r/RareInsults A True Learning Experience

hello everybody welcome back to the channel if this is your first time here my name is Blair or the Illuminati and today guys we're gonna be getting into some more our slash rare insults so before we get too far into this cringe don't forget to leave a like on this video guys and if you're not already subscribe to the channel don't forget to hit that subscribe button before we get into today's cringe so we are gonna look at the way of the rare insult what are the most creative ways to tell somebody to zip it so let's get right to the cringe guys girls think a foot-fetish is weird but turn into Niagara Falls over some veins and shit tell me who the real weirdo is you cardiovascular whore oh boy you can you can sense it right it's the rise of the yellow to monetization button it is well on its fucking way me cursing probably isn't helping but it ain't gonna stop me either go off queen yeah carrying this conversation really did a toll on my back okay sorry that was just the driest conversation I've had since eating Popeyes biscuits with an English guy Oh oooh ouch Belgians are oddballs with no real sense of identity and absorb whatever is seasoning them the mushroom of Europe dear God Belgians the there's chocolate I don't think that's an identity but I think intelligence I think of chocolate or I think of that really shitty thing from Austin Powers where when dr. evil got the foam from the coffee on his nose and he goes it's how we do it in Belgium it's called the bedroom dip actually that probably furthers the very fucking insult that's on the screen okay I'm gonna shut up now this dick snack from Philly fuck that's so weird why would you sick that come in here and say that again I'll fuck your shit up dry boy leg have an ass land bitch I don't know why I just had horrible flashbacks suddenly to the anti mean video of Finn will be leg and I hate myself that that just happened with her crazy hair she reminds me of Medusa except no one gets hard after looking at oh oh I know that's not about my hair but yo oh yes ruff your IQ is lower than my self-esteem now that's something I could have said because I feel like I've said something like that in the past that is a reused insult but I still like it little pump makes music for people who look up and down before crossing the street the fuck does that even mean what is what does a little pump even sound like have I even heard a little pump song before Siri play me a little pump song good good I still have culture this singer sounds like stale cheeto puffs I had to pause for a minute because my mouth actually started to get the taste of like cheeto puffs but then I thought of like dry or like aging cheeto just gross first boy this here ain't that YouTube comments section now screw off before you lose more Carmike you fart Phil bulla oh my god I you know what I should have known I haven't covered the subreddit in a while and I think I was pretty shocked last time I am still equally as shocked this time you hard-boiled Turtles slapper honestly if someone called me a hard-boiled turtle slapper I'd be like that's rude cuz I'm not out here slapping Turtles but everyone loves a hard boiled egg II Wege I'm sorry I god Twitter is getting too much into me I'm sorry that ref literally has the reaction time of a half rotten peach it doesn't even make sense and that's like the best part of this subreddit is it just doesn't make sense why would you construct that kind of sense int we don't know and yet you did Yee which one of you lactating sissy farts fucked my cousin what did I just read no no snapchat groups are wild kids have been given too much of a voice if someone is abusing you or molesting you or you're ill say something otherwise shut the fuck up I'm tired of kids acting like their opinion matters and like they're invincible wait a second are they telling people to shut up or kids specifically to shut up because they act like their opinion matters but then you tell them to give their opinion if they're being abused I'm probably just reading away too far into this anyway let's get to the rare insult I bet you scream at your kids but then wonder why they don't spend excessive time with you as well you mediocre fridge magnet ooh they're probably like the old fridge magnet you know we're like barely hangs on you open the door too fast that magnetic I was flying on the floor and everything like that's that's the kind of insult this was and it's pretty effective here we go from our slash ask reddit what was your mr. Rogers didn't die for this moment the person says the creation of reddit one of the unfriendly assess of the Internet and the response naturally as right it does shut up you rusty unsalted paper clip did mr. Rogers die for this I think not men's immediate response was not atrocious comments the filthy pigs made those comments don't tarnish us all with the same brush I don't agree with the choice of photo if this person was my daughter I'd have preferred a photo less revealing and suggestive and it looks like someone's playing soccer you can see like their cleats but okay comment she's kicking a ball you warm jar of mayonnaise her legs are supposed to be doing that imagine being offended for the sake of being offended and then getting called out but not only do you get called out but you get called a warm jar of mayonnaise okay have you guys ever had mayonnaise and you've accidentally left it out of the fridge that bitch smells and it smells bad quickly disgusting this is an insult of infinite levels I love it all right photo caption ha ha you're blurry I'm sorry I should have finished that without laughing I don't know why that just got me so suddenly hey bitch you got me fucked up this is that I'm saving that that's that's for later that's that's for my personal mean collection files anyway next one here it is I fucking knew it after keeping eerily silent for months waiting for his moment he shows up suddenly like a holy Savior with a new PR an even newer haircut you were instrumental in causing this situation so cock off with your call to arms you sinister whelk what is this about miss Rachel Paris referring to the front page of tomorrow's Daily Telegraph Boris Johnson we have blinked we have balked we have bottled it completely it is time for the PM to channel the spirit of Moses and listen I kinda know what the Telegraph's going off about I don't know what a sinister Welk is but I have a feeling for the non-american viewers you guys will probably go like Oh sick burn bra but I don't know what it means so sorry I the wording is weird of a whelk it's like you're welcome but just a whelk just one well I'll stop last stop kissing wins $25,000 challenge shocking it's a fucking morgues video all right try the Russian Roulette challenge with all six bullets in the gun I feel like I've covered this one in a different video and yet it still applies here in rare insults that's one hell of a rare insult why are old people always talking about Millennials is it for all 15 years old the youngest Millennials are all at least 19 you math deficient fuck holes I mean that's a damn good point okay so after Millennials are the gens II people okay so I think you know we need to like start the hate train on Gen Z I'm kidding how about we just not but yeah Millennials are not like we're not young anymore or aging it's depress oh I've recently received one of the most obscure insults I was at work and one of my residents turned to me and said you'll never make it in the trucking business out of nowhere it didn't make sense but he said it with such hatred and pure abhorrence that I was convinced my non-existent dreams of being a trucker had been crushed damn imagine that you didn't even know you're like I being a trucker not something that crosses my mind but suddenly someone says it in such a way saying that you'll never be that thing and you're like that really hurt John I didn't even know I didn't want to be a trucker yet and yet my dreams from that are crushed crushing someone's dreams before they've even had the dream my god it's brilliant Adam Silver looks like he sneaks into the cabinets late at night to eat raw pasta I'm sorry I'm sorry I it's so accurate I can't explain it but it makes that I I'm gonna read it without laughing this time I said Adam Silver who looks like he sneaks into the cabinets late at night to eat raw pasta I said it without laughing but it applies she contains so much plastic you can recycle her when she dies ah yes the ever so clever pornhub comment we Stan when you slap a skinny girls ass it sounds like a screenshot what grabs phone turns on volume interesting ok ok go off I guess I don't know that's what a skinny skinny bitch founds like when you slap her ass but ok looking at this man is like touching wet food in the sink oh my god I have such a distinct like I have such a specific reaction of that ok like I don't know about you guys right but when it comes to washing food in the sink if the food has been in the sink right even for a minute ok and it's been interacting with water it's disgusting it's slimy and it is from hell it is no longer the food that is probably still in your stomach at the time when you're cleaning it it is disgusting I literally keep a box of like throwaway rubber gloves under my sink in the kitchen because like for literally this exact purpose because the shit freaks me out man ok the second there's like food in the sink no I'm not gonna scrape that bitch out with my nail or a fork or whatever like I'll do it maybe with a fork but like I'll wear a glove while I'm holding the fork because you don't know maybe the food is contaminated perhaps it became a sentient being and it's gonna try and attack me and then insert itself into my skin like a fucking tick and take control my body I may have gone too far but it's just gross he really is a half-baked sperm cake ooh I want to know who we were insulting with that one that's a look yes I'm here for it I hope the guy who just cut me off in traffic has his favorite book made into a movie and the characters are nothing like he imagined them damn that is bold of you to assume that that man who cut you off in traffic read just saying she lusted after levers with genitals as large as donkeys and emissions like those of a horse from Ezekiel 23 2010 me that's not a real Bible verse and for the rail insult let's go Ezekiel Becky do you want to go out Becky no thanks needle dick Ezekiel scribbles furiously well well well biblical SAS three billion years of evolution and the greatest form of communication you can conjure up and you're fermented omelette of a conscience is submitting your wrinkly ball sack to a stranger on the internet to substitute the attention your parents never gave their mistake of an offspring whoo-wee I got some spaz tonight and it is delightful some will say zest I say this has gone beyond zest levels and is upgraded to spice also is it just me or am I the only one that when I read these kinds of rare insults like very specifically especially ones like this one I can't help but think of internet etiquette is that just me maybe it's just me I love that channel this just sounds like something he would type out in a comment section just saying all right we got our slash cursed comments so someone was saying that and person probably the person that made the insult responds it goes yeah no fucking shit you onion ring damn hit him with the double I want to see what the original curse comment was though but okay eat a dick you son of an inbred Cyclops my my the hatred is a delightful impact fought you fucking century-old cheese wheel who is this angry about the impact font I know it's like mean font now you know and it's like oh you see impact thought in like a thumbnail you're like oh boy this degenerate but like calling someone a century old cheese wheel over the impact font like who is this much hate for a font he thinks he's cute but he looks like a dirty pond that's really specific and and yet I have a perfect visual of what he looks like and I don't even know who he is a blind man could read your face by Braille ooh we love that acne joke don't we mmm it's probably honestly this this one probably comes from our slash roast me which is a fantastic subreddit by the way you parked so close to me that I took the tea off your Tahoe because you are a ho there might say that fucking meme was it whoever threw that piece of paper your mom's a ho god I miss vines close were the good days anyway um that is committing to the rare insult to take the T off of someone's fucking Tahoe but okay Queen go off anyways guys with that being said that's where we're going to end today's video if you guys enjoyed it don't forget to leave me a like and if you guys are not already subscribed to the channel make sure to hit that subscribe button for some more content just like this and if you guys want even more content from me you can pop open that description box you're gonna find links to my twitch my social media second channel merch shop subreddit everything links will be in the scription box down below so again guys thank you so much for making it through another video I love you so much and I'll see you in the next one bye guys you

49 thoughts on “r/RareInsults A True Learning Experience”

  1. I touch soggy food in the sink every day. It's gross, but I saw the original The Exorcist as a preschooler; there are worse things than gross soggy food.
    Edit: nobody rinses the dirty dishes and I'm the only one that washes them.

  2. You just turned washing dishes into a Cordyceps infecting zombie flick in less than 60 seconds.

    Well done. slow clap

    Seriously funny tho thanks for the vid!

  3. Listen here you stale carpet nacho looking ass THOT( or if you happen to be the president: stale carpet nacho a dog shat on.)…

  4. It is indeed a real bible verse:
    "19 Yet she became more and more promiscuous as she recalled the days of her youth, when she was a prostitute in Egypt.20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. 21 So you longed for the lewdness of your youth, when in Egypt your bosom was caressed and your young breasts fondled."

  5. as a member of a thing that involves fonts I am not allowed to tell you who or even about the thing that involves a font because we aren't allowed to talk about it

  6. 7:48 Eh, a lot of them act 15. I would be included in this group in my thirties, but plenty of the 'older' millennials feel pretty much the same in the "WTF happened to you people?" about the younger. It's like they never grew out of Tumblr and expect to be taken seriously. I hope there's not nearly as many as they try to portray and it's mostly that they're just loud and obnoxious.
    Funny enough, the 15 year olds I've talked to tend to be a lot more mature.

    It's like when you say "Karen" and everyone knows EXACTLY what kind of person you mean down to the haircut and the age range.

  7. 9:38 This is why my husband is the one who washes the dishes. 10:05 and when he isn't home to do them, I have gloves too.

  8. I know you guys dont really do the same kind of content, but I would love to see you and Erik (internet comment etiquette) collaborate

  9. "Who has this much hate for a font?"
    Just ask any professional graphic designer about comic sans, trust me.

  10. whelk


    a predatory marine mollusk with a heavy pointed spiral shell, some kinds of which are edible. (dictionary online)

  11. “Start the hate train on gen Z” sweetie you can never hate us more than we already hate ourselves

  12. Im American and I can tell you a whelk is some weird animal that looks like a snail fused with a saggy grandmas titties with mayonnaise poured on them and have a shell the size of Dwayne Johnsons nuts.

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