Question: Should I Get a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering or Cyber Security?

so this question comes from Caracas in I'm currently doing my final year computer science bachelor's degree and I've started thinking about my master's for next year I'm a bit confused though about what to follow because I would like to follow something that will have a really good impact on my future career I'm thinking about master's degree on computer engineering because I'm really excited dealing with circuits and different components that you have to wire up and then write some code about it on the other hand I'm thinking about cybercrime supplies supplies abroad that's so that's so original the idea of cybercrime really where did you come up with that one I think that not many students choose this these days so I'll have more chances to get a job when I finish I'm kind of excited for both that's why I'm kind of struggling about what to follow bla bla bla bla bla bla bla so the question there here is this person is finishing up their bachelor's degree in computer science you know looking to what next to go for for their master's degree now the first thing that I will bring up the first thing that I will bring up is are you sure you want to go for your master's degree yeah the bachelor's degree in computer science unlike in most other degree programs actually in fact is worth something you can actually go out and you can get a real job real job that's going to pay the bills very well with a bachelor's degree in computer science so the first thing that I would caution you on is whether or not you really want to go out for a master's degree yet and the main point being is you don't really know what you want your master's degree in computer engineering is great and cybercrime if you actually get a program that was worth a damn is great but there are two different critters I mean they are two different things right so when you're saying you're on a toss-up between those two really what that says to me is that you should probably go out and get some real-world experience and then figure out what it is you really want to do we really want to get your master's degree in even going out and getting a year hands-on experience will open up a lot of doors will open you up your eyes to a lot of possibilities that you may not realize exist and again and with a computer scientist bachelor's degree in computer science you should be able to get a job that pays well and then the other thing too is with a lot of the master's degree programs at least here in the United States you can go to school while you work so it may take you a little longer so really I mean that's the best way to go you get out with your bachelor's degree in computer science you get a job doing something hopefully vaguely interesting you start to figure out where you want to go you start the master's degree program while you're working your experience goes with your education and that can really catapult you into something good one of the major problems that I see with people coming out of these college degree though these degree programs they frankly they don't even you know they come out with five or six or more years education and they don't even understand the industry like you know I'm saying that's they they know all this stuff but unfortunately like 99% of it is worthless so that would be the first thing the first thing that I would say is really honestly go get a job do the job for a year and then figure out your master's degree I'm betting you if you do real computer science work for a year what you're going to want to do a year from now is probably going to be seem a lot different than what you currently think now as far as the whole computer engineering versus cybercrime I have no idea why the hell you think most students don't choose cybercrime nowadays cyber crime cyber crime cyber crime separate all I can hear about anymore is cyber crime and ethical hacking and all that offense that crap everybody is going down for this degree program and I would argue don't I would argue do not do this I got actually some of the best career advice in my entire life for my police officer who stopped me for for a taillight beam out and so so my taillight was out and he came up and was writing me the the normal whatever and I said something about getting a criminal justice degree I was asking him you know I talked to everybody and I was asking them what it was like in the county whatever County was he was in what was like to be a police officer and so we're chatting back and forth as he wrote me up cuz again I I was in the wrong and he was in the right so he's writing me up and we're chatting right you can always get information out of people even if they are giving you a $25 ticket so it's talking to him and then he said you know a degree program what degreed you have and I say Criminal Justice and I just remember this police officer like I so I'm asking about how to be about being a comp tell might micro degree program criminal justice and I just remember this cop looking at me with a far harsher look than he looked at me when I had a broken taillight and said why and I looked at him as like what do you mean why I want to do with law enforcement and I just looked at me with that look and he said if you have a degree in chemistry or biology or computer science or any of these things you can be a cop or you could also do one of these other professions if you did get a degree in criminal justice it's no better for you to get the job and you can't really do anything else which I would agree with I do have my criminal justice degree but that's not exactly how I get paid for anything so that's kind of what I would say with this whole cybercrime thing is if you're really good with computer science or computer engineering or any of this other stuff you can learn cybercrime ethical hacking and all that kind of stuff it's a very small niche compared to the overall field whereas if you focus on cybercrime you're not necessarily going to be able to do anything else so I would say just because don't do cybercrime again if you can go to an Ivy League school that has an amazing cybercrime program and there are some of them out there you know ethical hacking security cyber security there are some just just amazing cybersecurity schools out there there's a couple like two three four out of the zillion programs if you can get one into one of those and you can pay like 450 thousand dollars a year to get into it by all means do but don't just get into any old cybersecurity program because most of them are crap basically what most cyber security programs are is they're just a marketing gimmick so that the Dean of the school can buy a bit your car there you go in there you learn a bunch of crap you come out and you're essentially worthless on the other hand if you go and you get computer engineering degree you get your computer engineering degree you are valuable people actually care about you so on and so forth and if you then decide to go into this whole cyber security or thing further down the road you have a much better bit to do that from again your this master's degree and you go and you take some classes or you do some training and it's very easy for you to do that so yeah so overall yeah hands down hands mo the butt and now go for the computer engineering degree but the the better advice I would give you the better advice I would give you is simply don't don't go don't go for a job yet well you don't have any experience remember a master's degree is supposed to be a professional level degree so what I would argue is you should go out get some experience some computer science experience don't work at a restaurant get some computer science experiments do that and again after II I embed in you dollars to donuts when you get done with a year of actually working in the computer science industry you're gonna have a different viewpoint about what you want to do and what's important for you and you will be better off just all the way around that that would be my advice but now stay the hell away from cyber Chris cybercrime no no no

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  1. What about Information technology: software track ?? Do you need a masters ?? I’m planning on getting masters on software engineering. And my minor is business analytics. Please make a video about this

  2. Hey I am from Pakistan… My graduation in bachelors in Computer science and 1.5 year experience in the field of computer science… My question is should I go to MS Data science or should I go to MBA supply chain field..? Plz reply me

  3. Cyber security is in mass demand now, hope no one listened to him in 2015 lol, hopefully its still in demand in another 3 years

  4. Here's a question…i want to make a career change and get into computers like ethical hacking and or cyber security…buuuuut I'm 36 years old, so any advise

  5. What’s your thought on master degree in software engineering? I already have a B.S. Computer Information Systems, I have been out of college for 4 years

  6. Just graduated with a B.A in Political science. And am realizing how worthless it is. I can't go back to school. How do i get into Cyber Security.

    Should i start with certifications ? Or is not possible.

    Any advice would help thank you.

  7. Whoever asked this question, I hope you listened to his advice!! Not everyone will tell you the truth, most people just say things you want to hear (marketing gimmicks, etc.). Wish someone had told me this before I did my Master's degree. This stuff is invaluable; the early 20s are very precious, and earning a solid work experience during these years will pay back over the years even though it might not seem like a lucrative option at the time. Accept those minimum wages/internships, whatever comes your way and GET INTO THE FIELD!! Keep build your resumé, but never stop learning either!!

    Like he said, the best option is to take up a Master's degree while working, so you have a secure job and looks great on your resumé too!! Even better if you manage to make your employer sponsor your tuition (partly or in full), etc. That's the safest way to go imo. Academia is mostly just a booming business these days 🙁 so if you REALLY want to get an extraordinary learning experience and develop bankable connections/grow your network while doing it, your options are VERY LIMITED (I mean in single digits ;)). Anyone reading this, wish you all the best in your future endeavors!! Carpé Diem!!!

  8. Don't compare a cyber security master's to a degree in criminal justice. In a cyber security degree you actually learn skills that make you useful to society.

  9. Eli, if there is any single thing that I can appreciate most in all of the videos I have seen you do is sharing your real-life wisdom. That example of the advice the cop gave you after pulling you over is one of those many eye-opening experiences that many of us would never have thought about. Great channel, keep up the good work, and thank you so much for everything you do for us.

  10. Hey guys!! I am about to make a decision whether to do an Msc in Cyber Security or in Data science-Big Data!What's your opinion?I find that Cyber Security is sometimes more theoretical and about applying rules whether on Data science is more like fun.Please enlighten me a little bit.

  11. I am a marine engineer with 10 years experience at sea,so my subjects in bachelors and my experience are not anywhere connected to cyber security,but I am highly interested to go into cybersecurity ,not just because it is a promising job ,but I have keen interest towards it since a long time ,but did not have any guidance​ on how to get knowledge about the same ,which college​ and course offers in depth cybersecurity training?

    I will be leaving my promising which pays me 10k USD per month and will be going for this even it pays me just enough for plain bread and butter

  12. I am From India , I Have Just Completed My BCA and Im Looking for MAsters In IT. Suggets Me Some Best Course That Have Great Impact On My Future. One Thing I'll Let U Know That Im Weak in Coding part

  13. HeyI have been admitted for Masters ion Cybersecurity Here the link to the course please have look at the content and let me know if the Course  is robust or not I eagerly wait for your reply !?

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