hi babes I'm diminisher welcome back to my youtube channel today I'm gonna talk about one of the sustainable development goals but before that I will explain first what UNHCR s UNHCR is a United Nations program with the mandate to protect refugees forcibly displaced communities and stateless people and assist in their voluntary repatriation local integration and resettlement or third country so for today's topic is about quality of education in Indonesia do you know Indonesia has the fourth largest education system in the world but we ranked last card entropies our worldwide ranking Indonesia is in 62 out of 70 countries the average score of math science and reading is in below 450 seriously guys the data verification from the ministry of education and culture says in 2019 Indonesia has more than 200 schools so million features and 45 millions of students now let's find what causes the proof quality of education in Indonesia first education system the government changed the curriculum constantly without considering the significant difference our national accurate column is still using a textbook as our main reference even though in reality all students has their own way to find resources that fits them perfectly most of the students are preferring learning through the internet which is something that still being considered by the government also our National Curriculum still uses a system of leveling all students number 2 teachers performance according to the results of the national teacher competency exam where the average performance of the teacher is 53% whereas the government is targeting an average score of 55 it post that Indonesian teachers are trained and instructed to teach from a deck sanitary column and follow specific learning guidelines we need a 2 three where teachers are now lecturing or just talking in front of the class but sharing with the class I believe this method will make students think critically about the problems and also they're more courageous to give their opinions number three quantity of equality as we know the access to getting an education is much easier now than it was before however the result of program for the International Student Assessment examinations in 2015 42% of fifteen-year-old indonesian student failed to achieve minimum standards those evidence leads to the statement that the quality of students in indonesia is increasing every year therefore we have a very low quality of education in indonesia well what do I think about at occasions in Indonesia actually education survey Malaysia has already improved than before but it also depends with the students to receive the knowledge they can start improving their teaching skills I've more sub chicken to their classes and improve their science lab considering that Indonesia is a developing country I believe that the quality of the education here in general is decent enough to be able to get some of its students to enter iili schools however the twenty-sixth human right article does state that elementary education should be compulsory and free but I know for a fact that very many of the impoverished children here do not have that right even if they did however I'm also aware that Indonesia doesn't actually have enough qualified or certified teachers to teach all the kids in the country additionally many existing schools here have insufficient learning materials and poor facilities and by poor facilities I mean the toilets they sometimes don't work the learning environments not very sanitary and sometimes the doors come off the wall but based on our study report that I did last year I discovered that fortunately Indonesia has made tremendous progress with 99% of its 12 to 15 year-olds now able to read and write so to conclude the education quality here is okay but it's getting their last knot loose I want to ask you one question have you got a good quality of education in Indonesia share your thoughts in the comment sections below and I forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and see you guys on my next video bye


  1. Sebenernya bukan cuman indonesia yg jelek, amerika, australia, UK juga jadi jeblok gara2 globalisasi. banyak S2, S3 jadi penagngguran disana.
    Tapi itulah kompetisi, sistem edukasi yg jadul ga bakal bisa bertahan lawan globalisasi.

  2. the main reason why Indonesia Education not developed as well is because the mentality we have as Indonesian. we always blaming the system education but you don't understand, that our social lifestyle, our culture, our country mindset is very effecting the way we see the world. so we must has a revolutionary education system to improve our knowledge. will continuing this disscusin if you reply this hehe

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