Quantum Knowledge

in the beginning there was nothing somehow everything nothingness matter energy space time consciousness mind emerged came out how is it but something as unconscious as the matter of the brain can ever give rise to something as immaterial as an experience if you want to see fear in a quantum physicists eyes just mention the words the measurement will be the measurement problem is this an atom only appears in a particular place if you measure it in other words an atom is spread out all over the place until a conscious observer decides to look at it so the act of measurement or observation creates the entire universe only conscious beings can be observers then we're intimately hooked in to the very existence of reality without us there would just be this expanding superposition of possibilities with nothing definite ever actually happening out of millions and millions of blobs of energy and light photons and electrons they make up this imaginary three-dimensional solid world which doesn't exist at all according to relativity or quantum mechanics anytime we attempt to look at particles beyond a certain level the very act of observation changes lives and in addition the more you look at individual particles the more you realize that there is no such thing as one electron an electron or any elementary particle exists only in relationship to other things like other particles or the universe at large this means that had deeply enough they dive down into the nature of matter everything we know about the the everyday world dissolves there are no objects anymore there are only relationships there's no locality anymore there's no time anymore the more you look at something in detail and what we think of as solid matter the less and less solid it begins to look very realities we know are the ones our brain manufactures our brain receives millions of signals every minute and we organize them into Holograms which we project outside ourselves and call it reality well the brain cortex ah if it is also a hologram that's a three-dimensional hologram if two-dimensional holograms reconstruct three-dimensional images then ergo it follows that three-dimensional holograms a hologram is a metaphore it is how you take n dimensions of information and you bring them down into n minus 1 dimensions it's a way of relating the paradoxes that we find in how to make a leap from this concept to that concept that conceptual pidgeonholes we use words to describe reality are phenomena inside our head they're not out there and most of the time this is a philosophical quibble when you but when you get down to quantum physics and this is one of the reasons the holographic idea it it starts to have real effects and one of those as it's been discovered that if you take two subatomic particles like electrons in certain instances when you do something to one it will always affect the other no matter how far apart they are well how can this be but what this tells us is that once matter is physically joined even when it becomes separated the energy is still there that's connected and this is why it's important to me because we go back far enough in time all the particles matter of this entire universe that are expanding were all meshed together in a single particle about the size of the green beans what scientists tell us today is what the computer models suggest if you could go into the University and take all the particles of matter and take out all the space in between and bring it together and compress it into a size of a single green pea it means that you and me and every one of our listeners we were all once part of that same particle that creates this whole universe today and even though those particles are now separate and expanding and studies show that they are energetically we're all still linked so an atom and it's electron are multiversal objects and that multiversal object is what the quantum mechanics is describing now that means that the parallel universe aspect of reality as described by quantum theory must apply to objects of all sizes humans stars galaxies everything and that's why we call it the parallel universe theory rather than just parallel electrons theory because we ourselves are made of atoms after all we are sand and that's right in the same theory that says that the atoms exist in more than one place in different universes says that we humans also exist in more than one place and in more than one state of mind and so forth in different universes and so what that means talking about words is that there is no separation between electrons furthermore there's no separation between people everything is interconnected and the biggest secret of all to me is the extent to which individuality is lusion kinds from how our minds perceive my use comes from my Mind Your Illusion comes from your mind the do not need sword you don't officer anywhere else for the source of illusion whoever research externally we cannot find the source of illusion because your illusions come from within your mind the big thing we're talking about here is a new way of thinking about this thing we call the person the self the beingness the I and as we begin to modify what we mean by that we can begin to see and touch upon this infinite realm that I'm speaking about infinities part of the boundary of your existence that is viewed from this perspective everything can be divided to infinity if you've ever wondered why nuclear power is a million times more powerful than chemical energy is because chemical energy resolves from the manipulation of atoms in a molecule nuclear energy resolves from the manipulation of nucleons in a nucleus the super unified scale of thousand million million million times smaller is virtually infinite in its dynamism if you're seeking the infinite what instruments do you have to seek the infinite only sense objects so through your sense organs if you are seeking the infinite it is like wanting to go to moon with a bullock cart that is the plight of humanity right now with a limited perception they are trying to grasp that is which is beyond so we try to perceive at the ultimate level of reality and we search for any kind of method for example new technology atomic power etc a pub but searches we might we cannot perceive the ultimate level of reality using these mechanisms and the ultimate level of reality is fundamentally empty we cannot find and not observable using these scientific methods science is involved in a perceptual Enterprise not in not primarily in Genoese though knowledge appears but knowledge is byproduct and by understanding the thing you can coherently then our contact with it as long as it is coherent it shows that our understanding is correct you see we must distinguish between correct apparent citizen incorrect occurrences or illusory nor appearance now is what we call residual self-image it is the mental projection of your digital self what is real how do you define real if you're talking about what you can feel what you can smell you can taste and see then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain our brains take information in and sometimes give it a form it's not that the picture is out there if that we're getting data that we're turning into a picture according to our own belief systems in their own unconscious belief systems as well we know what is going on is that light comes in through the eyes hits the back of the retina triggers electrochemical impulses which travel down nerve fibers to the back of the brain where the brain very cleverly in about a tenth of a second puts it all together it says this is what it looks like healthier well you're creating your own reality tunnel that doesn't mean you are creating reality reality whatever that is that the infinite flux of energy you're creating your own reality tunnel all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively there is no such thing as death life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves

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  1. it may be that "in the begining" is a missleading conception, since "nothing" is still being now, and is the basis of the rest of "somethings"? Nothing was not just in the begining, I mean…. something like that

  2. im probably not fully understanding this but if this was true , which i hope it is, then couldnt i just shove my hand right through a table or something?

  3. So in order to have reality exists it must transcend reality as an "archetype " the Biblcal word in Hebrew is YHWH which has the meaning of "I Am". In the beginning was the Word….john 1:1. The reality of a person who came into our reality: GOD

  4. It's been a long time since I flunked out of High School so let me just sum it up the only way I know how… It's all about ME

  5. Im thinking 'sound' is an effect that happens between the ears of the listener. I understand that the tree fell and it's only reasonable to assume it made a 'noise'.. My take, No ears, No sound!!

  6. There is an oak on our park woods that is close to 400 years old. I perceive something that is unique and separate from myself, that was well before I could perceive. So yes, the tree that falls in the forest does make a sound. Particle physics describes a level of being that is distinct from our macro, tactile level. These are distinct quantum states and it is a mistake to apply the rules of one to the other.

  7. QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter by Richard P. Feynman (Oct 1, 1988)

    However, this book is real science. Pretty much all of this video is just junk science and pretty everything that I can find in it has no bases. In other words the technical term for it is "horse crap.".

  8. To explain sub-atomic physics without mathematics requires imperfect analogies and metaphors. Many folks in the video and other such muddle-minded mystics then speculate wildly from those explanations. The video states facts but interspersed among those facts are speculations and conjectures. They use their misunderstanding of sub-atomic physics to confirm their beliefs.

  9. In Jesus All Things HOLD TOGETHER
    The Bible will amaze in how It will solve all your quantum dilemmas
    ~Colossians 1:15-17
    He (Jesus) is the image of the invisible God,
    the firstborn over all creation.
    For everything was created by Him,
    in heaven and on earth,
    the visible and the invisible,
    whether thrones or dominions
    or rulers or authorities—
    all things have been created through Him and for Him.
    He is before all things,
    and by Him all things hold together.

  10. built to sustain within human frame will be the likeness for formation the effect is Ripley overriding but build to correspond to the premiss of persistently consisting undaunted within resolves edges for the frame of safe haven within sustained form the minute frame is beyond me but not out of my reach;) gates are open

  11. Regarding interference, not human brains, that cause subatomic uncertain states to become known and collapse waves, just look at the double-slit experiment. Experiment #1 with a single slit shows a scatter pattern. Experiment #2 with two slits show a wave pattern. Experiment #3, put a detector on a slit, it interferes, the wave collapses, and now there's a scatter pattern. Why didn't human brains observing experiment #2 cause the wave pattern to collapse into a scatter pattern?

  12. Well-documented and corroborated observations of our natural world reveal a long and interconnected history, from geological formations and strata, plate tectonics, multiple radiometric dating methods, and a fossil record. On other planets, craters upon craters reveal a long and battered history. Spectral analysis of stars and nebulae reveal life cycles and deaths of stars. And the light from millions of galaxies with billions of stars reveal structures and great distances. Humans are new.

  13. "The act of observation creates the entire universe." The universe was around for billions of years before such arrogant humans showed up to misunderstand it as in this video. It is not the act of observation that affects subatomic particles, it's interference regardless of the presence of mammal brains.

  14. The Quantum and the Lotus by Matthiew Richard and Trinh Xuan Thuan. The book is in the form of a discussion between Richard, a scientist who became a Buddhist monk, and Thuan, a Buddhist who became a scientist.

  15. I think this was taken from a BBC series. Does anyone know what it was called and if it is available on DVD? Also I find this fascinating and was wondering if anyone could recommend some books on the subject. Not too complex please as I struggle with understanding this anyway 🙂

  16. the computer u were using….the internet tat made u do this post….the power source which runs your computer…jus a few examples though…tats wat science created….if u really feel SATAN (wtf!!) creates n uses it…y U use it in the first place??

  17. You are totally wrong. Religions were not formed to blindfold you and lead you in being scared of the natured. Only extremists does it the wrong way. Atheists look at the extremist to point out the mistakes of religion. Its interesting how all the religions get a big similarity. The most astonishing thing is that, they all have similarity in their holy texts which indirectly (Metaphorically) represents a lot of things Science now has invented.

  18. Both of those terms contradicts. Quantum Physics actually rips off classical science. This is the same reason why Albert Einstein hated Quantum Mechanics because of its uncertainty.

  19. Stop being so ignorant. Extremist like you are the reason why there exist war in this planet. I am neither an extreme believer nor an atheist. I am in search of god (in whatever form the GOD exist). I know god exist and I want to prove it scientifically that the society will learn to accept the truth. But Atheists has a strong point against believers like you. You are blind (blind belief). I believe in a god from an educated background.

    Please stop this nonsense

  20. Science is evil n wats evil its a force used by satan da bi le itself says people will b blinded by many n mislead by it

  21. I'm not sure what your religion is, but I have a feeling you are a christian. I can tell you right now that originating from bacteria over millions of years makes more seance then us coming from to humans. If that were the case most of us would probably be brain dead by now from insest. The reason religion exists is because humans have always been afraid and scared, so they need someone more powerful to lead them and comfort them, only now we are becoming smarter.

  22. the complexity of human minds is just impossible without a creator. the chance of over 6,000,000,000 people being originated from a single bacteria is just not even practical. the bacteria can not even hold all the information that our minds contain. not to mention how perfect the gravity and rotation of the earth is. creation is the truth.

  23. That was deep! Life is a dream and we are imaginations if ourselves. That's some reality to wrap your head around! DENY EVERYTHING!!!

  24. That is a misquote. He's actually saying, What Is Reality is beyond perception, and that thru the (finite) mechanisms of perception one cannot seek and find What Is Reality (Infinite). The intellect (left brain) is a finite mechanism of perception.

  25. The producer of this video has misunderstood the key sentence in Genesis. In the beginning was void (and not nothing as the host commented). Void is the status of unseen energy that has not yet taken any form. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy in its void form was converted into light by God and this energy then took form as gases then solidify, etc.

  26. You must read the Bible (Genesis) probably and accurately. It said in the beginning was void. It did not say there was nothing. We know know that void is the black hole which contains all the energy in invisible form (quantum physics).

  27. Wrong. In the beginning there was void not nothing. Void is something and not nothing. Void is black hole.

  28. ….vague understanding of reality and these deep things and even for the things we have a good understanding of, we simply cannot comprehend much of it because we were never evolved to think about these sort of things.

    Such as the idea that consciousness is just an illusion.

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