RABBITS: Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning

What’s a bunny rabbit? Well they’re probably one of the cutest animals gone around. Bunny rabbits are small fluffy fellows. They have soft fur with big floppy ears, long whiskers and twitchy noses. Their
strong back legs are great for jumping. and their short tails bob up and down as
they go. Hop hop hop. A female rabbit is called doe, a male is called a buck. And baby rabbits are called kits or kittens. Rabbits have big families that live
underground in a group of burrows called a Warren. They
can be great pets just make sure you have lots of carrots
and vegetables to feed them! This pet rabbit Ralph is famous because he’s the biggest in
the world! Wow that’s a big bunny. Can you think of another famous bunny
rabbit? Yes that’s right the Easter Bunny. Shhhh is that the Easter Bunny coming?

21 thoughts on “RABBITS: Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning”

  1. That little girl Is going to break that rabbits back! Rabbits are actually a terrible pet for small children because of how sensitive they are

  2. You shouldn't feed a rabbit lots of carrots (its bad for them) and they are not great pets for kids, because of the large amount of  attention and care they need. Not good as a starter pet either . And the little girl is holding the rabbit wrong (you need to support the hind legs, or the rabbit could injure itself) – its a bad example to show children.

  3. "Rabbits : Animal for children" NONONO Bunnies aren't good animals for children just because they aren't aggressives ! They're really fragile and hard to take care of, you shouldn't let a child be with a bunny alone, an adult should always take care of the bunny and make sure it is in a good condition. Bunnies also don't belongs to cages, they should live like cats and dogs !

  4. Please take this video down bunnies are not great for children. Rabbits do not like being picked up because they are prey animals; they have extremely fragile spines and strong legs, This combination means spines are easily broken. Thus wriggling around in a child's arms could lead to paralysis.

    Rabbits are skittish by nature and don't like to be annoyed. Children are not cruel by nature but children love petting things forcefully and picking up animals. Animals should never be great for children. Animals are a huge responsibly and should only be brought into the home when adults take full responsibility of a animal.

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