5 thoughts on “Questions raised against Education System in Kishtwar Dist.”

  1. What about those dedicated teachers who try to do best….
    But, No one appreciate their dedication….positive reinforcement should b given to those teachers who do their work like worship….
    Only negativity of ed. department is highlighted….
    Mr Waseem I request you to upload a vedio on those teachers who are dedicated.. I m sure this will bring fruitful result in ed.dep. as we apply this rule in school too, as much we appreciate students they try to do their best every time…..this is human nature.

  2. Black sheeps are in each and every department…..if you really want to change the system …focus on positive too….who is responsible for the mess in education department ….politcian and corrupt bureacrats …

  3. Bro good job please keep it up, kabi Keshwan alakey ma b aajana… Education system is zeero here but no body raise question against such corrupt teachers & education department…

  4. Good job WASEEM BHAI Hum to chayate hai jitna bi teacher govt job karta hai auin ko tuition centre mein parana band hona chaya AUR jitna bi govt employment hai jasi ki doctor hai hoispital mein kam dekhta hai clinic mein jayda dekta hai

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