Ranking All 50 States for 2019 Part 1. All United States from worst to best.

what is going on everyone it is time to
do something a little bit different I get asked all the time what are the best
States what are the worst states what are my favorite States I’m asked these
on a daily basis from Twitter Instagram emails and in the comments section of my
videos so I thought we would tackle the subject and just rank them all the first
hurdle is how do you properly rank all 50 states if you’re doing it just by one
stat or maybe a couple stats it’s easy you just figure out what state leads the
country and those stats and boom there’s your list but this one isn’t that easy
it’s really an opinion in this case it’s my opinion how do i form these opinions
well would be stats experience reputation and weird facts weird facts
tell you a lot about a location as an example when you have a location that’s
had let’s say the highest teen pregnancy rate for 10 years running
that’s a depressive weird fact first of all but it also makes you think what are
the other issues that this location may be facing to achieve the number one
status teen pregnancy is higher in lower-income areas in areas with poor
education with limited access to health care and with all around a low quality
of life so weird facts play a big part on how a place would rank this will be
the first of three videos going from worse to first at a faster pace that I
normally do and I’m sure I’m gonna ruffle some feathers on this one
that’s life these are my opinions based on my experience so if you don’t like my
opinions you think I’m wrong put it in the comments section and then go out and
try and make your community better so that being said why don’t you grab
something to drink and watch my video the ranking of all 50 states for 2019
part one number 50 Mississippi hot humid wrecked with poverty and if you didn’t
see this one being one of the worst states congratulations on waking up from
your 50 year coma Mississippi has been one of the worst states since it was
admitted into the Union in 1817 that’s right everyone over 200 years of suck
the state capital Jackson is one of the worst cities in the country and when it
comes to leading the country into anything
Mississippi leads the country and conservatives per capita I’m not kidding
look that one up number 49 Arkansas the state of Arkansas
has three million people and I’m sure 2.5 million wish they were someplace
else right now in 1891 this the state legislators passed a law requiring a
literacy test you had to pass to vote knowing this would exclude many of the
blacks and poor whites you know the people that more than anything needed
some changes at the time more than 25% of the population of the entire state of
Arkansas could neither read nor write and that was about 75% of the people
living below the poverty line Arkansas leads the country in hate groups per
capita according to a stately comm number 48 New Mexico urban legend has it
that New Mexico became a state after the president the United States lost a bet
to the President of Mexico and we had to take it over as a result of losing the
bet now that is untrue it’s more like they forgot they owned it and we moved
in and made it a state in 1912 New Mexico leads the country in people with
mental illness per capita it also is very high up there on poverty number 47
Alabama before Mississippi’s statehood on December 10th 1817 it was known as
the Mississippi Territory it was split in half and the less populated eastern
half of the territory was named the Alabama territory in 1819 it became the
state of Alabama once you realize it was part of Mississippi it all makes sense
Alabama has great college football programs and leads the country in racist
tweets that’s according to a state lead calm
not kidding look it up number 46 Louisiana Louisiana is great if you’re
tourists if you live there you probably spend a lot of time wondering what you
did in past life to end up living in Louisiana
once you get past New Orleans and the good people that live in this state
which they have a lot of them you start to realize that they do have cities like
Baton Rouge which is always one of the most dangerous cities in the country New
Orleans is kind of bad too but they do have nice things going on there too but
Baton Rouge is just all a mess Louisiana leads the country people in prison
that’s per capita always number 45 Alaska Alaska is big and
doesn’t have a lot of people isolation is a major part of most residents lifes
in Alaska the number one cause of death in Alaska after heart disease is
accident no specific type of accident just a whole bunch of accidents Alaska
leads the country in more veterans per capita that’s kind of cool
number 44 West Virginia okay maybe you’re shocked and maybe you think they
should have been number 50 and they might have been five years ago oh wait
I’m sorry I forgot in my Mississippi so maybe 49 five years ago the fact is West
Virginia is getting better now don’t get me wrong they got a long way to go to
become you know in the top ten of best states but they’re working at it they
also lead the country in deer vehicle collision so that’s something number 43
New Jersey New Jersey is the type of state that has people willing to fight
you in a parking lot over talking trash about New Jersey like most people I’ve
always wondered where this sense of pride comes from it’s New Jersey they
have camped in New Jersey in their state it’s like one of the worst cities in the
country it’s right across the river from Philadelphia and I’m sure more than one
person in Philadelphia has entertained the thought of blowing the bridge
between them New Jersey has the most under contro that is separated people
that just think it’s a pain to go to court and get an actual divorce probably
cuz they don’t want to go to court because they have warrants and stuff
number 42 Oklahoma the average household in Oklahoma has more guns than IQ points
they also are the only state that every single County voted Republican in 2016
they also lead the country and residents on public assistance and Oklahoma also
leads the country on executions per capita go Oklahoma number 41 Delaware
Delaware has one major city and that is Wilmington this city has been in bad
shape for forever if you read the local news it’s about as scary as reading a
Stephen King book with guns and drugs they have one major city you’d think
they could put some effort into cleaning it up got one to focus on they got
smaller cities they got one major city come on
Delaware number forty Florida hurricanes insects swamps heat tweakers that’s
mostly what I experienced every time I’ve gone to Florida people used to
flood the Florida and those days are over these days they’re about even with
people leaving and entering they do lead the country in shark attacks so that’s
something and stop typing they also have the most swimmers in coastline I get it
so the odds are of them having the most shark attacks we don’t need that
explanation again every time I bring up Florida someone else tell us that number
39 Marilyn besides having that god-awful flag and being shaped like it was made
from land that the surrounding states didn’t want they also have Baltimore
every time I’ve been to Maryland and subsequently gone to Baltimore I’ve seen
someone yelling at someone else in the street like four times not the same dude
either it was like different people just screaming at each other in the middle of
street I don’t know if this like a trend there or a ritual or some kind of
tradition four times I’ve been there four times I’ve seen that Maryland leads
the country in millionaire Democrats living in the state number 38 Kentucky
Kentucky is all about basketball and horse racing or at least that’s what
everyone I’ve ever met from the state talks about and talks about and talks
about it some more while visiting the Bluegrass State I made the mistake of
going outside a major city I was surprised how fast it got backwoods it
got backwoods really quick I mean three four broken-down cars on a lawn that
type stuff number 37 Missouri their reasons people
refer to this state as misery and two of them are st. Louis in Kansas City the
third would be whether weather.com tracked the number of violent tornadoes
that each state had since 1950 and Missouri came in number six with 41
violent tornadoes in the past seventy years a lot of tornadoes this state
it’s just weird I’ve never enjoyed myself here not even once
number 36 Nevada besides Vegas maybe Reno there isn’t
much else to this state easily the worst state to ever drive through and stop
typing Henderson Nevada is part of the Las Vegas metro area so don’t tell me
how good it is and it’s just as big a city as Reno it probably is but it’s
part of Vegas whether you like it or not the only other thing this state has to
offer is like the Hoover Dam and maybe area 51 and actually conversations with
those people that believe something really is going on area 51 those are
entertainment in a crazy kind of way number 35
Ohio every time I’ve been to Ohio my sinuses freak out and everyone drops the
f-bomb in every other sentence of every conversation it seems a stately calm
ranks Ohio is having the phallus speaking citizens in the entire country
now here’s another thing about sinuses seven of the top 25 cities for the worst
allergies and asthma were in Ohio more than any other state number 34 South
Carolina so there’s Charleston which is filled
with great history people in food Myrtle Beach and Columbia are great too it’s
just too bad the rest of the state is attached South Carolina is hot humid and
gets hurricanes South Carolina drivers have been ranked the worst in the
country four of the last 10 years thirty-three Iowa Iowa is flat boring
but it has good people I read an article about how virtual reality in the future
will enable you to climb Mount Rushmore surf Hawaii sail the Great Lakes hang
glide around the Hollywood sign and swing from the Golden Gate Bridge they
will never make virtual reality about Iowa I promise you that unless of course
walking around a cornfield becomes an extreme sport someday Iowa also leads
the country and reports of lost chickens I’m not even kidding
number 32 Tennessee the Volunteer State is a great place to visit but it might
be a little too much to live there you have maybe three decent cities and then
it’s hillbilly heaven they do lead the country in mega churches though and
number 31 Indiana you know I’m really trying to think of something positive to
say about Indiana but I’m not coming up with anything they do lead the country
in apathetic voters though that’s something and they’re a state all right
so that’s number 52 number 31 hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget all the
links below don’t forget to hit that subscribe button
stay tuned for the next installment of this series everybody have a great day
be nice to each other

100 thoughts on “Ranking All 50 States for 2019 Part 1. All United States from worst to best.”

  1. 5:43 triggered I hate you as an oklohoman I can say that it is false go live under your rock and watch tv, go now

  2. Arkansas leads the country in hate groups (the Klan currently uses Harrison as it's headquarters) because the Ozarks are the first place these dumbasses came to which was all white after we ran their asses out of the deep South! And also, coming from Mississippi originally, define quality of life. Money? Fancy stuff? Yes schools definitely need to keep improving, but the calmer lifestyle is a big plus.

  3. Although I agree that this video is bit too political, I think everyone agrees that Mississippi is indeed the worst state.

  4. Mississippi last won the democrat vote in 1976 and since has been republican seems as if the democrats have messed the state up so badly its still trying to recover

  5. wow this youtuber is a fucking duchebag doesnt understand the difference between culture just takes a hit at any state that is republican

  6. Me hears Mississippi sucks cause it has to many republicans also me he’s gonna say California is the best state isn’t he

  7. west tennessee is soooo boring omg memphis gets boring if visited alot and you have to worry bout being robbed or shot at if you go to memphis DO NOT drive your own car potholes are everywhere theyre fixing them but its still a shit load of them. nashville chat-town and gatlinburg are highlights of this state

  8. I stopped watching when you got to 40, and still hadn't mentioned IL. there are abandoned houses on ever street, due to tax hikes, people are abandoning there houses and leaving to move to any other state. Twenty years ago are house was $440,000 and now are house is worth $250,000. I only see it dropping from here, IL has gone to shit. Right now the state wants to raise taxes because people are leaving and there tax money leave with them, so raise taxes again because that makes since. More to that argument we have Chicago, I would rather be back in Afghanistan then go to Chicago Afghanistan was safer.

  9. The funny thing is that most of the worst states always vote Republicans. Again Republican run states! I'm not vote for DUMBASS Bernie Sanders, but shit at least moderate Democrats.

  10. New Jersey doesn't belong there. This is coming from a person who grew up hating Jersey. And I'm the first to admit that I was wrong. Infact New Jersey people want you to think that it's a shit hole, so you don't move over there.

  11. So new jersey should be 50 that's why I'm leaving when I graduate highschool
    But most people where i live in nj is the rich part and people r still grumpy
    I live across a river from bon jovi Bruce Springsteen and a town away from joe pesci I go to church where dani devito went as a kid
    And pete davidstington goes to my home town a lot
    Also the ugly farm chick in mib went to my highschool
    Yea it still sucks ass
    The dems have made it the most expensive state in property tax
    Trumping Cali

  12. Hey so Arkansas may have done that back in the day, not gonna lie they really fucking sucked. But man they've legalized weed and a lot of the people there are from California because of how cheap it is. But honestly the worst thing about Arkansas are the cops. A tiny ass township called Damascus , this place is tiny probably like 1,000 or less and the police make over 2 million a year off these poor people. Bring facts that are more relevant please. That shit is old news and garbage.

  13. Lol he states in the beginning the rankings are based on a lot of different factors including quality of life and people still think the video is opinion based just because their state actually sucks for a lot of other people living there

  14. What I learned, this was ranked by a yankee who can’t deal with humid heat. I’ll admit that southern states don’t have the smartest ppl and are more poverty stricken than the rest of the country, but I’d rather you just say that then bother with the climate. People who live here are used to it. I bet you’re one of those yankees that make fun of southern states when we get snow, too.

  15. I was really hoping youd roast tennessee since I live here but there wasnt much. It's like you didnt know anything about it and just threw it at #2

  16. Missouri is easily a top 25 state without a doubt, this brick wall doesn’t understand that it is indeed better than the shitholes of NY CA and IL
    Genuinely pisses me off

  17. Come to California
    Houses are cheap and it’s not crowded
    There’s no crime and no illegals at all
    Oh damn the alarm clock went off and my dream is over

  18. conservative states BELONG on the bottom! blue states have to support them! hes so "political" but he sure didnt mention this!

  19. dude: md 38? below kentucky? are you kidding? im not surprised someone was yelling on the streets of baltimore… but its still a fantastic city. im guessing you go to all these places without a clue. dude… come back to MD and i will frigging give you a tour to knock your friggin socks off! 38… christ jesus… how about number 8? 7? 6?

  20. Why are you rating only conservative states as poor states to live in?
    You are liberal and we need a non bias person rating. Last time I watch you vlog! I love Louisiana, and Texas! You are wrong accident in Alaska is not the second cause of death it’s suicide!

  21. If Florida is so bad, please stay up north in winter. I keep watching you on tv taking snow off your driveway every winter while I bathe in my pool and eat mangos from my own back yard.


  23. come on man stop bringing politics in this, like i get it’s your opinion, but saying people have low iq and have guns is just terrible to say

  24. Okay Briggs. Already gotta call bullshit on you’re opinion that you thought you backed with facts. Wyoming in fact has the highest population of conservatives per capita. Don’t know where you got your info from but you might want to double check it. Mississippi might be a close second.

  25. The blackest state in America is (I'm not kidding look it up) Mississippi, and you say it's the worse Maybe you're a bit racist?

  26. So the South is Conservative, and a horrible place to live. That must explain why millions have relocated to the South to escape more liberal states like California! Got it!

  27. As a Nevadan, the fact that you centered our existence being Las Vegas is offensive. Reno has so much more than Vegas. Reno has culture, cuisine, night life, and most notably LAKE FUCKING TAHOE.

  28. States like New Jersey and Maryland have a lot of beautiful areas and its not all Camden or Baltimore. Iowa has one of the best public school systems and highest literacy rate in The US.

  29. Why, oh why, do we have to bring politics into this? This is ridiculous. Your reasoning for putting states low on the list should have NOTHING to do with politics, unless this list is purely for liberals. Grow up

  30. Replace Columbia with Greenville, trust me Ive lived in Sc for a hot minute and its way better, plus you need to take myrtle beach off the good list cause it’s honestly pretty shit. Our barrier islands are fucking gorgeous though

  31. Basically all east coast and southern states, no west coast states. Just goes to show west coast best coast👌🏼 I’m in Washington

  32. Com on dude you need to give a better reason why Maryland made 39 on your list, 4 times you been to Baltimore you saw people screaming at each other? Lol you obviously didn't explore it enough.

  33. For sure thought my state “Pennsylvania” was definitely gonna be 50. I didn’t even bother to watch the vid. Can someone tell me what rank Pennsylvania was?

    Edit: I just found out he had Pennsylvania at #1 and I’m actually shocked

  34. Dude dont hink political please ask the average life of like a lot of people in each state of how there life feels in their state

  35. Stop saying Kansas City has a bunch of tornadoes, I have only experienced a tornado one time and that was 8 years ago. Also it’s really sunny here during spring/summer

  36. Okay there is no way California is better than Florida.
    Obviously, you haven’t seen the homeless problem in the Los Angeles area. California also has the most and largest wildfires, causing millions of dollars in damages.
    Florida might have hurricanes, but you know what the Florida government has that the California government doesn’t? IQ. Smarts. They can fix their own problems, while California makes their problems worse by not doing anything about their problems.
    Also, your list is severely political. You’re literally ranking Conservative and Southern states at the bottom (besides Alaska, Iowa, and Indiana). This list is the most politically biased and most childish thing I’ve ever seen. Rethink your list pal, then come back with a new list that isn’t screwed up by your political stance and is factually sound and unbiased.
    Just some notes to think on.

  37. When your Ranking the states next time please don’t include political standpoints or else it’s going to turn into hell because people disagree with each other. Please make an unbiased video. Thank you!

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