Quest Conference 2019: Indigenous Education and Equity

We will continue to honour and acknowledge
the people who walked this land before us. Miigwetch. Join me Niigaan Sinclair. Join me Gabrielle Scrimshaw. Renu Mandhane. Pamala Agawa. Join me Andrew Kushnir. Dr. Robin DiAngelo. Maurice Switzer. Join me Jesse Wente at Quest 2019. Quest having this focus on indigenous education
and equity is such a unique opportunity. These are two of the most critical important
issues for Canada’s future. This is where I’m going to get a little emotional. Education of indigenous issues and people’s
is a way to actually get Canada to be the Canada it has always imagined it was. The basis of any reconciliation has to be
meaningful relationships with indigenous people. We can talk about really challenging issues
such as white fragility how they manifest in our schools and what role each one of us
can play in changing them. Drama allows us to listen differently. The strength of we are as indigenous peoples
comes from the fact that we speak from our hearts. Marginalized voices need either new spaces
created or old spaces reformed in order for them to find their power in the world. Indigenous peoples are just as capable of
achieving given the same opportunities as other people living in Canada. Bravery comes from taking the uncomfortable
step of trying to find connections with other peoples who you can walk with, at Quest we’re
going to learn how to take that step. It’s educators who are on the front edge of
the change. Come learn, share, laugh. Educators absolutely should attend Quest this
year. You’ll feel inspired and empowered. You have a lot to share with us and we have
a lot to learn from you.

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