QMU e-PgCert Professional and Higher Education

The satisfaction of teaching and supporting learning really lies in seeing your students develop. It is hard to describe the joy that accompanies that magic moment when you see their lights come on, or the payoff of a long learning journey. By seeing each student as unique, you realise how mysterious the learning process really is. By being authentic in your role as a teacher, you’re connected deeply with your own values. You may realise that you are doing at least as much learning as your students. Students can often sense this. Who you are, not what you know becomes the key factor in the learning relationships and processes. So in order to develop and keep fresh as a teacher, you need to spend some quality
time reflecting on what you do, why you do it and how you know it works. And, on who you are. The online e-PgCert in Professional and Higher Education at Queen Margaret University helps you to
do this. It is a respected master’s level programme designed for people who are already supporting the learning of students, either in a university, college, or workplace. We guide you in your learning and support you in reflecting deeply on your practice. We foster the development of an online international community of inquiry. We challenge you to engage with theory in a way that has meaning for your
own practice and working context. We offer a range of learning experiences to optimise your growth through the programme. Does this feel right for you? Then check out the details below, contact us personally for a conversation, or join us, if you dare!

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