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welcome to our slash malicious compliance where a teacher publicly embarrasses a stuck-up entitled parent I was just a customer but man I had a hotel room booked for two nights from a five-star well-known hotel chain that rhymes with bala de fin the room was the smallest and cheapest available with two double beds probably even located below parking garage that was just about the only room available so it would have to do about a month later I arrived with my buddy to basically drop off our stuff in the room so we can take off right away while the Sun is still up in the lobby there's a group of about 200 people shouting all at once – the two ladies Manning the desk after making plans for a few minutes to store our stuff elsewhere the desk attendant notices us as we clearly were not part of the huge group so she waves us over past the large group and starts to handle our check-in she politely asks us to fill the traveler forms while she's looking at my reservation I think her and try to make pleasant conversation about this in that complimenting their uniforms in the hotel trying to improve this our atmosphere the angry mob has been generating all around us while we were filling the forms an angry man next to us who was apparently the leader of the lobby mob keep shouting loudly I demand that you arranges extra rooms with two double size beds we had a late addition to our travel and they need a room with two double size beds right effing now apparently the arguing has been taking place for quite a while already she tries to get a word in but gets interrupted I don't care if you're stupid garbage hotel is full it's your job to give us a place to sleep stupid woman get us another room and double size beds don't try anything else I'm not interested in anything else you idiots I wonder how you can keep your job if you can't even arrange a room for every time the main desk attendant tries to talk to the angry man he rudely interrupts her with more and more shouting only thing I can do is to keep smiling at the ladies sympathetically she says we don't have double size beds available but we do have I don't want to hear it just do your job and press the buttons to make it happen you must be mentally slow aren't you two double bids or is that too difficult for you the clerk share a tired look with each other but suddenly both have this lamp lighting above their heads they converse for a moment using their native language while pointing at their screens and then proceeded to tell me our apologies sir but unfortunately we don't have your room with two double beds available for you which you had booked for as you see we are a bit full today while she gesture should the mob in the lobby my heart sinks a bit until she continues so because we are fully booked the only room we can offer you is the executive suite at the 24th floor obviously for no extra cost unfortunately it doesn't have to double sized beds she makes eye contact with the angry man and continues but it has four king-sized beds each with their own on sweets angry man drops dead silent and is just staring at us his mouth just moves like the mouth of a fish who is stranded on dry land while looking at me she continues I hope you accept this free room upgrade with our most sincere apologies on behalf of the hotel management and of course all the room service is free including the refreshments available in a sweet kitchen and the suite bar areas and all hotel VIP facilities are at your disposal 24/7 please do enjoy your stay and let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable she dings a small Bell and piccolo takes our bags while gesturing towards the fancy separate elevator at the side I'm so shocked that I can only mutter a little bit of things and follow the piccolo while we're making our towards the elevator the main desk is explaining to the angry man sir I'm happy to inform you that we're able to make arrangements to have a single room with two double size beds available to accommodate your extra guests that will be 199 euros added to your bill the man snaps out of his trance like state and the shouting resumes what the f I don't want some single room with double size beds I want a free executive suite – why the F do those efforts get the Epping suite and I get some sucky single room this is unacceptable why did you give my better room to those F tarts instead of to me she now has a much more commanding tone and she responds unfortunately sir our free executive suite is not available it's booked now I tried to offer you king-size but you were having none of it so will you take the single room or not I can't tell accurately what was said next but I'm quite sure it's lots of cussing and throwing more insults from the man using the man's native language all I have is this Pooh eating grin while the bellhop closes the elevator door is taking us up maybe half an hour later when we head out to check the city the lobbies being cleared we go to the desk to think the two attendants and give them both a good tip that we easily save with the free room service over the expensive hotel restaurant unfortunately our schedule doesn't allow us to enjoy the free hotel VIP service as much but the ladies definitely earn a little bit of extra it was a great experience for us and I still remember this clearly after a long time that front desk girl she was truly maliciously compliant with the angry man so this was written by someone who is a non-native English speaker and I don't know why they said that the piccolo took their bags my guess is that must be a translation error but I left it in because did anyone else imagine piccolo from Dragon Ball Z angrily carrying their luggage to the elevator our next right at post is from NIC sir I love to cook and my husband loves to eat win-win right top it off with the fact that I like to serve him his meal while he gets to relax it's just how I was raised so I'm fine with it so one day I make some homemade ice cream I'm loving its texture its flavor it's everything husband walks by and sees me eating so he says I'll have some ice cream then sits his butt down in the living room he was right budging there I was pissed he was so lazy he wanted me to serve Him when he already has to walk past the kitchen where I stood eating right out of the container like the fatty I am to get to the living room cue malicious compliance I grab a bowl and fill it up I call out you want toppings heels back heck yeah I want toppings he's not being mean he's just excited I'm preparing this bowl of ice cream with everything he loves chocolate syrup caramel drizzle homemade whipped cream maraschino cherry crushed up peanuts heck even a sliced up banana to turn it into an amazing banana split after loading up the huge bowl of ice cream I get two spoons and put one in the bowl on the other one I add a tiny piece of banana tiny bit of ice cream and a touch of all the toppings except the cherry I walk over to him and he's rearranging his gaming stuff preparing to take the bowl for my hands his eyes are glowing with joy at the sight of my beautiful creation and he's got a smile a mile long I sit in my chair hug the bowl and pass in the spoon of ice cream the look on his face was well worth my efforts he was so sad for like a second before he broke into a fit of laughter he acknowledged he was being lazy thanks me for making ice cream in the first place then got up and fixed a bowl we still laugh about it months later and he goes out of his way to serve me more often now that's a really sweet story that's a really sweet story and it reminds me of something that happened with my significant other and I'm gonna share this story with you right now so I was going through the grocery store and I saw a drink that's really really tasty I forget the name of it I can only really recognize it by sight but it's super rare I never see it anywhere and it's one of my favorite drinks it's like a creamy sort of tea chai flavored drink but it's it's super good so I see this drink and I get really excited because I can never find it anywhere so I go to grab a bottle and my significant other asked me about it and I explained that it's one of my favorite drinks and naturally she asked if she can try a sip I say sure but you can only try a sip these are really hard to find so I want the whole drink to myself if you want more then get your own drink I'll give you a sip but just a sip and she's like nah I prefer fruity drinks so she grabs a fruity drink and I'm like okay that's fine but don't try my drink and then try to get more because I'm not giving you any so we go through the grocery store and we get to the car and it's a short drive to our next destination so when we stop I finally pull out both of our drinks and set them in the console between our two seats in the car then I unscrew and screw the drink try some and of course it's delicious then I hand it to her to try it and she's like wow this is really good and I grab it from her put the lid on and then put it back in the console I say okay that's all you can have she's like what do you mean that's all I can have and I say I told you if you want more you had to get your own because I never get to have this drink because it's so rare and you said you didn't want it you said you wanted the fruity drinks so you can't have any more the rest is for his mind and she says that's not fair I didn't know how good it was I say well tough luck so she grabs the drink unbuckles and flees out of the car running like 20 feet away then she's just standing there in the parking lot holding the drink close to her chest like Gollum holding the ring and giggling because she thinks she's won but she doesn't realize that she grabbed the wrong drink she grabbed her fruit drink instead of my tasty Tai Chi cream drink so I grabbed my drink stand up unscrew it and casually take a long swing of this delicious drink with an AA then I look at her as this mix of confusion goes to her face and she suddenly realizes and she looks down and sees that she's grabbed the wrong drink and of course she bursts out laughing it was all like funny and hilarious and just one of those sweet couple moments but I know exactly what Opie is talking about in this story our next reddit post is from UPMC throwaway I work in a support role for a global insurance and investment company over the last six months I've lost many an evening and weekend to unexpected work problems with not even a thank you let alone any financial compensation as an example being called at 9:30 at night and asked if you can log on when you've met friends for a drink when a job requires out of our support a supplement is meant to be paid for being on call with additional payment if you're required to actually work my contract is based on annual salary where additional work might be required for no extra pay or overtime if it's considered business as usual or known in advance this bit is important however the work I've been asked to do on weekends and evenings is not business as usual business as usual assumes processes work if something goes wrong someone needs to step in to fix it and it's no longer business as usual hope that makes sense a couple of months ago I had the conversation with my manager about being paid for being on-call I was told the work I was covering actually fell under business as usual and as I was always given advance notice I wasn't I wouldn't be paid for being on call my manager wouldn't budge on this so I made it clear I would not be taking my laptop home or be available unless I was given advance notice I might be required to log on to which my manager agreed on this glorious day I received a call from my manager asking me to log on as some critical data was missing from a file causing significant problems with several admin systems trying to sound as sincere as I could I apologized and said as I was not made aware in advance and I'm not on call my laptop was left at the office this was met by an AA to which I responded good luck and I'll see you tomorrow I'm expecting it to be a disaster in the morning for muggins here to clean up but it'll be worth it wait a minute I'm a youtuber so my work experience mostly involves sitting in my basement making videos in my pajamas I have never heard the term business as usual used in this context it sounds like Opie is in the UK in this story does this kind of thing exist in the u.s. because it seems to me that if it's business as usual that's called a job and you're supposed to be paid for your job right so if working on Saturdays as business as usual shouldn't it just be a paid workday I don't understand can someone in the comments explain to me how this works our next reddit post is from Alden world warden so flashback to my first year of teaching I was a 21 year old middle school teacher fresh out of college and extremely green I was admittedly shaky when it came to parent communication it is quite intimidating to speak to a parent as an equal when you are less than 10 years older than their children many of them were old enough to be my parent which made things awkward for me inter mom her daughter diva did absolutely nothing in my class except stir up drama be extremely rude and obnoxious and generally anything but do her work now student grades are easily accessible at all times through an online Parent Portal so I have always been of the opinion that parents should never be surprised by grades at the end of the quarter so the end of the second order is drawing to an end and I get an abrasive email for mom demanding a parent-teacher conference with an administrator present of course teachers are instructed to meet with a parent anytime they want a conference one of my assistant principals sat in on the meeting from the moment mom sat across from me I knew where diva got her attitude mom was belligerent accusing and rude she began to angrily accuse me of causing her daughter to fail somehow my fault basically I should have done everything under the Sun to make sure she didn't fail I should have contacted her early I should have sent home extra copies I should have been checking diva's agenda etc while I admittedly should have called her early her chewing me out in front of my boss was the most embarrassing moment of my career my assistant principal worked out a compromise that went like this since mom didn't want a lot of phone calls apparently a busy person it was agreed that I would write a note to mom and divas agenda every Friday about her grade in her missing work embarassed and chastised I could barely look my boss in the eye I resolved that I would comply to the fullest so much so that it would be annoying I would be above reproach so that she could never berate me like that again however I never could have imagined the incredible events that followed in the weeks that followed I not only wrote in divas agenda but I printed off lists of her missing assignments progress reports and letters home and stapled him to her agenda I did this every week without fail and Eva's behavior did not change by the end of the third quarter she was missing 8 assignments and was failing my class yet again lo and behold I get an email from mom demanding a parent-teacher conference with a principal present she arrives and starts in on me again about how I'm unprofessional and how I'm not supporting her daughter and how I had yet again failed to notify her that her daughter was failing then the realization struck me she had never looked at the agenda I painstakingly stapled progress reports letters and missing work into her agenda for nearly three months and she never once checked a grin broke across my face I say can we look at divas agenda there's something I think you should see mom leaves the room and comes back with Divas agenda I begin flipping through the agenda showing her every single page that I wrote on or stapled now if you'll notice I have written in divas agenda and stapled progress reports letters to you end lists of missing work into her agenda every single week since we last spoke as per our arrangement are you telling me that you didn't check her agenda once blood drains from her face as she realizes her credibility with my principal is now gone I say at this point in the quarter it is too late for your child to turn in make up work please be sure to be checking your child agenda every Friday for an update concerning her progress in order for your child to be successful you need to be involved do you have any questions the mom stammering with excuses and apologies for not checking by this point I could tell that my principal was stifling laughter so I knew that I'd one mom left very quickly and I never received one of those harsh emails again divas behavior didn't improve at all but I wrote the satisfaction of that win all the way through to summer I would bet my youtube-channel that the administrator originally made that suggestion knowing that the teacher was going to ignore it anyways and basically set up that parent to make a fool of herself that was our slash malicious compliance and if you want to maliciously comply hit that like and subscribe button

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  1. Ok the story about your drink made me and my husband laugh this is exactly something that happened with us ☺️

  2. the way you told the story about you and your s/o made my heart melt! you sound like you love them so much πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯°

  3. that first story is an exaggerated lie AT BEST. NO HOTEL would okay upgrading someone to an executive suite with 4 en-suites and free room service/vip service. That would cost the hotel tens of thousands of dollars in loss. The person in the story got bumped to the front of an angry mob and the angry mob got angry about it and MAYBE the OP got free room service that night. Please use your brain before posting these on your youtube channel.

  4. OP: 'thinks while smiling at lady manning desk'; "i'm sure you can handle it"

    Lady manning the desk: da da, dadada. dada dada, dada da da. dada dada. da da, dadada, dadada, dadada, dadaa chargingmyattack

  5. Kinda weird me and my friends just 2 weeks ago (still there) was in a hotel in Hawaii and a guys wanted double sized bed and we were the last guys to take double sized bed LOL HE TRIED TO TAKE OUR CARDS

  6. Salaried Positions have a lot of perks, but the big downside/upside is that it's not a by-the-hours sort of job. You're paid a set wage. This means that any overtime you have to work doesn't actually net you any additional money and in this case, salaried employees are expected to do their business as usual side. Anything beyond that is basically working overtime without payment. The OP didn't explain it well, but I assume they were expecting him to do overtime off the 'clock' hours as it were without any additional compensation and Salaried positions can be easily abused by upper management that way.

  7. In the UK you can have things like courses on a weekend but usually it's very different to your weekday job and you unfortunately don't get paid so op wasn't made to be paid for the weekend but then got told be would be doing the same thing he does during the week (business as usual) which therefore means it's his paid work but they weren't paying him for it

  8. I was imagining a hell spawn flute magically floating about like something from Mickey Mouse Philharmonic with bags hanging on it.

  9. I think the first reddit post happened in the Netherlands, we literally call a bell-hop a piccolo here.

  10. Slashy, use a dictionary: "Business as usual" IDIOM – used to say that something is working or continuing in the normal or usual way. Yes, we use it in the states.

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