Rachel | Healthy Eating Success Story | Department of Education

This was the first job that I had a desk
job so I wasn’t used to having to exercise. When my one year anniversary
mark hit I’d gained weight and couldn’t figure out what to do and then I got an email
from the Wellness Council saying that they were going to have a holiday
healthy eating challenge. It was between Thanksgiving and New
Year’s you started off just by drinking more water. The next week you’re drinking
more water but also exercising for 30 minutes. Then you add eating more fruits
and vegetables, eating a healthy breakfast, not eating sugary foods. It
really helped me that I didn’t have to do all of them at once. By Christmas I
actually wanted to eat more vegetables than going for the piece of pie because
I wanted to win. People here love to bring desserts. They love to have potlucks and so it was a lot of self-discipline and to realize that
there was a goal at the end that I didn’t want to keep living the lifestyle
that I had started. It’s just been a journey of being able to eat better, see
the changes, that I feel better, I have more energy and so it’s just helped me
since the challenge to continue. I used to just drink Coke all the time.
Now I actually enjoy drinking water. Having a water bottle that has a fruit
infuser part really helped me because for a long time I just didn’t like the
taste of water. I go places with my husband to the park instead of just
sitting on the couch. It’s also helped my team. I’ve been able to encourage them to
bring healthier foods when we do pot lucks or holiday events. I like that I
can meet with people that I normally don’t get to work with, encouraging each
other. Doing this challenge I joined the Wellness Council afterwards. Well I would
tell them not to be hard on themselves when they slip up, to try to get an
accountability partner whether it’s in their family or a co-worker and just do
little things like I’ve printed things at the printer on the other side of
the floor so then it makes me walk more, or I ask everyone, “do you need anything
recycled,” and I’ll take it down to the floor below me. Sometimes when I would
over indulge I would get upset at first but then I’ve learned to be gentle with

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