58 thoughts on “Rapid Fire Ep. 2: Princeton University”

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  2. My dream school is middlebury college! I’d love to go there because they have the best language program in the world and I would love to get an international experience and use middleburys international program to learn economics too!

  3. My dream school is Cornell because they have legendary astronomers and scientists as alumni, as an aspiring astrophysics major this is an important selling point for me. I attend the red hot hockey game at Madison Square Garden every year and their school spirit is unmatched, I also love watching the Big Red Pep Band and hope to be a member one day. My shirt choice would be this: https://www.cornellstore.com/Tee-Bear-Through-C-White

  4. I want to go to University of Pennsylvania because it is a really good school and is very social since I am a very social person also I have family in Philadelphia so I would have a place to stay. Also they have really good pre med. I would like any University of Pennsylvania T-shirt. Size adult small

  5. My dream school is UC Berkeley because their law school is quite prestigious and studying in the University that are close to one of my favorite city— San Francisco has always been my dream, And I hope that someday I could realize it!
    And this is the T Shirt that I truly want, Thanks!

  6. My dream school is MIT. I want to go to MIT since I am an aspiring astronaut and MIT has one of the best aerospace engineering program in the world. I would like any MIT t-shirt.

  7. My dream school is Columbia University. I this school because even though the are right in New York, they still keep the campus a live with great clubs and activities. I would love to have a Columbia University shirt. size M.

  8. my dream school is columbia not only because of the location but also because of the classes that they offer. If I were to get in, i would love to be able to explore and discuss some of the most important literature and pieces in the world. my favorite t-shirt would be https://www.ivysport.com/collections/columbia-university-store/products/columbia-classic-t-shirt-light-blue but anything works 🙂 thank you

  9. A school I would love to attend and I believe fits me the best is Brown University. I have already commented previously to this on the CalTech video. However to add on, Brown University lets you carve your path with the vary interests you have. I am interested in pursuing cognitive science – an interdisciplinary study. Brown with it’s open curriculum allows me to explore all my passions and things I’ve always been curious about taking. The people and diversity is incredible – I’d be thrilled to learn more about the different perspectives and stories.

    I hope that wherever I am, I am at the happiest I can be with the circumstances I am faced with. Brown happens to be in the Top 10 schools ranked by Princeton Review with the happiest students too! The shirt choices would be either in XS or S. Thank you!! https://insite.browntextbook.com/MerchDetail?MerchID=1268932&num=0&start=9&end=12&type=1&CategoryName=Fleece%20Crews&CatID=34056&Name=Fleece%20Crews or https://insite.browntextbook.com/MerchDetail?MerchID=1455784&num=0&start=9&end=12&type=1&CategoryName=T-Shirts%20&%20Tanks&CatID=34011&Name=T-Shirts%20&%20Tanks

  10. My dream school is Washington University at St.Louis! It has a beautiful campus and has a diverse open minded student body. It has a top premed program and has a top medical school which I would live to be a part of. i would want a washu medium size shirt. Much love to Crimson its such great resource to satisfy your college curiosities! 💝
    (Any shirt is good this is a possibility)

  11. Princeton, because of the diversity it offers through sound link between research and practical application. Therefore I want a Princeton T shirt. I'll be really really thankful.

  12. I want to go to Harvard for many reasons. Among them are their Engineering program, their alumni, and the Black Harvard Society. Mainly, I want to go because I want to be the first in my family to go to an Ivy and I want to be the example for other young African American kids who will most likely go their entire life without getting to know another black person that has gone to an Ivy.

  13. My dream school is Princeton University. I've always wanted to attend the university because of the prestigious academics and the amazing city of Princeton!

  14. My dream school ever since I was a kid is Harvard. I want to go to Harvard for their business program, and I would like to get a Harvard tshirt (XL).

  15. My dream school is MIT. Besides being a great school, MIT is more focused on research than other school which would be fantastic for me since I want my studies there to be at graduate level. MIT also offers a quality of education in statistics that is unobtainable in my native country Sweden. The shirt I would like is called "Reverse Weave MIT Hooded Sweatshirt", Medium, Silver"

  16. My dream school is Harvard. I want to go there because of their amazing financial aid and economics program. I would like a Princeton t-shirt.

  17. My absolute dream school is Harvard because my dream is to become a cardiac surgeon and they have one of the best pre-med programs in the world as well as a world-class medical school. I come from a lower-middle class family where my parents had 4 children. One of my sisters are already attending a UC school and I'm currently a junior so money has been extremely tight. Harvard, in my opinion, has the greatest financial aid services in the nation, and if i ever got accepted I think I'd cry. I would love to have a Harvard t-shirt. Have a great day!

  18. My dream school is Stanford 🌲because it’s just amazing and their is way too much good about it for me to summarize. I would love an adult medium Stanford tee 👍

  19. My dream school is university of chicago. The reason it's the university of Chicago is that I want to challenge what I know about people and the universe by constantly being shaped by the institution and the cool people around me. Finnaly ,of course I want a u Chicago t-shirt.

  20. Yale! an amazing school culture combined with great academics and wonderful extracurriculars. so many opportunities there and such a great network. would love a yale shirt in M (but if none upenn or pton is good too!)

  21. Hi Crimson Education! I'd love a Yale University t shirt. It's my dream school because of the rich traditions and the deep sense of community within the residential college system. Size: Adult L

  22. My dream school is University of Pennsylvania. The reason I really love that school is just a pure combonation of things. They have an unparalleled academic curriculum, and really care for their students. The student body is extremely diverese and welcoming. Faculty and staff are there for you every step of the way. On top of that, they have a great pre-med program for someone like me. And even though my probability of getting in is slim to none, being a good influence on my family and little brother is everything to me. I would love an extra large UPenn women's t-shirt.

  23. My dream school is MIT. I had a lot of friends and family go there and not to mention they're a world class school. I would like a shirt from them and i'm a size L.

  24. My dream school is Brown!! I love it because of the open curriculum, and I would be able to earn a Master’s degree at the same time as earning my undergrad degree!! (I want a Brown shirt🥳)

  25. Columbia University
    I want to go to Columbia because of the amazing curriculum that incorporates classic art and literature, the many science research opportunities, and the beautiful campus.
    I would like a Columbia T-Shirt, size Adult Small

  26. My dream school is Yale. The school has a mesmerizing campus, alongside exceptional academic opportunities. The school is located in a perfect place, close to my home. Being an underclassman, this school is an overarching goal that I have. I would prefer a yale men's xl shirt.

  27. I like the full on interviews better. Love the interaction – people seem to be more comfortable not so much like a job interview. Still gave it a thumbs up though

  28. Hey!
    My dream school is Princeton University and would love to have their t-shirt. I'm currently living in India, and would be requiring financial aid in college. I love the fact that they're a need-blind school who also meet the demonstrated needs of the students admitted, offering students with talents an opportunity to achieve success in their lives along with opportunities one can only dream about. Apart from that, I want to study economics and Princeton is absolutely brilliant in this subject. They've got one of the best faculty in the world, including Angus Deaton and Christopher Sims second to only UChichago and alumni such as John Nash. I'd be an absolute dream to study there one day.

  29. Dream School – Stanford University
    Reason– i always wanted to be where all the changes happen …..i want to an entrepreneur and Stanford is the right place for me bcuz i wanna study from the best and change the world for better
    T-shirt— i would want a t-shirt with stanford written on it

  30. My dream school is William and Mary. I want to go there to be a part of their kinesiology and health science major. As a premed, the small class size is appealing and being able to enter research as freshmen is exciting. Also getting a liberal arts education as a premed would help to make me a more well rounded physician. William and Mary has so much to offer their students and that is why I want a W&M T-shirt!

  31. Oliver Bigley
    Provides an equal balance of intense academia as well as time for socialising
    Yale t-shirt

  32. Jeffrey De Leon Vaca
    I have loved Princeton for a long time, it's such a homley place that i have wanted to go to for years
    Princeton t-shirt

  33. Where I have always dreamed to go is Stanford University. I say “I want to go to Stanford” so many times. Why? Well Stanford is not just a place where you can grow and learn but for me I feel like Stanford is the place where I can be who I am on the inside and not put up a facade or mask. I want reveal my skin and learn more about my identity as a human and as I walked on Stanford’s campus I felt that energy. And I want to be involved in cognitive science research study with professor Noah GoodMan . Stanford T-shirt

  34. Princeton. I love Princeton for its lofty atmosphere. It creates a safe space for students to dive into academics while tolerating inevitable conflicts brought by diversity. I want a Princeton t shirt. Size L will be great.

  35. My dream college is Harvard .

    Tge reason behind is to prove everyone else I am better than everyone else

  36. Amadu Bah


    Aside from being one of the top universities in the world, duke provides a challenging curriculum which is something I’m looking for to grow as a student. The people at Duke are super nice and those are the people that I fell I NEED to surround myself with.
    Size small or medium

  37. Tanastwa Amisi
    I’m a South African high school student in grade 11 and I want to work in investment banking and property investment like my dad. The Wharton school of business has a program that would be perfect for me. The school is also close to many major cities like Philadelphia and New York and I would have access to a range of internships. I would like to go back to SA after grad school and work there and going to an Ivy League would give me an advantage to other students in SA and possibly a high position early on. The job market is also super competitive in SA and having a Wharton degree would make me stand out and allow me to start my own business early on.
    A Wharton Sweatshirt/ hoodie

  38. My dream school is Wharton/UPenn. I’ll love to go there because of their business program, the student life and the international experiences. Working with you to get there! Size: Woman “M”

  39. Hello my name I Sarah
    My dream school is Stanford, because in my opinion it is the best school for me. There I can find so many opportunities for my feature and I can learn a lot of skills for helping to the world 🌎
    I would like a t-shirt with Stanford logo🤓

  40. Hey there, my dream school is Cornell University and I would like to study Computer Science there! I would love to study at Cornell because of how secluded their campus is with many outdoorsy places (I am a big outdoorsy person) and they have a major in computer science I really want to take and a minor in environmental studies within the same college (Arts and Sciences)!! I feel like Cornell is the perfect fit for me and I’ve been and will continue to work to get into this amazing university. I would like a Cornell T-shirt (size large). Thank you Crimson!

  41. My dream university is Princeton as I feel that the faculty really listen and provide opportunities for their students. I watch this Princeton blogger named Nicolas Chae and I found out that since he was interested in content created, he was able to get funds from the dean for an in-house digital studio. It just goes to show that Princeton really cares for each individual student.

    In regards to the competition, I would really love a princeton shirt!

  42. My dream school is Stanford I want to go there because of its innovative location, diverse student body and successful alumni network. (UPenn T-shirt Size S)

  43. My dream school is Brown University! I love the open curriculum as it enables me to shape my own education, which is something I appreciate since I enjoy exploring a diverse range of subjects and practicing interdisciplinary thinking.
    I'd like a Medium t-shirt from Brown University!

  44. MIT a MIT shirt I want to go there because I want to be in a community that I have to compete with but instead learn with them

  45. Hey Crimson 👋 I've subscribed your channel since a long time ago 😁 and my dream school is Stanford University. Why Stanford? I did a little research about American Universities which offer Elementary Education major for doctoral degree, so far… only Stanford provides it. It's very difficult to have that specific major for doctoral degree, even in Indonesia. So, perhaps I could have Stanford T-shirt if it's possible 😊 Size: M
    Thank you, Crimson 🙏

  46. Subscribed

    My dream school is Columbia University

    Because of its encouragement and support on putting its students in the frontline of taking worldwide action. Also, the location gives you both a major world city to explore and reach out to easily for opportunities and a beautiful organized campus midst the bustling city. The vibe that Columbia gives me, its like no other school exists for me.

    A Columbia University t-shirt/Hoodie please

    DM Twitter @Alia_Abbas16

  47. Princeton University is my dream school. Besides its gothic architecture and Hogwarts-like vibe, the quality of education is just impeccable. What's better than having world-class professors who actually won Noble Prizes or wrote your textbook? Although it is at a small city in New Jersey, the community is close-knit and friendly. Self-driven intellectuals would push me to achieve much more and shape me into a better person. People there are super motivated and fully committed to their cause, be it revolutionizing education or improve health conditions for those with cancer. The moment I saw the Campus Tour for Princeton on Crimson Education, I absolutely fell in love with the campus. For me, it is the best college out there.

    Princeton uni T-shirt (S size)

  48. Princeton University
    I want to pursue a P.h.D in Mathematics. My research interests lie in Algebraic Number Theory, Analytic Number Theory, Elliptic Curves, L-Functions, Modular Forms, q-hypergeometric series, Partition Theory, Ramanujan's Lost Notebook and Additive Combinatorics. I want a Princeton T-Shirt (Large-L Size).

  49. 1) Stony Brook university. -Great location and top health school.
    2) University at Buffalo SUNY. -They have a school of pharmacy and nice dorms.
    3) Albany school of pharmaceutical sciences. -Top school for pharmacy students with a high quality academic curriculum.

    I would like a Turks university T-shirt. Medium size

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