Q&A: Does Islam Really Teach Peace?

there are people like my sect of Islam which taught us that Islam is a religion of peace the slogan of our sect of Islam was love for all hatred for none' so we were taught to love everyone and that Islam truly was religion of peace so I when I told people Islam is religion of peace when I saw 9/11 happen and those buildings getting knocked down my response was how could this happen in the name of my faith literally who hijacked my faith and those planes to make Islam look violent it was at that time that I started investigating this matter deeply because I started conversing with friends and they would say things like well you've got verses in the Quran that are rather violent for example chapter nine verse five lay siege to the infidels take them captive and kill them wherever you find them that's kind of violent I'd say yeah but that was in a context of a war where the Muslims were trying to defend themselves and so that wasn't a violent verse that was a verse about defense and that was the context but was it as I started investigating I truly did believe that the context was all defensive battles in the Quran but the more I investigated the more I realized that was simply not the case chapter 9 verse 5 so chapter 9 is the most violent chapter of the Quran it's surah tauba and this is the very same chapter which says fight the Jews and Christians until they pay the jizya and feel humiliated just chapter 9 verse 29 this is the same chapter in chapter 9 verse 111 and I think this is one of the scariest verses of the Quran chapter 9 verse 111 says the reason Allah has bought your person in your property is this so you may slay in battle and be slain in other words you're a Muslim so you can kill and die in battle and so I had to contextualize that somehow I had to say this cannot be what Muslims are told to do but as I study the history of early Islam I found out that actually chapter 9 of the Quran is the last major chapter to been revealed in other words right before Mohammed dies it's as if he calls people to his deathbed and says I've got some more instructions to give you that's just a metaphorical language I'm using but like this is the last message I want to leave with you chapter nine of the Quran the most violent one there is when we consider the Bible and people say well what Isis is doing didn't Obama say something like this recently what Isis is doing is no better or no worse than the Crusades it's no better no worse than what happened in Christian history I say no no no no no no you you got to keep things in their appropriate context in the Bible the violence did happen we cannot sidestep it and you didn't ask this question so someone else wants to ask it that's fine but there was violence in the Old Testament and there was there's specific circumstances and things that we should talk about with that so someone please ask but it did not end up that way that wasn't the final marching order of God what we were left with was turn-the-other-cheek he who lives by the sword dies by the sword give your enemy something to drink if they're thirsty that's what we were left with complete grace and peace flip that around for Islam in the early the Meccan days of Islamic history the message is very very peaceful Jews Christians avians all of you if you do good deeds and good works and you fear God on the last day for you is heaven where as towards the end we start hearing things like anyone who comes before Allah without Islam as their religion their religion will not be accepted it goes the other direction so how do we distill all this there's also the matter of Islamic traditions hadith you know we as I'm guessing most of us here are Protestant there may be Catholics you'll understand this as well Protestants have kind of a sola scriptura lens it's like the Bible is my authority and that's it Muslims are not like that the Quran is their greatest authority sure but then they have whole swathes of Islamic tradition called hadith and the hadith are the lens through which the Quran is often applied so Sunni Muslims often use books like sahih al-bukhari Sahih Muslim in order to see how Mohammed lived what was it that he did by the way Muhammad's name has only mentioned four times in the Quran now it's not a book of history about Muhammad's life so people go to the hadith to see how Muhammad lived and because there are so many hadith people can point to the peaceful ones and say that's how Islam should be you've got people like Isis pointing to the violent ones saying that's how Islam should be who is right who is right and can you make Islam whatever you want to make it my concluding statement here is that peaceful Muslims who say Islam is a religion of peace are not lying to you they honestly believe it I did but they haven't investigated the original sources or at least they have done so in a way that wasn't it wasn't faithful to the to the timeline of events early Islam was in fact rather violent Islam even under Muhammad's time did have offensive wars against Jews and Christians and that rendering of Islamic history is what leads people to diligently or faithfully live a violent Islam I hesitate to say this but I think it's true if I still believed in Islam and if I wanted to be faithful to Muhammad I would have a hard time not going to Syria right now to fight for Isis it seems like they're doing what Islam commands

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  1. The Bible isn’t different from the Quran this moron has just been brainwashed to believe the lies of Christianity.

  2. This is true, my father was a muslim, he took islam very seriusly in his youth, in the beginning he learned the peacefull and the goodness of islam, but when he digged deeper into the religion he saw how brutal and ugly the religion was, thats when he started to question his belief and the morality of muhammed. What disgusted him the most was the life of muhammed, his youngest wife aysha was only 9 years old, and under islamic law, men can marry children of this age, if the guardian (father) permits. Since the age of 17, my father left islam for good, he started reading persian poet Omar khayyam and became an atheist. When Isis came to worlds attention my father said this is the true Islam, he was very angry that people accepted the idea that isis has nothing to do with islam. When my father saw the brutality of ISIS, he said this is Islam, this is how islam waged war and took power in the middle-east and north africa.

  3. u don't even know what Jews & Cristians of that time did to Prophet Muhammad SAW & his companions.
    I am not saying all Jews and Christians of that time were bad some were good. Prophet Muhammad & his companions fought with those Jews and Christians who tortured Muslims.
    You researched a lot but you missed main point which you didn't research is that Why Prophet Muhammad fought with Jews and Christians of that time. You missed this point

  4. Muhammad copied good text from Bible and Jewish books, and added his text to justify his lust, anger and greed. Even many verses are copied from Hindus Scriptures later when they conquered Bharat. Quran gives a depressed mind.

  5. for a terorrist he/she is always at war with the infedels , and he/she is right in their understanding of islam to slay the infedels.unless u are an islamic scholar or phd holder in islamic studies, you might have a totally different meaning of the verse. in other words , the quran should be only read by selected few. maybe in another 100 years , we could drop some versus similar to what was done previously, to make islam more politically correct and relevant. women probably will be playing a more active role as religious leaders in the new future testament .

  6. Dear Nabeel, you are a Blessed child from Jesus, to this world… and Nw you a Blessed Angel in Heaven..with our Lord Jesus.. U finish your teaching in this world ,And god brourth you back Home, and i belive u are with JESUS…Love you dearly Son,

  7. Islam is not a religion of peace. No religion that is peaceful would need to use a catchphrase like "Islam is a religion of peace" to prove this. The adherents of the religion would simply display this through their daily actions and behaviours towards others.

  8. All my prayers have been in the name of Jesus. I prayed before this when I was younger. I only prayed to God. There was only this year and last year when I came the Christ and started praying in his name I noticed at least two prayers answered within seconds.

    This and my sudden pull towards the Christian faith, with no real explanation other than I had a feeling (the Holy Spirit), is what keeps me Christian.

    The obvious is yes Jesus clearly taught love. And even in just a very beginning of the quran it teaches to fight others if they fight you. Jesus did not teach to fight. Jesus also taught to beware of false prophets. And what do you know in the 6th century, here along comes Muhammad.

    It is abundantly clear that Christianity is true.

  9. Its christianity thats preaches and spreads love and affinity through nuking Heroshima and Nagasaki, via WMDs, stealth bombers and fighters, via 46000 military outposts, and via concentration camps like Abu ghuraib, Guantanamo bay and Pule charkhi and so many others….. Its disgusting to see a christian giving lectures on Islam spreading hate….what a shame

  10. Dr.Jerald F.Dirks (The former Minister of the United methodist church in the United States. He chose to be Moslem), say that : JESUS WAS NOT GOD.

    MATTHEW 15 : 24
    But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of ISRAEL.


  11. No wonder you rejected the guidance of Allah because if only you read the very next verse of surah 9 verse 6, you would have got your answer
    "And if any one of the polytheists seeks your protection, then grant him protection so that he may hear the words of Allah . Then deliver him to his place of safety. That is because they are a people who do not know."

  12. Former devout Muslim? Hilarious! The man was never a mainstream Muslim. He was Qadiani, the followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed who considered himself Jesus reborn and claimed to be the Messiah. And later turned himself into a prophet.

  13. Did Christianity ever teach peace? Never! Millions of Jews and others were slaughtered, burnt alive and murdered in the name of their man-god or god-man Jesus. This is a fact which no Christian can deny! The Jews are a living testimony to that crime by Christianity and her European Christians. It is all on record.

  14. "How can you disbelieve in Allah when you were lifeless and He brought you to life; then He will cause you to die, then He will bring you [back] to life, and then to Him you will be returned"

    Quran 2:28

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