QUT Learning Potential Fund scholarships

it's not easy here for a lot of kids to realize how tough you really have to spend some time here I was lucky enough to have someone help me when I needed it most and it changed everything back when I was in year 12 I got pretty sick I had six months of treatment and I missed a lot of school but my teachers got me through they were incredible I was so inspired by them I knew I wanted to inspire others so I applied to study teaching and I got into QUT the first in my family to go to university but financially it was impossible to move to Brisbane we just didn't have the money receiving a learning potential fund scholarship made what was impossible actually happen but it wasn't just the money it was the fact that I can use my passion to help change the lives of others I always wanted to come back home I'm a country girl at heart and now I'm teaching at Megan high alongside the teachers who inspired me some of our kids can really struggle to get the support they need to come to school every day but I always encourage my students to not give up to dream beyond their expectations to push their boundaries last month one of my science students passed his exam for the first time ever he was so excited he had to send a photo to his mum straight away moments like this make it all worthwhile

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