49 thoughts on “Raury – Forbidden Knowledge (Official Audio) ft. Big K.R.I.T.”

  1. “Never have I witnessed such sincere hospitality and overwhelming spirit of true brotherhood as is practiced by people of all colors and races here in this ancient Holy Land, the home of Abraham, Muhammad and all the other Prophets of the Holy Scriptures. For the past week, I have been utterly speechless and spellbound by the graciousness I see displayed all around me by people of all colors.”
    Malcom X

  2. This man spits fire, like every thought that play in each of our minds manifested into a masterpiece. “He won’t make it in the industry because he spits truth” as if speaking truths is a sin, as if that wasn’t the reason why God blessed humanity with music. If we are to play blame game, then the blame falls on us. Who buys the albums, and concert tickets? Who follows them religiously on all forms of media? Who finances the industry? We are the cash machines, without us there would be no industry. The question then becomes: if we have the power to make or break an artist like Raury, then why are we stifling conscious music?

  3. You're every bit of worth it, not worthless
    You're kings and queens, were meant for better things
    Than flexin' on the scene, or burstin' out the seams
    Of your blouse you told yourself you'd never wear outside your mama's house


  4. Am I the only person who thinks that it would've been awesome if xxxtentacion could've done a song with raury?(rest in peace x)😔❤✌

  5. Well, he may be the exact definition of an industry plant, but at least we can say the industry is trying to put some knowledge out there ?

  6. God or the Universe brought me here… I was launching with my parents about vacations and all kind of things we have done together… And I can't seem to remember things that happened like 10 years ago… It made me sad in someway but the message for me is to try to live at my best with them. Nobody knows when you will forget some kind of things or when you can even die and you still forgot some things that are important to others or even yourself. Like me that somehow I gor some Forbidden Knowledge. This song have too many interpretations for me. That's it. Hope everyone is enjoying it like me. Greetings from Chile, peace & love.

  7. sometimes i could be called racist from what i say. The deal is blacks have had the opportunity to be great. Yall only find yourselves falling for the same old traps. Whites are not your enemies. I want to see black families suscceed. I want to see blacks and whites in the same society. Blacks seperate themselves for American society and some whites help do it, and some white people love it. Tbey want to see blacks fail. Yall can do better. We all can do better. I grew up with majority black freinds and almost all are doing great. I wonder what has happened to us all in America. Do blacks think whites hate when a black person owns his or her own business and employs other people. I dont, im glad to see it. But when i see another black teenager killed over gang shit. I get mad. I get mad when i see three dollar General robbed in an hour in my home town. Quit doing crazy shit. Start living and prospering. Call me racist. Whatever. Im not. Is it hard in America? yes it is. But its also hard for whites. Is it has hard? no. But you can still make it. Peace and love from a white pearson that wants success for everyone. Just hope i can give some insight.

  8. Real forbidden knowledge he didn't mention. Cicada3301 is anti Zionist resestence and is just about winning backed by obviously Iran but a few other countries fuk mossad

  9. Damn, I remember when this song barely came out and it only had like 7.9k views and it barely released on Spotify. Raury is an underrated rapper and he’s proving to be an amazing rapper right now.

  10. his freestyle was the most insane footage I've ever watched. Jack don't watch much. Freestyle. And everything he created within seconds was so elaborate in the way of thinking we as humans have!!! #ACureForRaury

  11. Finally an artist that I can relate to! Pure positive vibes- keep the music coming Raury. Greetings from the UK!

  12. I spend large hours of my days alone
    I don't believe we share this universal space alone
    I think we got a lot from them, they gave us phones
    Internet and now we all know what is forbidden knowledge
    Forbidden knowledge is too great for a man
    Think if man could read your mind, you think that man understands
    How to use it with integrity, not conquering land
    Would it be good if we increased the lifespan, well that's forbidden knowledge
    Forbidden knowledge can destroy mankind
    We can grow out of control like cancer under the skin of Mother Nature
    Busy cities much alike to a tumor
    Too many cells, the residents, the body's pollutor
    I say woosah and alley-oop the chubby doobie to Judah
    Child of Jacob, I know my history, I know we are Moors
    There's a universe in her afro, hold us back though
    There's a power in the black folk, well that's forbidden knowledge
    At first they want to keep us separate but equal
    But it's not so we fight against the hatred and evil
    Now they let us think we got it and they killin' our people
    Why does history repeat like a sequel? Well that's forbidden knowledge
    Is God a man watching TV like people?
    Rewinding his favorite parts to play it back like it's TiVo
    Have I wrote this shit before? It all feels like a redo
    And deja vu is left to die like our dreams do, but that's forbidden knowledge
    I have some shocking memories as a kid
    Waking up onto a table, a lab, some typa bizz
    Too vivid to be a nightmare, mom would tell me that shit
    Can't remember anything that they did, guess that's forbidden knowledge

    Are dreams another kind of preview to Heaven?
    We manifest our reality based on our personality
    Karma from shit we did since the day we were seven
    So did you share toys? Or did you masturbate at eleven
    I'm a just a 90's baby, a millennial kid
    Indigos are on the rise to make perennial shift
    Hope this music stands long as Redwood Sequoias
    Pyramids and stones, like stones from Stonehenge
    Come on, let the future tell the truth
    'Cause you a shell of you
    You played your cards wrong, now you got hell in you
    Be glad I still retain respect for you
    'Cause I got bullets that'll kill yah if your vest is hell and heaven-proof
    I'll never understand your corporate greed
    Just a group of people, all they want is more than they need
    Signing off on papers, blinded to the pain overseas
    Blood resulting from the ink that they bleed, but that's forbidden knowledge

  13. It took me 10 mins to get past the 1st verse…
    Not from lack of understanding…

    But because I life+live+loved it😶

  14. GoOD job fellaz. Have sum Gold….*….Tru /ion Ey3 tribe/ vibe benevolent sigh high/ untie lies u in eye unite/Left's right redeemed/Come further RwIrGiHtTe with We/INsight heights shall free/1won blood come RUN/thee individual we judge/all races BE one/the race is over WE 1won/D33p magik reeps wack ish/alien evetS breathe/DeFeet caskets/unchain we command code/Body slam foes who improve hoax/universal Fam of all peoples/enstate honor plus virtue/you hurt no innocents…./true Law nah hurtchu/reverse doom take dem purse too/alien aimin' and shots true/every bot has lost juice/Blade owt tha scabberd/Mad surge merk puppet master/Self Mastery Program secured worldwide/changed tides heard cries inside/The old Nazis have died/Matrix override overnight/a bit of pressure applied/Peace to we Jedi types Mos High/Independent sovereign lights/heavier than tha darkside/the dem-on turned off/drink this as you think it/tha blud uv a GoOD God/his Queen come cum hallelujah/Oooooh an ooooh aughhh/Chakras shock raw/We renew we view cause/Virtue pursue flaws/4giveness and acceptance/SEEk and find YOU, pause….*….-7D6….-Steven Christian Smith aka SHAPELESS. Checkm owt….Under tha underground. Piece PEACE. PRO-TECHt 4 ALL peoples.
    ….I jus wrote that in a youtube comment. Out.

  15. And that my brothers and sisters why it's called (forbidden knowledge) Only natives of this land knew how to use and not use, or how much to use.

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