25 thoughts on “Ramit Sethi Will Teach You How To Be Rich! | BiggerPockets Money Podcast 73”

  1. This is wonderful. I needed to hear this. I tend to obsess bout money even though i'm doing what I am supposed to do but it doesn't feel like its happening fast enough.

  2. I agree with him on many things. He is right owning a home isn't a great investment for most part but you can't just look at it as an investment you also have to compare the expense of owning a home vs renting. Owning a home over 20 years vs 20 years of rent. of course one must consider things such as taxes for owners and moving costs for renters. That being said stock market

  3. Personal finance will always be personal! This was an amazing episode and I love the difference in POV.

  4. Big fan of Bigger Pockets and other investing blogs, but skeptical about 2 bloggers – Ramit Sethi and also Financial Samurai

  5. Jajaja he is so funny, thank you for bring him to the podcast. I love the advice about automated things .

  6. Ramit did a great job! I didn't know much about him a few years ago but much like Scott and he aligned in their thoughts, I also agreed with much or all of what he shared today. LOVE IT! Thank you Scott and Mindy. Wonderful job as well!

  7. Really liked Ramit's book❤️ Curious though as to why he's making the rounds on ALL the podcasts now? It's been 10 years since I Will Teach You to be Rich

  8. If you want to stop living in mint or any other financial apps or even in excel, I urge everyone to pick up Ramit Sethi's book – the power of automation is incredible.

  9. The guest is more interesting to listen to compared to the hosts.

    Definitely the one of the best guests of all time.

  10. This was a great interview, I gained a new perspective on money and how to escape the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

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