and with 9… Martin Gardner wrote about a while back… here is simple formula:

    Take number, like 35

    Replace with variables: XY

    Formula: X*10 + Y

    Add digits: X + Y

    Subtract from original:

    (X * 10 + Y) – (X + Y) = 9*X

    So the diff is always multiple of 9

    In case of 35 – 3 * 9 it’s 27

    Then do the same formula for 27 : 2 * 9 is 18

    And finally for 18: 1 * 9 = 9

    Now this is why math is fascinating

  7. isnt it just a consequence of the fact that 9 is the last symbol? ie if we used 5 symbols, the same would hold for 4

  8. Who wishes Scott Flansburg was in your town doing a weekend workshop for adults? I do!

  9. So him and Alice Cooper in bible study… How can he possibly believe in anything as non-mathy as a god? How very boring.

  10. i know this came out forever ago, but gonna explain the 9 phenomenon. We use base 10 for counting. We have 10 units 0-9 as digits. When you add digits and it goes past 9 (which is 1 less than the base number) it rolls over, so basically number after 9 becomes a 1 and 0. This is how Base numbering systems work. Change that to base 3 and you would count 1,2,10,11,12,20… And this explains bases for you. 9 is special because of a 10 base system. it would not work in binary system or duodecimal systems or base8.

    Ok so proof time, this is where the mathematicians argue:
    84=(8*10+4*1) and 84=(8+4)becomes this
    so basically you will always end up with the number minus its sum of digits to be equal to a multiple of 9.

    Now the proof that all multiples of 9 will have digits that equal 9 when added is a bit trickier. basically when you add 9 to 9 you are actually adding 9 to (10 – 1), and becuse of carry over and because we write number 0-9. So we put a 1 in the next column and reduce the digit by 1. So 9+9 = 1,(9-1) = 1,8 = 18. Since your reducing the number by 1 and adding 1 to the next column nothing changes about the number. so you will always be adding 1 and subtracting 1 from the equation. So this would continue each time you added 9 and by the NONMAGICAL PHENOMENON that is math you will always have multiples of 9 have digits that add up to 9, at least till you hit 9 * 9. The reason its 9 is because its the number before switching the base.

    So basically if you take any number in base 5 and add their digits using base 5, subtract that from the number, and then add those digits, it will always be 4. For base 2 it is 1 (binary), for duodecimal[base 12] it is Ɛ (which is 11 in base10).

  11. If I could give an answer as to why these things were decided FOR us, I would say it is to deceive us and to hide the truth of just how deceptively simple our lives could be. It's very easy to discriminate against anyone you want to using our current calendar. What I really despise is how when you point out these discrepancies to individuals, their minds are closed and they cannot conceive that our leaders, government and religious, would mislead us "like that."

  12. The whole nine thing kind of affected me, until I decided to do it with the time. The time was 7:22, 7+2+2=11, 722-11=711, 7+1+1=9. and then it worked for 7:23, and 7:24. I then told my dad.

  13. I messaged you on Facebook I would love it if you responded to me I think this is brilliant and I would love to share something really in with you.

  14. Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, reaches its highest point in the sky around midnight between Dec. 31 and Jan 1. We mark the start of the new year with an (totally not man-made) astronomical phenomenon. So when you go out to make noise at midnight on New Year's Eve, face due south (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) and look up for the brightest star – next to Orion (Sirius is one of Orion's dogs). That is the reason you're out there making noise that particular night.

    If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, I don't know what to tell you. Is Orion upside down for you? Enjoy your summer I guess. Oh, and happy new year.

  15. At first, I was like "but one year has 12 lunar cycles…". Then I googled it, and turns out one year has about 12,3 something lunar cycles. So I say, let's do the human calendar! 😀

  16. It's 12 months to not pay us 13 months of work…
    Confusion everywhere, no constant. You are not supposed to be able to really understand math and numbers. All you need to know is how to work with numbers, earn money with it, not accomplish human revolution

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