Racism is Wrong! Watch this educational video for children on racism (Elementary Schools Bullying)

It’s about time you finished your homework.
I know Bird. I just could not concentrate. What’s up little brother?
Bird I am so mad right now. Why are you mad Frankie?
Well after school I was playing basketball with Hli, against these two kids at the park.
Okay Frankie, what happened? Well we beat them good 21 to 8, and they got
mad and did something to me. What did they do?
They called me stupid and told me I needed to go back to Africa. I should have said something
back. Chill little brother. I know what they said
was wrong, but you should never react to hate with hate.
I know Bird but it upset me. I am sure it did but when people are ignorant
and try to bully and hurt other people; you have to rise up and be a better person.
But why are people mean like that? Some people use words to hurt. They don’t
understand that even though we are all different, being a different is not bad, but good. It
takes all kinds of people to make the world go round.
Our country is made up of all types of people. Mr. Haynes taught us that America is a giant
melting pot of immigrants from around the world. Not just Africa.
That is right little brother. Also remember when someone wants to say all black people
should go back to Africa, science shows all nationalities originate in Africa. The oldest
bones found in the world came from Africa so to date the human species originated from
Africa, not just people with dark skin. Big sis you are too much but you made me feel
better. I’m glad and remember just because some
people choose to hate because of race, gender, and being different doesn’t mean we should
get trapped in their hateful way of thinking.

8 thoughts on “Racism is Wrong! Watch this educational video for children on racism (Elementary Schools Bullying)”

  1. Like I said in another video, I love your  videos. But, I wish you had gone the other way and done a black person being racist to a white. Not, that we know the race of the person that made the hateful comment. I just feel that a lot of the time the focus is on African American's getting the racist hate and I think you could have shown that African Americans have to be weary as acting raciest as well. As always though, great video, great message!

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