Quest For The Lost City (Mayan History Documentary) | Timeline

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  1. Thieves and archeologists….
    One steals our history, the other makes it up and covers up with lies what doesn't conform.
    Both make money from their effort. Who's the biggest crook?

  2. What is sacred to the Maya remains sacred and remains with honor to the people. Archeaologist and anyone else should respect this above all as they are learning and researching.

  3. Yaxchilan " not the original name", City of the Green Stone's. the moss covered stone's that mark the place where the ancient bridge once stood crossing the Usumacinta river. It was a Gate east to west. some have stated it's not a large sight, some have no clue.



  5. Sorry people , I am just singing up my name only . Nothing else ! Oh by the way , this is really good history to know anyway . I like it .

  6. I think that, when you go on an expedition like this, you should get Mattracks for your vehicles. They can handle the worst conditions you would come across.

  7. They keep mentioning "the looters, the looters", but who are they to call the others looters, when they themselves were the ones who started all this business in the first place? there's always a cause for a consequence: if the first explorers, archaeologists and scientists had never taken "samples" back to the US, UK and other countries outside the places where these objects belonged to, the locals would have never realized that looting these ancient places is a productive business as there are plenty of Gringos wanting to pay handsomely to take these objects back to museums, universities, etc. to study these ancient civilizations. The problem with the westerners is that they point the fingers to others, but they never look at themselves and their own behavior. "Taking a sample" is not looting?

  8. Wow crazy they had a mcdonalds back then and people say there wasnt an advanced society thousands of years ago . Smh

  9. Use a product called Vicks for bug bites . It sanitises the bite and wards away other bugs . I find it incredible these people believe they can find this site q . Obviously these places have been robbed many many times . Greed of man instilled in all our DNA since the great flood because of our struggle to survive the deliberate instinct ion attempt . We are all survivors because of greed .

  10. how do one speak about the mayans without speaking about the olmecs! this is propaganda

  11. Love what ya'll have done here. How many archaeological sites can be imagined hidden in the jungles? I agree partially, with the idea expressed by "Moorish..". Was everything shown Mayan, or can some of it fall into the context of the Olmec? No questions raised. Got to be open for re-interpretation. That is the nature of science.

  12. SAVE the Chevy wagon! Shows how dumb humans are , value of the the Chevy in 1000 years will be a far greater treasure than rocks.

  13. I'd bet that ball was supposed to be the sun or a planet. I think this based upon the Inca beliefs and their study of astronomy, the myths, and their predictions created around their knowledge of the galaxy, stars and planets.

    I'd sure like to be able to buy just Chicle Base. I wish we could buy gum without any form of sugar or the chemical sugars. None of these are good for you.

  14. The collection pice in main was looted by people like you guy's you need to hold you're colleagues responsible for their actions these people let you in show you things you classify them and say you have to remove them for their own safety and that's called ludi they found a stone sacrificial Stone in a small village in Mexico they let some people look at it some doctors the next thing you know the government comes back with helicopters and wants to take the sacrificial altar from the village to protect it the villagers took AK-47 and knock their teeth in and told him never to come back you got to realize you're putting more pressure on these people than you realize you're stealing all of their history Stone by Stone and it needs to stop all the artifacts that are from this country need to be returned to this country then you can go to the museum in this country and do all the studying you want but stealing it away one stone at a time and expecting them to show you anything at this point is ridiculous

  15. please don't get me wrong I believe in archaeology but archaeology by removing pieces of history from someone's country and shipping them back to your house is not archaeology that's called thievery you can't have it both ways bring me back a pice of stone then I will take a chip off of someone else's history to compare it two do you even realize. How stupid this all sounds it's barbaric at best

  16. If you guy's drink White vinegar a little in a glass of water every other day nothing will bite you thayyy smell the vinegar coming out of your skin and fly away or crawl away from you immediately. It's all so good for you to it lowers blood pressure as well it is a very old but effective technique

  17. So what I'm getting from this is that they have stolen property and according to the law they need to be arrested and return the stolen city or county.

  18. I'm glad you are now aware of the consequences of documenting sites your research is observed and people hire people to go in there and loop the place and bring it back to him that's all I've seen here is my thesis has been proven and it is sad

  19. The word is loot the site's thayyy buy it it's like the ivory trade and it needs to stop back in the day some of it was necessary like the Rosetta Stone being used as a grinding stone for grain nowadays there are museums in these countries and and the property needs to remain in the country not shipped anywhere in the world so we can be bought out from underneath whoever has it and displayed and some billionaires living room

  20. Let me know when you find it with your little boat…try satellite imaging…and save yourself from snake bite.

  21. I wish I was allowed to go into the jungle with the archaeologists and help with the groundwork, finding and documenting new sites and discoveries but bureaucracy and academia stand in my way. It seems like I’m not free to go to where my ancestors are from to investigate my past and further understand myself. That sort of control feels unnatural and makes me think I’m not supposed to know about my ancestors, these sites, or my heritage. I’m supposed to take what I’m told from academia, white people who have their own heritage and ancient sites that actually dominate ideas and the history in books around the world. It seems convenient not to uncover more about the Yucatán peninsula and the human activity that occurred there because it allows for European and other cultures to pervade people and cultures that had developed their own way, told their own story, and left their own monuments.

  22. Love the fact that some pop country singer with a gratuitous bent cowboy hat does a commercial for retirement planning during the middle of this exploration of ancient humanity's rise to greatness.

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  24. I'd love to become an archaeologist and travel with yall. I have an I'dea about the tomb I've seen the same construction at nimlay punet.

  25. looking at 14 minute part i felt miserable that the culture has been eradicated without trace and confidence of people buried so deep that they are feeling so low…..

  26. The stone sample was clearly a match now that’s Amazing from all the stones in the world site q is found;)

  27. These guys are way to clean to be in the deep jungle and all of them came out of that muddy river boat. and I don't see any bugs whatsoever and you're in the freaking middle of the jungle give me a break give me a break give everybody a break this is b*****

  28. Sorry, My fingers were too tired from closing all the ads to like and subscribe to your channel. Better luck next time!

  29. "We are here to take away artifacts,,,,,,BUT the "LOOTERS" are a big problem". LOL. That's exactly what THEY are there for. Hypocrites.

  30. There Mayan way of life was destroyed by them and the people who still harbor that region but let's go ahead and blame the white guy gotta blame someone Right 🖕🖕🖕👆

  31. Incredibly, you know the looters themselves probably got a few thousand dollars and the end guy sold it for hundreds, if not millions of dollars. Rich jerks are the cause of all of this…

  32. People should stop looking for something that doesnt exist. Just because somebody was bored and they spent their free time by carving on a stone. Doesnt mean everybody should take the interpretation of the carving at face value.

  33. What if there was no such things as myans and people created that myth to keep y’all busy from something bigger….

  34. This video actually helped inspire our own visit to Mexico! 🙂

  35. Anthropologists studying the Mayan culture with no linguistic skills whatsoever- no grasp of Spanish or local Native American languages. How pathetic and arrogant of them!

  36. These people so called experts are nothing more then thieves and treasure hunters and grave robbing glory seekers it been happening all over the world

  37. The first site is i Mexico and the narrator cant even pronounce the name of the site correctly. It's pronounced….SHjack she lan

  38. I've heard the locals refuse to let these guys to take artifacts from their country…because these guys are actually looking for souvenirs to take home for their private collections…other wise why even bother…

  39. my Indiana Banana moment. I was climbing down a pyramid during rainy season which was a big pile of fallen blocks when i found a scary bunch of mosquitoes at the bottom. I ran back up the pile with such force that a big block started moving sending an avalanche down the side. A shameful moment realizing even massive ruins can be fragile.

  40. Took 45 min to explain in 5 min what this is all about, which is the ppl in the video and
    There Johnny quest adventure to complain about looters. Waste of time

  41. Yes the Mayan played football but the winner's were killed, it was a life and death game, it wasn't for entertainment purposes.

  42. We need a well funded worldwide organization of some kind complete with Tradesmen & Scientists from all Fields, With the sole purpose of exploration study and conclusion with hands-on open to us the public undaunting pursuit of solving the prehistory achievements of our species,
    I see that there is a rapidly growing number of curious and interested people that want to know these unsolved mystories, It's just a matter of time till a people like Billionaire Elon Musk get involved and get the ball rolling ..
    Better hurry up I'm 65 and not getting any younger,,,

  43. The real question said who said the western world has the right to keep the artifacts havent they taken enough. Wouldnt what the private collector himself paid for be enough to help these poor mayan towns. Wtf man

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