Qatari Students at GU-Q: In Their Own Words

– Okay, my name is Abdullah Al- Malki I’m a sophomore. I’m hopefully going to major in Ipol and I’m graduating hopefully in 2021. The best thing I like
personally about Georgetown is the diverse community
that Georgetown creates and the environment’s so close-knit. You are exposed to these
different cultures, you’re exposed to different
people of different backgrounds and it enhances your
own cultural knowledge, knowledge about these people, knowledge about these cultures, cultures and backgrounds they come from. What I expected from
Georgetown because it was like, it was against the odds for me to get into Georgetown, I expected a rigorous education. Well, as I joined now, it’s still the same but I’ve gotten way more than I expected. I gained more friendships with people from many backgrounds, and I grow as a person as well. This degree will hopefully
help me continue my, my education, hopefully, a
Masters Degree within the scope of International Politics and it will aid me hopefully in my work with my sponsor and hopefully in the future as a diplomat and
representative of my country on the international stage.

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