Quinnipiac University Partners with Haven’s Harvest Food Bank in Hamden

(music)>>The agreement that we
announced today provides one way to both cut down on food waste on
our campus and provide food to community partners who can make
that available to those who are hungry in Hamden. Five days a
week, QU Dining will pack up excess food from the Mount Carmel
Cafeteria. Our partner, Haven’s Harvest, will ensure that the
food is connected to community partners in Hamden. (music)>>My vision for this program is
for it to become part of the Quinnipiac student experience,
and I want to energize our student body to extend the
resources and the food that we have here on campus to the Hamden
community.>>We’re taking aim at reducing hunger and increasing
the possibility of asking for food. Whoever you are and
whenever you need food, easing the pain and wiping out the shame
of hunger in Hamden.

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