21 thoughts on “Ray Dalio's Lessons From The Financial Crisis”

  1. What are this morbid Joe's qualifications to be on this show? How come he has this job and not fired yet? Without him this discussion would have been so interesting. Ray Dalio is so nice..any other man of his stature would have asked Joe to shut up !!!

  2. This man is a genius and has made more money with his hedge fund than all of the hosts combined in their entire lifetimes and they won’t even let him speak. Shameful

  3. These anchors are rude, and there trying to push there agenda. Let the man speak if you ask him a question.

  4. Thank you teachers( Mr. Dalio and Mr. Buffett and other teachers) for taking your time to share this useful data! Greatly appreciated. Absolutely agree with Lucas Peters comment!!!!

  5. What a bunch of monkeys the rest of the podium is. Just because they don't like or understand what he is saying, they interrupt him over and over again

  6. This guy interviewing is annoying. "It makes me scared" come on grow up!!! Ahahahahahahaha this is the real world. Be happy you can prepare for it and stop being a victim.

  7. These cnbc don't know what they are talking about. Ray is preaching to increase financial literacy and production among the masses to improve GDP. While cnbc only can ask questions about financial engineering to create bubbles and false short term gain.

  8. Jesus, this journalist thinks that his economic prognosis is on the same level with a billionaire, who made all of his money in the stock market.
    Just shut up and listen. Especially when an expert, billionaire with 40 years of experience speaks.

  9. Once again Mr Ray D., sums up the child like obnoxious behavior of American demands and this notion that American empire should be dominant. Such hegemony attitudes are outmoded and just counterproductive.

  10. Inverted yield curve, global data continuing to slow across the board.  Only a matter of time.  I'm publishing trading videos showing the best stocks whilst we're in this market environment, would welcome your feedback! Cheers, JC

  11. CNBC absolutely sucks, their hosts are so annoying. Watch Bloomberg for hosts who have manners and intellect.

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