Qatar is the RICHEST country but is it FAIR? – KJ VIDS

– Qatar is the richest
country in the world with a per capita income
of approximately $125,000. It has a well-developed
oil exploration industry where the petroleum
industry accounts for 70% of its government revenue, 60% of its GDP and 85% of its export earnings. Although the size of Qatar’s GDP is barely within the top
50th largest in the world, the country’s relatively low population of two and a half million results
in a large GDP per capita. I’m Kasim, this is KJ
Vids and in this video, we will look why everyone does not enjoy the fruit of Qatar’s wealth. Lots of countries have fossil fuels, but few have done as well as Qatar to take advantage of them. Qatar has done much to
reinvest energy money and diversify its economy. Support from the U.S. as well
as decades of proven reserves have also fostered stability. Qatar has been ruled by
the Al-Thani family since the early 1900s when it
became a British protectorate. On July 17, 1913, Shaikh
Abdullah Bin Qassim Al-Thani became the ruler of Qatar. At the time, Qatar’s primary industry was pearling and fishing. The country was marked
by widespread poverty, malnutrition, and
disease from the collapse of the pearl trade in the 1920s. But in 1939, oil was discovered at Dukhan. Development on the field
was slow until 1949, because of World War II,
but while the oil discovery was significant, it was nothing compared to the natural gas reserves
found 30 years later. In 1951, Qatar produced
46,500 barrels of oil per day, amounting to $4.2 million in revenue. The discovery of off-shore oil fields and their development by
Shell led to an increase in Qatar’s production to 233
thousand barrels per day. New revenue from oil
exports flooded the pockets of the ruling family and Qatar began a slow process of modernization. The country’s first school,
hospital, power plant, desalination plant, and telephone exchange all opened in the 1950s. Oil revenues steadily
increased through the 1960s as the Al-Thani family
strengthened its grip on power by installing relatives in
high government positions. All Al-Thani family members were granted extravagant allowances. In 1971, the world’s
largest natural gas field, the South North Dome Gas-Condensate field, was discovered off the coast of Qatar. Petroleum production was still
running high at the time, so the field was not developed. Thanks to the North Field, Qatar
has the largest natural gas reserves in the world
after Russia and Iran. Their reserves are estimated
to be 896 trillion cubic feet. The crash of oil prices in the 1980s, along with the emir
syphoning off oil revenues, stalled the Qatari economy. The crisis led Qatar finally
to develop the North Field in 1989, though even
then production was slow. By 1995, the situation in
Qatar had not improved. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa
Al-Thani took the throne in a bloodless coup from
Emir Khalifa bin Hamad, while the emir was in Switzerland. Sheikh Hamad set a whole new
direction for the country. One of Sheikh Hamad’s first
moves was to fast-track the development of the North Dome field. Production was ramped up
and Qatar began exporting liquid natural gas for the first time. To accommodate increased
production and demand, Qatar began building new
liquid natural gas plants. Over the last 15 years, 14
liquid natural gas plants have been built in partnership with international oil companies. In the late 1990s, Qatar
entered into production sharing agreements with numerous
international oil companies. The new companies began using
horizontal drilling methods to reverse decline in oil production. Qatar’s partnership with
Maersk Oil resulted in the world’s longest horizontal well. In 1996, Qatar built the gigantic, billion-dollar al-Udeid air base, which has served as a logistics and a command facility
for the U.S. Military. The partnership with the U.S. military has given Qatar an
unprecedented level of security. In 1997, Qatar began long-term
agreements to provide massive amounts of natural
gas to Spain and Japan. Over time, Qatar further
diversified its clients. Thanks to steady oil production and high natural gas production, Qatar’s GDP has skyrocketed
over the last 15 years. Hoping to avoid the
dreaded resource curse, Qatar has taken measures
to diversify its economy. In 1998, the government
built Education City, a massive campus that supports
six American and two European universities, as well as
research centres and think tanks. Qatar has amassed a sovereign wealth fund of over $300 billion
dollars thanks to revenues from oil and natural gas. It then begun to invest
it like a hedge fund. In 2003, Qatar established
the Qatar Investment Authority to recycle oil and gas income
into other income streams. QIA has made big investments
in Barclays Bank, Credit Suisse, Harrods, Porsche,
Volkswagen, and a majority stake in the Paris
Saint-Germain football team. Qatar has become one of the
largest holders of real estate in London through the QIA. Qatar owns The Shard, western
Europe’s largest skyscraper, as well as large parts of Canary Wharf and other parts of the city. The Qatar Financial Centre
was built in 2005 to develop Qatar’s financial services industry. The country believes that it
can become a financial services leader for Gulf states thanks
to its relative stability and large base of capital. In 2006, Qatar passed Indonesia to become the largest exporter of liquid natural gas in the world with revenues
from oil and natural gas amounting to 60% of Qatar’s GDP. But more competition was
coming, with liquid natural gas production booming in places
like the U.S. and Australia. In December 2010, Qatar
was selected as host for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Qatar has positioned
itself as a sporting hub for the region, hosting or planning to host numerous global sporting events. There have been widespread
allegations of horrific working and living conditions
for the migrant workers who are building the World
Cup sites and other projects. It was also alleged that Qatar
spent $5 million on bribes to secure the 2022 World Cup bid. But although Qatar is the
richest country per capita income this does not always paint a realistic picture of life in Qatar. The main reason it is
the richest per capita is because the data is
only typically based on the incomes of native Qatari citizens, a demographic of Qatari
society whose population is estimated to be about 250 thousand. In 2015, there was an estimated
1.7 million migrants working in Qatar, and in January 2017, this number increased to
as many as 2.2 million. The overall population today
is approximately 2.5 million. The cause for this increase in population is mostly due to migrant
workers, who now comprise around 90& of the country’s
population and workforce. Though it may be news to
some, the Qatar poverty rate is only becoming
increasingly worse each day, and migrant workers are the amongst the sole individuals suffering from it. Most migrant workers in
Qatar come from countries like Bangladesh, India, Nepal or Pakistan in efforts to escape poverty
in their home countries and achieve financial stability for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, as many
have quickly discovered, Qatar is not at all what they anticipated. Upon arrival into the
country, Qatari law dictates that migrant workers, under
the Kafala sponsorship system, cannot leave the country or change jobs without their employer’s permission. Another major problem is
that employers in Qatar are also notorious for
confiscating the passports of migrant workers, keeping
them in the country indefinitely and leading to many
allegations of forced labour. While the salaries of
migrant workers in Qatar vary on a case-by-case basis, the
lowest paid migrant worker will, on average, earn about $1,920 per year working in construction. The higher earning workers
generally don’t receive a salary exceeding $500 per month. In contrast, salary estimates
for Qatari citizens average $690,000 of the GDP per
citizen, a fact that reinforces the notion that the majority
of the country’s wealth is concentrated in the hands
of native Qatari citizens. Another thing to take into
consideration is that although they may be receiving a
salary, for a large number of these workers the
majority of their wages will go to paying off
the recruitment loans. The loans they took to get
to Qatar in the first place as well as the accrued interest. Migrant workers are rarely
given an opportunity to spend much money on
themselves or to send money home to their families for a minimum number of months after arriving in the country. Also, since they have no
freedom of movement or ability to change places of work
freely, they only increase the Qatar poverty rate by being
forced to continue to work in lower paid jobs, while
simultaneously being consistently limited in how they can
spend the money they earn. Much like other countries, a
wealth gap has inevitably led to a potentially irreversible
Qatar poverty rate, so long as this disproportionate distribution of wealth continues to occur. Similarly, to any wealthy
countries in the West, there are also ripple
effects produced by poverty. In Qatar, migrant workers
have alleged complaints that include substandard
living conditions, ill-treatment in labour
camps, lies about the details of the work they would be
doing and how long until they actually arrive in Qatar,
health problems with no money to afford health care, constant
fears of being homeless, poor safety conditions in
the workplace and much more. In 2017, the United Nations
International Labour Organisation gave Qatar
until November 2017 to end human rights abuses
toward their migrant workers or face investigation for
forced labour violations. Qatar serves as another
reminder that the production of wealth does not automatically
equate to a fairer society where everyone can benefit
from the country’s wealth. This is important to observe
since as long as emerging economies such as Pakistan
and Turkey focus only on the creation of wealth,
rather than the distribution of wealth, they will inevitably
face the same problems. I am Kasim, thank you for
watching, and see you next time. We would love to hear your
views on the situation in the comments below. If you would like to see
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  1. Qatar is only equal to Shanghai of China . The China GDP per capita is higher than all Muslim majority nation except Saudi Arabia . Even the 11 million Turkish immigrants living in xingjiang autonomous region . The Uyghurs turk women feel proud of become wife of Han Chinese men .

  2. To clear some misinformation:

    – It is illegal for any employer to hold or confiscate its employees passport.
    – An expat can complete duration of its contract and change their job if they wish to do so!
    – Most of the establishments here are owned or operated/managed by expats namely Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Egyptians and Syrians with silent (On paper only) partnerships of locals so just for anyone's information, its usually the expats who exploit other expats unfortunately!
    – There is a wage/workers protection system in place where the employer has to deposit salary for its employees every month in a workers bank account or else risk being shutdown with periodical checks from the government.
    – Any expat just needs to inform its employer a minimum of 3 working days before their intended departure from the country and an exit permit will be issued. Within those 3 days, the employer has the right to raise a complaint with the authorities and if such a claim is not raised, the worker is good to go.

    People talk about workers safety… the government has implemented rules and regulations and checks n balances but if the worker (him/her) is not following those requirements properly, no one should blame the government for it, firstly its the workers responsibility and then its the employers and I have seen it with my own eyes people failing to comply just for the ease.

    Ministry of Interior in Qatar is the only authority to issue visas to expats with a very minimal amount but it was the expats or agents of those expats in other countries selling work visas at extremely higher prices. Its way under control now!

    Its a good video, but it would have been much better if you could have done your research 🙂

  3. that's why many muslim from around the world hate muslim from gulf nation i hope that all of you will be destroyed by yemen one day.

  4. Not fair when one is a Non-Arab jealous peasant making propaganda videos on youtube for a religion they created

  5. Your Qatari boss are wasting billions of $ to host 2022 Fifa world cup, Purchasing European clubs like PSG and Propaganda . Tell them to help fellow Muslim brothers

  6. Africans were slaved to build Americas by the bloodthirsty disease ridden whites , and Asians are forced to build glass house which can shatter anytime by illiterate smelly Arabs.

  7. Your channel provides unbiased information about Politics, Social Systems and Religion….
    I've watch almost every video of your channel.. Please do a video on the subject of MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD….

  8. Post from Canada….
    Qatar could be the richest NOW…..
    To all in Arabian Countries, mark my words, In just 10 years time (may be sooner NOT later) YOUR life styles will come crashing down for the following reasons.

    * Your partying on the sweat and blood of cheap immigrant slave workers from South Asian countries are over because the World is moving away from Fossil Fuels to renewables.
    * Arab nationals are so spoiled that they are out of touch with reality. Unemployment is rife in Arab countries that a majority of Arabs are less than 35 years of age and unemployed, Obese, spoiled, when the Petrodollar market dries up around 2020, it will be a rude awakening for them for their survival. Expect the Second Arab Spring very, very soon.
    * World only interacts with the Arab Nations now just because of their dependency on Oil. We have a timer counting down now.
    * Islam proved to be a failed experiment to the West in-spite of West's patience to tolerate it.

    Castles made of Sand are bound to come Crashing Down……

  9. Qatar may be the richest country now. Reason, petrodollars from their natural gas revenue.
    Fact: they support Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas ….. World calls them Terrorist Organizations.
    Fact: By 2022, West and Europe will be producing more energy from renewables than that of Fossil Fuels.

    Good luck to the Arabs and Qatar.

  10. Pls make a video about why Israeli citizens cannot visit countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia or other Muslim countries. I know the reason is legitimate, but youtubers like Nas Daily frequently complaining about this issue.

  11. Qatar, the traitors, the terrorists and the refuge of the fugitives
    Aljazeera channel established to serve Zionism and global Masonicism and spread strife and division in the world
    Al-Jazeera is a platform of sedition, stirring up a band and inciting evil since its establishment

  12. Qatar is gas station no economy no pepole nothing the frist milk factory in 2018 you can imagen only 3 goverment hospitals nothing they have the money becasue there is no responsibiltes and by the way they funding terrorism in very hige level and most of the problems in ME because of Qatar

  13. This video would only make sense if it was in 2014. The Kafala system is basically not existent in Qatar nowadays but you choose not to include that in your video. The government built complexes for the worker that are damn near hotel level; again you choose to not include that. While Qatar is hot af nobody can argue with that. But the government is giving workers that are working on the world cup stadium vests that repel heat, but AGAIN you choose not to include that. Unlike most people, here are my sources, cause I like to give my argument some ground.

    Heat vests:
    While I couldn't find the article for the Kafala system, this article is similar:

  14. Same in Kuwait UAE Saudi Arabia so don't tell on your neighbour whiles all gulf countries are ass wholes to the foreign workers

  15. Hhh your mouth peace for the UAE Saudi and egypt same shit is happening all over the fucking middle East I lived in all does countries and I know all the shit that happens their so don't miss lead your viewers all Arab are fucking bastards

  16. Basically Qatar was poor & backward for many years. The British discovered Qatar's gas & modernized it the Victorian way (aristocrats enjoy the wealth while workers are exploited). Now US & UK corporations can operate in Qatar & Dubai the way British India used to do in India, Pakistan, & Bangladish.

  17. Did he say "Qatar built a Billion dollar millatery base for USA? .. where the drones and flights takes place the destruction of the Muslim world ..May Allah destroy them soon 😕

  18. I would like to know what countries of the laborers do about abuses against their citizens? This has been going on for a long time, yet the number of laborers going there has not decreased. Why don't countries like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan protect their people from exploitation and inform their people about how they are exploited in Arab countries?

  19. I have been to Qatar, worked for 2 yrs, so I am in a position to give my comment based on experience unlike the majority of you keyboard warriors in the comment section with no experience. Just like any other country Qatar faces challenges but the government tries to address most of the issues and sensitizes migrants on their rights. As much as you criticize Qatar you must note that all these employees are employed in foreign companies some from India. Instead of bashing Qatar, maybe you should question the foreign companies practices.

  20. This report is so outdated I think you should change you should quit your career in journalism cause you suck it at it!

  21. I'm a Qatari and you got so many points wrong, I won't do your HW, I'll correct few:

    1) Confiscation of passport (when it happened before immigration law reforms) it was for the duration of contract (2 years) and not indefinitely, that's a big mistake.
    2) Labors can't go homeless because providing accommodation (and food) is required for all migrant labor. You lose your job, you lose you residency permit and get sent back.
    3) These people are not long term residents of Qatar, they are brought on 2 years contract to build and go home. In the mean time they have the opportunity to save money (the entire salary as accommodation, food & transportation is all covered).
    4) The problems the workers have with career contractors (not sure what they're called) and their cost is the problem of the country the migrant came from, not Qatar's.
    5) The wealth is indeed concentrated on the hand of Qataris as it should be (this our country and its wealth belongs to its people, it is not charity for everyone)
    6) Salaries for other works (not labors) are far greater than the countries they came from, that's one of the reason people move there.

    You need to do your HW and also define 'fairness.' beside making emotionally driven videos.

  22. Your videos never disappoint me Kasim. Although I may not agree with its contents sometimes, the quality of your videos and your in-depth analysis are second to none..Keep up the good work.

  23. Hey bro I was thinking since u did a lot of research on middle eastern countries and how their wealth should be distributed; it’s funny how u didn’t mention that non of these workers ever pay income tax …EVER.


  24. The living & the working conditions of the migrant & the temporary labourers in Qatar are so plight to say the least. They are always exploited, they are mozt of times underpaid, they have very poor sanitation facilities, they are most of times forced to work overtime, they don't get their wages regulary & properly, their passports are confiscated, they can't raise their voice to be heard by the concerned authorities, they can't protest for their rights, they are often mistreated, tortured & abused, they have to always work under the scorching sun all the day & in other extreme bad weather conditions, etc… Because of only this people's relentless hardwork, blood, tears, toil & sweat Qatar is having so many high rises, skycrapers, monuments, etc… The human rights are also very poor in Qatar & are being rarely enforced too. So it's only apt to say that these people also helped & are continually helping Qatar in it's development & also contributed to the financial & economical success of Qatar. So many migrant & temporary labourers who came to Qatar from their respective countries were exploited & cheated by the contractors, the firms, the agents, etc… who scammed them mercilessly with fake promises like good salary, good living & good working conditions, etc… & these migrant & temporary labourers completely fell into these traps.

  25. The stats that say that Qatar has an average income of more than $125,000 per capita is rubbish. Most of the money is in the hands of the royals and their friends. Australia has the highest per capita income, and gross domestic product per head of population, than any other country in the world.

  26. New war created by American and Israel in the gulf countries Lets see what happened to Qatari they are gonna to kill each other

  27. even after having everything.. ill treatment of workers is against the teaching of Islam… how can this country be so foolish…

  28. Dear uploader there are a lot of info you did not mentioned i dont know if you meant to do so or due to lack of knowledge and experiance on data collection ..

    First of all. any worker or labour is not forced to come and work if the salary isnt worth for him

    Second. You said that workers are spending long time paying for loan they took to come here ….. the one who took it isnt the qatari as you mentioned qatari locals are welthy enough … in 99% case scenario it is taken by another worker from the same nationality
    Third point. For worker hard conditions the government has put a strict rule for business owner to provide an accomdation with a good standards for labour and ther are ppl whos jobs to go and inspect it

    There was a case where there was a company that cut the wages of many indian workers and provided them with one meal for 7 month anfter a bit o investigation we found that the company is indian it self

    Believe me where ever the hell your from the local ppl of qatar would be kind good helpful to you in some cases more than your own ppl

    Of course there is good and bad but saying that qatar is an example that welth does not mean fairness your manipulating the viewer to think in a sterotype way

    Come to qatar and look at the judgement in court as the labour and local are clearly equal

    Watching such a video make me doubt your honesty please ask those who came to the country make more reading and research understand what you talk about then you can write

    I am not pointing at you as a person basically what i want you to understand that you are in a social media so please you are responsible of the info that your giving them … ppl want the truth more than you opinion

  29. KJ vids… how much were you paid to make this video? I live in Qatar and I can say that most of what you say is untrue. You have also become part of a group trying to discredit Qatar. Millions of us make our living in this country. It’s very clear from your narrative that you are carrying out an agenda to blackface Qatar. The information you shared about holding the passport of the workers is completely untrue. It’s actually illegal to hold worker passports. It was true 2 years back but the govt passed a law against it. Similarly, most of your statements are incorrect. Unsubscribing now!

  30. they are at least good with their natives, there are countries like india where muslims are natives and still gets humiliated every day

  31. My father is a migrant in Qatar and I am currently in Qatar. Our situation is okay. Obviously better than the country we came from.

  32. UN is corrupted itself. South asain countries should gather and make a lawsuit claim for those people who are missing or contact less or who are being wrongly paid. This is the reason I hate almost every counties in this world. They are fucking corporate, exploiting human resources.

  33. So many people are jealous of how successful Qatar is what a bunch of losers that wish they were born as a Qatari so they can get spoiled and have a high salary job

  34. Many Arabs in the Gulf are still medieval, evil and cunning…they are slavers…Qatar ppl are one of those…

  35. You didn’t work there or lived there . As all over the world you most have a good contract or good job. But even not all people are good and fair, it is all over the world.

  36. Mankind can be so wretched with each other. Hopefully whatever species replaces us after we inevitably destroy ourselves, will be kinder towards each other.

  37. fairness? who gives a shit…. life isnt fair, the universe isnt fair. I just saved your life, move on and take what you want.

  38. But they all are slaves of America, The day is nearer when Eesa pbuh will return.Israel is going to vanish from world soon Inshallah

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