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pop up the chat nice let's pop up the chat about and welcome everyone to another livestream today is June 22nd 2019 and today's livestream is an open discussion on education beyond the propaganda how to work the system okay that's what I fell the titled the stream and that's what we've been titling these educational streams because basically our current centralized education system for as far as I know in the Western world anyway can the United States and certain people I met have worked with from Europe it is they are or the system is an indoctrination Center there is useful information to be had must be had but there is also a lot of programming that goes on during the 12 years of high school elementary and high school education and it continues almost post secondary education or what not right so we're here to still open up the platform just talk about this I know with my students saying we talked about this a fair bit you know they have questions they want to know why they should be setting something that they're standing specifically with me will be mathematics physics sciences in general and I always emphasize to my students that there's basically two things that they have to excel in in school one of them is the language of mathematics right you have to be literate in the language of mathematics and the other one is you have to be literate in your natural language you have to be able to express yourself properly this form of communication hello taco good morning how are you doing intrepid good morning my friend good morning hope all as well very well here in Trevor thank you very much enjoying this last weekend before that another school year Nicholas how's it going glad I caught the stream awesome awesome hello from London good morning guys good morning mask of the Raven we're Sumeria mercenary how are you doing Starsky good afternoon teacher how's life life is good life is good I like these early morning session tell you the truth I get up in the morning and do my thing I'm a breakfast you know make my tea catch up on news and they usually I just keep on going down the rabbit hole by 7:00 7:30 a.m. so the live stream is now sort of a great way to deviate from going from the you know stop myself from going down a rabbit hole and just open up discussion and then do other things I've missed the last few strings because I couldn't get out that's great are you on the west coast were you were you at we're on the west coast of 7 a.m. it's pretty early for Saturday morning not most people are not the surfing on a Saturday not if they can help it right from me I can't help it I just the birds chirp I get out alright but on that noise because I've been getting up really early for last few weeks anyway I'm going back for the early like 10:00 10:30 11 o'clock crashing and burning right just so you guys know later on today most likely I'm gonna release the live stream on I have to think about this right Alberta oh you're only one hour ahead so 8 o'clock 8 o'clock is pretty early for a Saturday night helper the Mountain Standard time so it's 8:00 for me yeah yeah I've lived in Alberta with Calgary for six months and I'm a bit of a fair bit of work in Alberta during my jewel physics years right so mid-90s I was in Alberta a lot I actually had the opportunity to for geophysics work they offered me the position to run the geophysics department in Alberta in Calgary and manage the geophysics for this multinational engineering environmental company I turned it down I like the West Coast lifestyle right they offered me a fair bit of money but for me it's not about the money it's about the lifestyle and my family was here I love the ocean I love the west coast and I love the temperate rainforest and stuff not just for those of you watching Alberta and BC are quite different in terms of terrain to a certain degree Alberta is very flat bc's mountainous Alberta has is mountainous areas as well right and the demographics the business structure that there's huge differences between Alberta and BC huge differences but we're Canadian late we bought together right the only place Alberta and BC where it conflict is the pipeline going through Albertans or I would say out Burton's I would say the oil industry and the Federal Government of Canada wants to put the pipeline through and residents of BC anyone that really gives a rat's ass about the environment doesn't know they do not want the pipeline through because guaranteed there will be oil spillages I've done environmental work for 10 years in the 90s pipelines leak there will be contamination and the west coast of BC is very pristine there used to be way more pristine during its now but it was very pristine and the tourism industry and stuff is very crucial for British Columbians and oil tanker traffic these gigantic oil tried to track whisky will be a disaster as far as most while many BC residents are concerned I'm enjoying in the hot 30 degrees Celsius 86 degrees Fahrenheit they I'm in my shorts and a wife beater I don't like that I never you know what those I just call them tank tops right I never realized they call them wife beaters I don't like that that what I found out that's what they used to call them I'm like oh man what you trap it I'm gonna go for a run but hopefully you'll still be streaming when I get back awesome have a great run intrepid more power to you runs in the morning I are might be afternoon feeding right now yeah have a nice run taco says gearing up for 13 hour work day here stateside 13 hours yikes what are you doing Skywalker 13 hour work day I know it could be nursing doctors who else does major 12-hour shifts as long about burns really want the pipeline a screw the environment because the economic situation is bad here yeah and here's the kicker unfortunately masks of Raven well I was working Alberta I interact with a lot Alberta's over the last 10 years in the 90s for 10 years I interacted with law Bernstein and goes through booms and busts periods right all of it based on the price of oil and how the economy is doing globally because if the economy's doing wrong oil prices go up and stuff like this and I try to talk to people and say listen divest from the oil industry this is ridiculous right and then do it boom times people spend a ridiculous amount of money like really it's insane people have no concept of savings and building a nest egg and divesting from the oil sector and stuff like this I would talk to them and they say Oh Archie Joe you're out of your mind this is never gonna end blah blah blah Blee got lots of resources I'm like but this is not sustainable not based on the economic cycle or environmentally a lot of these people were working in line at the field as well right it just you just couldn't get that going right and right now you see Saudi Arabia divesting try to divest from the oil sector right they're building tack the world or them trying to build solar panels and stuff like this and people really have to grasp what it means these tar sands and they are tar sands they call them oil sands now while reserving stuff they're squeezing dirt with chemicals and like destroying it water they contaminating the water squeezing earth to get oil out very destructive I went to some places Alberta where we were doing mapping contaminant plumes groundwater plumes coming off of the landslide landfills and Brian Pitz and where pipelines have to know what's worse popularly its destructive and then people are you know cancer rates start going up and you tell people look this is benzene like you're getting benzine and other chemicals filtering into your groundwater they're like oh no it's not that bad the government tells us it's not that bad the corporation tell us it's not that bad I'm like wow coffee is your friend and your bathroom Bobby Huckabee had coffee I heard keeps you regular there's nothing better than chilling outside on a nice sunny day sipping on some gin and juice while lighting up a smooth in the car nice Starsky Linda cos you're just sinking into your into your sure the patio it was your drinking and that somebody say education education Olivia how are you doing how are you doing good afternoon to you good morning from onion right policemen I'm an actor I'm an activities coordinator a resort and we've got a lot of big groups coming in this is a 12 hour starts a Skywalker Skywalker was doing a 12 hour they know was a sky popping that I read it yeah was skywalker sorry art that's sir so dois work they almond activities coordinator at a resort and we've got a lot of big groups coming in and wanting to do group team-building so I'm going to be very busy today wow so it must be a lot of conglomerates a lot of big corporations bringing in their their department whatever it is the group building stuff I find interesting I've been in some not very many because I try to stay away from those types of groups would you physics you're very much solo you're interacting with jewel physics people and stuff like this there were some fun aspects to it but I felt it there was sort of a cult feel to some of the activities with the chanting holding hands and all that jazz have you ever been to the nunavut that a dude I used to be in the 90s before none of it the Northwest Territories was broken up into Northwest Territories and Nunavut so before that happened in the 90s I used to tell Canadians anyone I met that was like proud Canadian and we're like but really Canada is absolutely amazing right I used to tell people I was proud of this I would say I've been to every territory and every province in Canada right and then they separated Northwest Territories they're Thurs and then to it so one day I will go to Nunavut okay I've even been to Labrador right so I meant in Newfoundland been to Labrador but I haven't been to do know it now I will at some point and I'm very very much looking forward to it blueberry how are you doing good morning Chitra how are you doing well brother doing well thank you very much enjoying the end of the school year right and trying to organize myself to start releasing some stuff you give yourself oh I don't know what that is 82 Martin how are you doing sorry I'm late got caught up watching your minutes the myth is actually rooted having a heat heat spell here the heat wave and leaves of the man's are like two there was two days away from being fully dried the stems are gonna take her another week at least to dry some of them were pretty thick stems right but the room smells really good and the whole mint were all bunches like this and they're all like little guys like this not right just hanging down nice harvest I'll be doing more I'll be doing more the first group I've got coming is in a family reunion some sure though oh nice so must be a large family family reunions would be amazing just a dynamics and the history behind all those people interacting yeah blueberry Chucho I'm honestly not panicking I'm moving to Canada in 56 days my student visa is not ready and I have no possible way to contact them you have no possible way of contacting the visa people 56 days is a fairly it's a month or two months almost right you should be able to contact that these are people to try to get confirmation if your visa has been approved if not you're coming from the states you should be I believe you're coming from States if I remember correctly are you coming from Europe coming from Europe oh man forget now you should be this should be a way to contact them these are people you put your finger okay the funky do be 87 timeout or behind Mike patience is short right because of all the news events happening at end of the year and whatnot and we're bad and brother we're banning sorry brother are we Bannon okay you laughed out loud I'm gonna timeout so you got 600 seconds brother a finals week or over celebrate my birthday yesterday hey right on you're right on the cusp Olivia cusp of Gemini and what star what's the one after Gemini I know August is Leo or not August July 21st to August 21st is Leo was between Gemini and Leo Livia no sir I'm coming from island of Aruba Aruba you don't know misters timezone Aruba I gotta get in like geography more yourself yeah okay South America Aruba ooh there must be a way to contact them there must be a way to contact them the other way Gemini cancer market you're right on the cusp of Gemini cancer Livia cool Gemini I'm a Gemini is it hot on or must be I'm guessing a super hot Aruba humid probably patchy Cho nice to catch you and I catch on you know catch on your streams when these streams mi worry how are you doing welcome to non stream hot but breezy during these times cool you're going to Toronto blueberry yeah longest day birthday also that's true yeah the longest day birthday so one one day one year Livia you should say we're having a birthday from dawn till dusk see who's gonna last right it's fun or have a quick birthday the shortest start from dusk till dawn Prince poop the next video I'm gonna load up oh yeah I was gonna mention this I have to think about this we did a couple of our streams last week's live stream on current events I rewatched there's some stuff there that I was like not gonna put on youtube gonna put on YouTube not gonna put on YouTube but then ice I've Am I I'm most likely gonna release it today on you to last week's live stream on current events that was before the downing of the drone by Iran and before so-called Trump ordered an attack and then pulled it back right so the live stream most likely that we did last week is gonna be released today and most likely two days from now I'm gonna release the one we did yesterday regarding current events and that was after vigil had been brought down and stuff the reason I'm loading both those on YouTube because is important that was a little hesitant because of the censorship and all that jazz we don't want to get flagged by the algorithms but the war drums are pounding and this possible war most likely these people are wanted war monger it's important to have that out there if we get flag we get flagged hold on tight my intent to study engineering and perform music as well as stand-up comedy as a hobby I'm nice blu-ray you go to the right city you're going to Toronto from what I remember and Toronto has a lot of Busters on the streets and stuff they're doing their thing you can generate a little bit of money there I think I'm pretty sure you need a permit to do it and the comedy clubs in Toronto are pretty good so it should be interesting I hope your visa comes through here in Bosnia we have weak wind and dry air so I have a few cups of water in my room as a humidity additive really volatile here in western BC coast of BC were in a rain forest so it's more on the humid side it's great is for storing cigars mine is 11 September st. Martin I love it September so Leo I don't know what the one is after the Oh sheet you're going to try and copy your cuckoo recipe tomorrow nice Nikolas I hope you like it it's amazing really cuckoos want the dishes I love making the most Dante how are you doing and you can make it Nikolas you can make it with any greens you want the lettuce romaine lettuce and stuff gives it a nice crunch saying with the green onions if you end up putting green onions or the romaine lettuce in there it gives it a good crunch the other herbs brings that you can put in there they break down easier so they give it the squishy field some people add a fair bit of oil some people not as you know with my crew crews sometimes I didn't have oil sometimes I had a lot if you make it if you if you make it in anything other and then a cast iron yeah you're gonna need oil Teflon I try not to use but I know family members I use it so for Teflon it it doesn't need that much oil it means these just enough as a cast iron play but if you make it in any other kind of pan that is not non sticky that doesn't have that a cast iron feel of Teflon field you're gonna need a lot of oil it does grip if Trump wants to go to war with your own now's the time cuz I don't know how close all I'll be to Canada ever again in my life I'll be how close I'll be to can that ever again when I've really Skywalker yeah I hope I hope they don't really it's a game changer the world will change dramatically dramatically I used to be a bus busker is it busker buster but that busker I beat war drums in Washington nice nice I've had I used to play drums riding that a second kit that was like my rockin kit I guess right and during peace rallies before the Iraq invasion in Canada we attended peace rallies and I used to have my big drums on me I also did that when Kendall was qualifying for the World Cup cancer and Leo Evert vertical libra Scorpio cool so cancer leo so cancer is now starting Leo vertigo virgo libra Scorpio cool and this Sagittarius I believe I was going to use cast iron anyway cheers bro well let you know how it goes okay awesome awesome men Trump say he wants to talk now he pulled similar stunts with North Korea yeah but North Korea North Korea and Iran are pretty serious but North Korea is isolated doesn't have his tentacles everywhere right Iran is connected they're extremely well connected around the globe the world diplomats on on a level that very few countries have so threaten then start negotiations yeah but man he's surrounded by war mongers Bolton I mean all of them really knew cause hardcore so dangerous game I like using cast iron because it gives food that rustic feel yeah I agree and you can be rough with the pan all you want and like saute pans because they are opposite of casts aren't they're nice for making sauces and cooking me nice cast iron is awesome I like making sauces in cast iron – when you cook stuff up and there's a little bit of sticky stuff in the bottom just pour a little bit of wine or oil or that sometimes a little bit of balsamic vinegar but oil in general and scrape off the within reason right just scrape off the bottom a little bit in you saw that fire that's really good that drum story is impressive had to be done had to be done I even have pictures of it I think somewhere there's a girl at which that is streaming from her job nice that was a good job blueberry in regards to take to the take contact part the immigration call center has two numbers one for within Canada only on one from the one for the disabled they also haven't emailed which I've sent two emails and no response to either my best option at this point is to take contact with any Canadian Embassy concerned what doesn't have any embassy here Wow Milo hi everyone Aloha red van how are you doing yeah maybe you maybe they sent the visas because if you're two months out maybe takes a while for the visas to be processed and they send it to you like a couple of weeks beforehand or something can you even get on a plane to come to Canada without without a visa from Aruba blueberry I hate him when a girl bumps me wine our zodiac signs don't match oh really you thought that happened I haven't had it happen I've had people say oh you know might not get along or wow we will get along great and we sometimes don't and sometimes people say we don't get along and then we get along okay wonder how she doesn't get in trouble who's that well if she's now maybe maybe she might have a what do you call her Dante she might have a agreement with her work depends on the work I guess maybe the worker doesn't know Iran will drag plenty of countries into a war yeah Martin yeah agreed on that note you could just change the name Iran and say solder a BIA Israel in the US will drag plenty of countries into a war because it is they are instigating this war everyone knows that drive sticky stuff this is fun it's used to make as a starter for sauces or as a flavor booster cool yeah I use it it's not a huge sauces I make I make a little bit that I put on either meats that I've been cooking or something else right or I just keep the sticky stuff in there and then I after I moved whatever I've been frying or whatnot I add other things in there so they acquire the flavor of the main protein or whatever it might be if she tells you that ask her if your venus and moon signs are in trigon or sextile so Olivia knows the astrological sign stuff really well so let's read that again so if if someone you want to go out with tells you your signs aren't compatible Olivia says this if you tells you that ask her if your Venus and Moon signs are in Trigon or sextile would imply but sounds cool try God or sixth on I'm assuming you want it to be in sextile I don't know what that means but I'll try doc who cares if you're wrong gets nuclear weapons they haven't started wars use nuclear weapons or attack their own citizens first of all Prince poop Iran doesn't have said they don't want nuclear weapons the ayatollahs actually came out that caves are going set nuclear weapons are against Islam their belief system not being said if they get pushed further and further I'm gonna think see things off I'm off for a second look at Libya I can get on a plane I would have to fill out I purchase an ETA form okay as long as you could come here I guess you could go and sort out your visa I'm just I just don't know how long nata get me however long you need to go get your paperwork in order biatch hello hello bitch I like that made us the easiest me over for those razor kill imagine if you're on had drones flying a few kilometers off the coast of us yeah you have to hear it my brother songs don't reveal anything you fool trust me no you're telling me trumps been the lizard person this whole time a Skywalker I don't know if Trump's been a lizard person but he has definitely in control they say he is controlled by the desert people if you want to think about what it's called BC boy avocado honey bee see it's very secret it's very secret okay BC boy oh I think this guy is just advertising his music possibly Dante no I'm not about just broke are these guys boss that dilutes a reasonable political conversation online there's a lot of people one thing I've noticed too just with trolls and people trying to get on the social network scene and promote their stuff there's a lot of people that join other groups participating there are things there's people that are liking like twits and I check out you know I don't tweet very much the Twitter stuff but their tosser I see people liking like tweets and then I check them out and they're just liking thousands tens of thousands of tweets and trying to get people's attention so I look them up and somewhere just marketing people somewhere real estate people and stuff like this so people are just trying to get on the radar somehow right I think what they need to realize is you just have to believe in what you're doing and just keep on doing it right 14 years now we're on ever say anything about uranium-235 and using an explosion to me vaporizing blast that can cook a cow in less than a second and char fall off to everything it's not the boron right it's the interpretation of the whole Ron just like the interpretation of the Bible or the interpretation of the Torah or whatever it is right I don't know the logistics of it but basically from what I understand any weapon of mass destruction that kills people indiscriminately is considered to be against the according to their interpretation against the Word of God whatever your interpretation of God is right so it's not about uranium-235 like the Torah the Bible the Old Testament New Testament Alaura and stuff have very little to say about technology right they have to they have things to say about control mechanisms for sure how to control masses of people and in large part they tried to deal with morality and stuff like this but it's becoming saying you know how to if you've been here you know how I feel about those centralized religious institutions so don't talk to these idiots referring to organizations or lasers they're either BOTS or intelligent you know intelligent people yeah like you could put it that way there could be BOTS puppets I'd like to call them just trolling the United States needs to end the education system being education talk right on let's talk education we're 30 minutes in and we're talking about education yeah education system being funded by property taxes it's just another way to keep the poor poor and try to keep them within a certain caste and to certain degree Tory news I agree with you right there's a lot of people when you see apartments and houses becoming available in parts in regions where the school system is considered to be really good then what you see is bidding wars taking place in the u.s. I mean I know this was happening apartment complexes would be available you know a near school zone nears in a zone where all the kids from that zone or supposed to build is one school which has high standards right so people will be fighting out bidding each other trying to get into that apartment to send their kids to the school so that's one of the things control mechanisms put into place I should have never thought I'd hear you say yes the others that I know how to say is I've had friends that have used that over years a lot but back in the 90s really I followed you because you're my favorite twitch streamer now awesome glad to have you here I'm glad you're enjoying the streams if it doesn't take 30 minutes to get on topic it's not a proper teacher let's get rid of it yeah so the education system of the centralization the waste control is horrendous right and as soon as you have central one of the things I want to emphasize I'm very much a centralization as as you know right centralization of anything one of the reasons I'm against centralization is because it's easier to manipulate it's easier to control the system once the Power has been centralized right so if there's synergy between all the different departments right and all of that synergy goes towards one centralized location in the centralized location dictates what all those different departments need to do then if you want to corrupt the system all you have to do is hit the core right once you hit the core you can control everything right which is basically one of the things that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is trying to do is decentralized a so there is no core right which is the opposite of what Facebook and some of these tech companies in Silicon Valley are trying to create they're calling them did crypto coins or whatever but they're digital wallets digital currencies and they're centralized so there's a whole battle going on right now in our world political economic education on almost every front food energy and all this jazz that is trying to decentralize our current political economic system Wow there are powers that are trying to even make it more centralized right I am Pro decentralization in a big way and that includes our education system our education system has to be completely decentralized now it's beyond repair in Canada United States anyway I want to give you positivity now thanks absolutely control mechanism sir necessary necessary control mechanisms are necessary I disagree in large part what kind of control mechanisms do we need and so our poor people get real I think the education system here in the UK needs an overhaul by working high high school and staff still haven't realized that shouting and yelling at kids only gets them to hate school more they shout and yell at kids I enjoy the traditional speak to people how you want how you would like to be spoken to agreed start treating the kids with some respect and I wonder how much of a change would see huge bomb chest bomb it would be huge like I don't yell at my students I don't think in forever I might have raised my voice of my students once when I had a group of people a couple of who were but very rare and I regret I'm pretty sure I have at least once maybe once most twice I don't think twice maybe once but you regretted it the way kids need to be treated is basically like adults plus some filters right treat them like adults like they control their own lives their own destiny add the filters you need to add I do depending on what the mental capacity of your kids are what I try to put the weight on them give them responsibility for their own education right that way when things go bad and they try to blame someone else you say no no you didn't do it it's okay take it easy you can start it again right the school run by kids great it would be great tell truth principal a school run by kids would be nominal really I would I don't work for any school centralized school system but if there was a school run by kids I volunteer or work for them but for real enough not a bot just a rapper that's trying to make make it a Cheeto how do you break your how do you break your fast ah I facet three four times in my life three times I broke it differently one time I went to a Lebanese lent restaurant ate Lebanese food and drank double Beautiful's don't do that actually it was amazing sensation one time I broke it very slowly just a little bit of porridge and stuff over a couple days and that's a good way of doing it bringing your system back online another time which was an insane amazing experience I broke it with entheogens I don't recommend if you do not know what it is what it tells if kids don't like school tough luck they deserve the poverty that will follow I disagree press poop because one of the obvious problems with that is we're not an island onto ourselves if the system if we do not take care to make sure future generations educate and taken care of that's gonna come and bite us in the ass through crime and turmoil and mental health issues and all kinds of stuff right I like a hand I like on hand experience learning then reading because it makes us use our body and when we do something we remember that and we can use that later for sure that's one style of tako and it depends what you're learning there are certain things you need to learn you need to learn read books full-on books to be able to learn and because their ideas connecting each other okay there are the number of books that are like that or the good ones anywhere they're feeling far in between but considering how many books are out there but if you find books that you can learn from when you read them fantastic sometimes you can learn stuff by reading just articles and stuff like this I'm doing examples other times hands-on write a spot of tea how are you doing I agree entirely with education yeah this is a regarding a UK education system positive reinforcement is one of the most important things ever and teachers don't realize it it's insane how much pressure we put on students at such a young age I agree with you spot of tea is horrendous also a Cheeto high spot of tea I was educated in UK military school system when I returned to the UK me schooling the education was so far behind it's it's more to do with the structure of the education I think no or better yet speak to the kids the way the way they should be spoken to a lot of these kids come from from non perfect households and don't know how it feels to be loved appreciated and cared for if you give them these things in educational settings they'll be better off as a result a great Skywalker 100% and so will our society so in our society right may have explained that porting so look up that Platinum rule if you are all confused Skywalker I think we talked about is the Platinum rule or silver rule what you were saying Skywalker there's the golden rule is treat others the way you want to be treated silver rule is don't treat others the way you do not want to be treat it what would the Platinum rule be 100% agree we need every type of control mechanism possible especially now because the automation automation revolution is about to reduce wages and increase unemployment massively people have no idea what's coming I agree Prince people have no idea what's coming I disagree with the control mechanisms I think we need more freedoms instead of Lusk yeah instead of more control it's part of to you papa papa but yeah it wasn't until I got into a level they started to feel less terrified of my teachers and even then there's a very controlling regime that just piles the pressure on once again so early you're two hours ahead right on mate no bad bug doc 9:45 later on this week most likely Wednesday or something I'm gonna put up a live stream most likely during the day and I want to read some excerpts from one of them rakes mass psychology of fascism I've highlighted some excerpts that I've been meaning to tweet but I might do the tweeting before we do the live stream I don't know Wednesday Thursday I'm gonna set up more in life strange during the day so you don't have to get up so early odd Nick how would you feel if a teacher traumatize you and made you feel worthless than nothing all the message I'm youth and actually at my school I've been accused of can't write the actual work at the age of 13 yeah I'm gonna let Otto mug as part of the permitted term okay spot as he approved it they could thanks part of you thanks pot of tea so many issues in education are driven by the way I don't want to keep on saying your name because I laugh what I said but stay away from bureaucracy stay away from conflict yeah in the centralized educational system the more you push back to a certain degree and if you come across people that have issues that I've been given a little bit of power and they enforce that power like tyrants you might have problems right if you're an education system get the job done right you're there to make sure you're getting good marks learn what you need to learn do your time right consider it being in jail do your time get the most out of it and get out and then figure out what you want to do so many issues in education are driven by inequality poor schools and poor districts can't educate anyone it only perpetuates poverty the gray dog neck very much so and it's what did what it is is a cycle as well right it's not about the immediate the kids in the school most likely their parents went through the same systems so their parents have the same issues as the kids now as well as their grandparents and so on and so forth so when you're trying to teach mathematics if a kid doesn't have have any help at home where they can bounce off ideas and talk about their problems then they're trying to solve they're stuck if they don't have the resources that their disposal may be tutoring centers or high-speed internet or just Internet in general to be able to find videos to help them out they're stuck that's it they're not progressing anymore until they get that main issue resolved right so this has been in the works for decades and decades and decades the centralization of education that is what its breath created we have to put a stop to that Automation isn't going to increase unemployment if factory workers are getting replaced with robotics then there is going to be a need for technicians and engineers Purps it is going to decrease unemployment okay off the get-go it is until people get retrained the problem with with what you're saying is the workforce is not there to go technical there are millions of people that are working jobs that are going to be automated that don't have the education to be able to lift themselves up to a higher level of employment right they're gonna be left behind so automation for sure is going to increase employment decrease decrease employment unemployment rates gonna go up okay at least for the short term short term on a global on a countrywide scale we're talking next five to ten years okay and then through re-education and stuff like this we might see employment kicking up again okay but if for sure there's no doubt that is going to reduce employment for a short term teachers don't realize how much of a psychological effect they have on their students a spot of tea I would say there are teachers that do school is a huge part of the child's development that I agree with 100% and I've come across teachers that do appreciate how they are affecting kids right but they're few and far far in between they're not the majority of teachers that I've come across right I think teachers initially have a great intention but I think the system wears them down anyone that goes into teaching education in general majority of them have good intentions they just don't appreciate what the system is and how it's gonna grind them down okay guys I'm gonna head out for work see you on 13 our scene is kind of Walker I hope you have a fantastic time with the family yeah see you guys adios adios lyricist I would feel traumatized anybody feel free to listen to my music don't just search out I see boy anywhere have a good day everybody a good day to you as well it's exam month at the moment and it's bizarre to me 200 kids crammed into a hall in silence expected to regurgitate information that likely forget in six months this isn't prepping for that prepping them for life no and they're gonna forget the information they're putting onto the paper most likely within hours they forget it even as soon as it's put on paper they forget about it right in most part most of it anyway well I was traumatized and fell behind school and no one cared so I just did my best and the governor's screwed me over yeah taco you're not alone wabun how are you doing man today's topic it's home right now in my school my students decided to occupy occupy as part of a Students Union so I'm missing classes and it's gonna delay everything is completely us that's crazy it's it sucks right but it is like I can't I can't blame people for demonstrating against our current educational system may it be you know sitting in places and stuff like this but also that's not the solution their solution is to create alternative systems to the centralized educational system and help out the community right this machine that is just churning right it's not gonna get fixed until it completely shuts down which it's in the process of doing right now so in a country full of guns and unemployed people USA you want less control mechanism yes one our percent principle less control mechanisms give people the freedom to live their lives educate themselves connect with their peers build organizations institutions local centers where people can come together and educate each other and work together and to build right one of the reasons we don't see these types of activities on mass in every community where the kids have a center to go to to do their homework and stuff like this is because of licensing is because of a regulation is because of control mechanisms right if you want to set up a center where kids can come and do homework and stuff like this you need tong you need you need permits and stuff like this just to give you an example on the extreme front in the states there have been kids that are selling lemonade in their neighborhood by the side of the street where the police pull up and ask the kids have to have a license to sell lemonade then the kid says what license and then they shut down the lemonade stand right is that the type of control mechanism you want out for sure I'm taking it extreme but we need less control mechanisms 100% sounds unfortunate I wasn't quite sure about that one but it didn't seem that malicious yeah the lyricists there no it wasn't malicious he was just he's just trying to get his word out right his name out people are people are hard people are struggling that they need they they have passions they want to share they want they they want to create and you know the I'm all for that I'm all for that sounds like a recipe for disaster yeah Martin I agree more control mechanisms huge recipe for disaster Matt Garlow how are you doing it is a disaster already and the real unemployment has only just begun learn online computing electronic skills right now or become irrelevant I disagree that it's just computing and electric skills you have to learn not to become irrelevant there's many things you can learn not to become irrelevant right forgive me you're right it's time for a change before it's too late for the next generation gonna read Speedy Gonzales try to catch up by an exam system in my elementary school where I had to cram nine years of elementary into five tests and I failed because I didn't have the memory capacity eighty percent of the kids didn't make it or cheated now when I finished the test I was told that my score was too low when I was told that I didn't you get the right to write to go to college or a good high school a son for sure unless I pay the government to repeat four years of high school so I chose to go private school okay private school is definitely option Taco for sure I've been reading the ethics of ambiguity it's basically an ethics based on freedom there's a lot to it but you should act in a way where you make choices that will increase your freedom you do this by not denying your freedom and helping others realize their freedom either by giving them an economic system that will allow them to realize this or by helping break them from a distorted view they might have of themselves since we are all connected when you choose to be free you help others to be awesome awesome I got a read your name Patra Patra Patra Patra Patra Padre Padre butter it thanks for that Padre and I agree with that right more freedom for yourself and help others to acquire more freedom it's scary that so many people have no idea that are about to become irrelevant next time you go out look at the people around you who can't use computers or phones humanities spinning and splitting into the relevant would be irrelevant prince poop from my interaction with youth everybody knows how to use the computer and phones better than the generations before them right so this is just the transition period we're seeing the elderly sure you're gonna see few people that are going to be left behind but if they're not taking the time to learn the computer or whatever it is learn technology then maybe they're set they're comfortable in their own ways no one says that they have to participate in this disruptive innovation technological revolution that's taking place right they don't right everybody doesn't have to be tech savvy everybody doesn't have to be online okay so that's a fallacy that if you're not online you're lost you're gonna be left behind you have no future complete fallacy okay however there are going to be people that are going to lose their jobs due to automation and there's gonna be a serious amount of unemployment coming up that's why there's a lot of talk about basic income and stuff like this right and the safety knot or what not have a good stream schmegle as we say in German accent likes mad dirt I guess jurors for Germany about Germany slightly off-topic whether it will there be any gaming strangeness or Chucho Nicolas if I can get my act together I'll try I have I'm trying to bring my gaming group here to do a monopoly session again or it acts as an ally session I'm trying to bring my grandma here to play backgammon again Wow and I'm gonna do a couple more gaming videos but I don't know if I'll be able to get my video gaming gear set up so we can't play video games I can do start doing what you're supposed to be not supposed to be doing but what twitch was set up for what which is a gaming livestream will see where I can take it right you can put pressure on these who are paid to develop better systems oh yeah I did have some fantastic teachers and I understand that the system is incredibly flawed and grinds them down but personally in my school at least I definitely had some teachers who were far more focused on their own interests than the students interests yeah as part of TI failure I've come across some horrendous teachers or rendus teachers not only when I was going to school but through my interaction with my students alright and the number of good teachers in the system in my area anyway has been decreasing there's less and less good teachers it just is what it is right I'm not trashing the teaching profession or anything like this I'm just from my experience I do agree with the general advice of you get in school get steady and get out nothing more woven 1% get in there learn what you need to learn get out right realize that you're gonna be wasting a little bit of time because they're gonna force you to learn crap or their indoctrinating you just realize what's happening and learn what you need to learn right and the older you get if you continue this at the beginning the older you get there's less garbage you're gonna have to deal with and more brilliance than even a encounter right I think board games marathon is in the pipeline I'm trying teach oh look look look look look like one how are you doing thank you for the subscribe by the way if I'm missing it thank you for the subscribes thank you for the follows okay um mainly keeping my eye on the on the chat trying to catch up with with the screen and read comments and stuff like this at least automation will likely force the United States to establish a satisfactory welfare net so many people will be out of work and I don't see many ways the government could deal with it besides some kind of universal income maybe optic and the universal income for me is not it might be a temporary bandage ban band-aid on a serious problem but it's not the ultimate solution to what's happening it might get get us past the hump was huge unemployment but that a universal income what it's going to do is going to increase the rate of inflation for basic stuff right and people you know finance is not taught properly in school so people are gonna know how to manage your their finances so in the long run if it continues for a long period of time it's gonna be more problematic I think I have my take staff take courses on a regular basis to keep them up to date date up to data on competitive in the job market awesome work yeah that's good and you're managing the bar right awesome you're doing that man awesome you're doing that automation will force the government of fund and propagate trade schools my hope so my idea for math class is that it should be more fluid out of 30 kids in class ten kids are ahead and aren't reaching the potential ten kids are left behind and get lost if you miss a week you're screwed I think it should be more personalized some kids are going to be slower or faster keep in this mold maybe more tutors less teachers Padre I agree the one solution to this smaller class sizes right so one thing you could do is have a hierarchy system of Education you could have an instructor I guess if you want to call it that giving the lesson to let's say a hundred people right let's make the numbers easy hundred people right and then the second tier education so one hour of lesson and then of behind I'm not people understanding stuff like this is smaller class sizes which is what you inferred here which is personalized right I I live to see a team member move on to a promotion or more skilled position accompany awesome Martin awesome and one thing happens is Martin one thing I've I've managed some people when I was doing geophysics right how groups of people in the field doing the stuff you treat your employees well you have them for life right either as employees or as clients or as friends you build bonds that won't be broken because you were there for them when they needed you right you played a part in them fulfilling their dreams right I wish more people really understood this and what Martin is what Martin's say support your employees support your family support your friends because that's the way you build your bonds basic income seems done short term solution for a serious major problem it's not the end-all monopoly would be awesome monopoly I would love it that I'm trying to get have come teach your gaming strains would be amazing I go off I get lost in gaming I love it mom Nick a generally think Matt could be taught and way faster I think most pre high school students can learn almost everything I agree off Nick really but all of up to grade 12 mathematics in my part of the world which takes you to precalc and you know it's not very fast all of that stuff what you learn in my area in grade 12 could have been taught to kids in grade 8 right you got to start it on mentary school teach them teach them teach them very great eight nine they could have learned everything there they had learned that took up twelve years to learn in nine years eight or nine years okay it's way too slow kids lose interest kids right now they're processing speed is Speedy Gonzales they're wired to process data really way better than I was right way better than generations two decades ago right mathematics is processing data math can be taught to kids right now rapidly really rapidly you could be teaching kids calculus in grid 11 right and hard core statistics in grade 11 and 12 just imagine a school system where you're teaching that level of mathematics in grade 11 or 12 you've built it up there you just created people that are independent intelligent can decide their own future and contribute back in society why aren't we doing this why aren't we doing this well I love your grandma on your fine oh you're fine bro I didn't mean consoles I meant backgammon okay awesome they close yeah but if I can't bring my grandma here for her back haven't livestream I'm gonna go see her for her birthday 92nd birthday in August okay and if I can't bring her here to visit me for in August maybe after her birthday or pre birthday I don't know then I might take my gear my grandma's and figure out if one of my family members has high-speed Internet the way we have right now that I can live stream on and set it up there in live stream I don't know I'll see I'll see what I can do thank you for to subscribe Bob cool cool okay what caca one but especially today with the Information Age with sites like Khan Academy and course Kia agreed Thank You Cho don't forget to Cho I've been the most ahead in class and one of the most behind both where were frustrating all man like one of the most frustrating things is sitting in class and they're teaching something that you learned two years ago right and you're sitting there going this is boring right what's the topic mean by how what's the topic mean by how to work the system I don't quite understand how to work the system is basically understand this our current centralized educational system is basically for elementary school in high school is basically set up like a prison right you go there you do your time right don't get caught up into politics you realize that you're there it could be an amazing experience as well right for many people high school is not a good experience for some is just a whatever experience for others is an amazing experience right I've come across all types to all of them I say this listen no matter if you're not having fun or you're having fun realize that you're there to put in your time learn what you need to learn realize that you're being propagandized you're being programmed by centralized institution that everything that you're being told is not fact or true however there are things that you need to learn while you're going through the system the two most important are mathematics and your natural language reading and writing and the language of mathematics ok if you can excel in those two courses okay you can excel in whatever it is that you want to do once you get out of this prison system decentralized educational system once you get out of high school once you graduate take a breather okay figure out what just happened what you just finished realize that the world you're about to enter is different than the world that you just came from okay take heed make sure you look at all your options look at look at your family setting if your family isn't you know financially they need help get a part-time job start to make some money and appreciate what it takes to make money to manage finances right so one of your first things you need to do to work the system to understand the system to be able to function with the system is as soon as you finish high school get your finances in order and realize how much it's going to cost you to get a higher education or get a trade or start a business right extrapolate the debt you might be going into five years ten years down the road and try to appreciate if it's going to be worth it for you to go into debt to this amount right understand that there's no way you should go into huge debt for a hobby right so if you like basket weaving there's no way you should be spending a hundred thousand dollars to go to university to learn how to weave baskets okay really important okay so that's sort of what I'm referring to of how to work the system there are ways that you can work the system beyond this for example if you want to take courses at university you don't necessarily have to pay the whole fees he didn't have to any I don't some universities will still offer this help colleges will still offer this where you can pay a lower fee right and challenge the finals and when you challenge a course you can write the finals and get credit for the course so instead of paying a thousand dollars for a course you pay $250 right a final you get the credit for the course and then you can move forward again so there's a ways to work the system really study the system that you're being educated under and find the loopholes and figure out what you need to do to meander your way make your way through the system and sometimes jump through the obstacles that have been put in place to hold you back so you can progress faster if that's what you want to do right in high school I was tutoring someone on my math school football team he didn't understand basic algebra at the end of a couple of months he was doing trick guess that's what happens when you learn fractions for seven years nice nice you taught him trig and they didn't know how to do basic algebra right odd m'q I have students like this and I've had students like this all my life right where I have athletes that are in school and athletics I'm I'm against athletics the waste being managed and thank you for taking care of business spot of tea I just noticed the message being deleted in centralized education of the way they're promoting athletics is ridiculous I just had students at the end of the school year they got pulled out of school the last two weeks where they had exams and reviews and stuff they got pulled out of school for a week they went on a gaming trip to from Canada to the United States to play a sport for a week while the their classmates were in school reviewing for the fine whose genius idea was this to pull kids this is great 10 11 and 12 to put kids that are playing a sport out of school the last two weeks during exam period review time to go somewhere to play a game that for most of them it means nothing other than a good time right when they should be thinking about their academics ridiculous right and then when I work with some of these athletes right people think because these these these kids are athletic they're just they're you know they've been playing sports maybe recruitment lacrosse football soccer whatever in mind me they're not smart and then you start working with them you realize they're incredibly smart they have math abilities beyond some of the people they're trying to get into mathematics right they just haven't been given the opportunity to learn basics algebra once you teach them the basics you see their marks and their understanding of mathematics Excel right because one thing I've noticed by the way I'll mention this is those kids who are hardcore into athletics they haven't disciplined right give them a challenge don't meet it right and that's the way I treat my students that are very highly athletic right I challenge them I dump stuff on them right for me it's worse you're not learning anything you may be getting a bit brainwash but I'm not learning except minor math foundations it's all just for the title I agree with most of it as for the title woman speaking high school secondary education anyway graduate and go into what I want to do yeah our job market sucks good luck getting a part-time job if you're not a software developer or something very high – man yeah I agree with what woman the job or start your own job right become an entrepreneur start your own whatever it is you want to do I've had students and family friends that have done this coming out of high school the job market sucks they're being bullied they're not being paid enough so they see a gap and they fill it well ideally the purpose of school isn't to teach you useful things as much as it is to develop your brain so you can think critically hasn't been like that for a while though I know it hasn't I agree with Othman but education is cheaper even free at times that's how I feel about the military level that I get looked down on because I just want to finish my contract and leave and get a regular job yeah that's the best thing to do you used it to get your certificate get your credentials to a level where you need to get it then pull out get out get your life in order and do what you want to do instead of being you use this a tool I realized that you've been timed out once already please watch your your software next time it will be a bad thanks spot off to funky doobie yeah I tied them up earlier for 600 seconds Wow for a second infraction for me I warmed them by the way spot of tea like bad I'll leave it up to you if you want to ban I would ban okay these these times call for harsh punishments but what about the underwater basket way make it baby geez you do you like the movie coach Carter coach Carter oh I remember that's uh coach Carter coach Carter which one is that am i way behind oh I'm not I'm Way behind on shot so I'm gonna look this up coach Carter coach Carter why does that ring a bell why is that ring about coach Carter coach Clara oh it's the principal one that came out of 2005 I've seen this oh no I haven't seen this this samuel l.jackson write something like I know I haven't seen his Robin is it a good movie is it a good show definitely do sir I definitely do sir I think that's from coach Carter maybe I've seen it one of the bigger problems is its teachers and the education system if the teacher just see it as a job than the person hate or just see it as a job this this teacher will not be good at reaching out to the young people and be able to teach them something I agree kiss our or Manan most teachers are brainwashed or narrow sighted yeah I agree right now anyway more so than before more so than before actually good school is teaching us to think critically yeah it should we're thinking quickly about school that's good we are that's good you need to be able to see what level the individual is that and not assume that everyone in the class is on the same level 100 centigrade these teachers come from their own school and they are really in doctrine 90% of the time which is not good for teaching one of the things is too is it's the system they don't a lot of people go into teaching because they want to work with youth and they love it like for me I love it I stumbled onto this thing right I love it however they go into the education system and they think that is their only job or their main job they don't realize there's a ton of bureaucracy that they have to deal with there's ton of regulations that they have to deal with there's do's and don'ts of Education and they have to if certain things happen they gotta go through the go through the steps of dealing with and stuff like this they can't get too close to students because you know they might it might be frowned upon and stuff like that and they can't talk straight up to them they can't use foul line where is it there's so many obstacles put in front of teachers they get burnt out right I have sympathy for teachers in school most of them initially but if they've been there for a long time and they hate their job my sympathy is gone right it means they're just taking a cozy job and they don't care about it right if you come across teachers that have been there for 20 years and they hate their job change classes if you can't okay or even ten years and they hate their job change classes if you can't give them up about five years to sort things up if they still hate or they end up hating teaching change classes if you can I don't think it's really entirely the teachers fault they can't not assume that everyone is on the same level because that's what the system tells them to do yeah I've had friends that are teachers that I don't I don't think there were good teachers there were good teachers to people to kids who knew their stuff but any any students that really didn't know their stuff and they didn't abide by their dictatorial powers they would just fail them right they would go up to the kid and say I'm gonna fail you right unless you do this this this this this this this and the kids would fail out right I don't consider that a good teacher a good teacher is not someone who can educate those who already know the material a good teacher is someone who can bring people up to the level they need to be you know for them to progress right that's a good teacher a good teacher teaching to require is not a it's not a good teacher that's just someone teaching to require right now when the teachers stopped really putting personal ideas and into the education they are really stupid yeah it's a great movie about a basketball court try to get us students to study more cool nice I'll try to check it out Lada gifted a tier once up to Martin it's their first gifts up in this channel awesome thanks thanks for doing that oka one thank you there's big smile Martin says thank you no problem one sense fun have you seen any alternate systems that work better in regards to education sure I'm generating my own alternate system right now that I'm working on right so I'm creating content I put my name out and word of mouth goes out right I'm also working with an alternate school in town where we're doing distance education and they're basically getting me to assess their kids in regards to mathematics right so I spent a few sessions assessing them filling in some gaps and then we set ourselves a goal we want to reach all right we're you know if it's we want to teach a multiplication table we'll teach a multiplication to know if we wanna teach them graph and we teach them graphing if you want to get them to a level where they understand a little bit of statistics we get them to a level where they want to understand a little bit of statistics the alternates alternate system is one of them is hands-on one-on-one group of five or less right where you're working with a central institution they're farming that stuff out bringing in I don't want to say I'm an expert but I'm an expert I'm very very very good at what I do because I'm very passionate about it and I care about the students and I hate the centralized educational system so I've got like I got multiple incentives for me to be good at what I want to do right because I want to decentralize everything that's one of my core philosophies so I'm working towards decentralizing things I want a better community to live in so I'm helping the community I care about the kids so I'm helping the kids I'm learning from the kids you have no idea how much I've learned my students I can't even emphasize this more right a good teacher will be learning constantly from their students right so that's one level I've also seen other levels other types of education systems right that are more private you know there's that I'm not promoting any of these but there's the Waldorf education system there's there's education systems which are geared towards spending half the school year in nature and the other half in the classroom so there's environmentally centric educational systems right there's a lot of them out there man they're not some of them are not state-sponsored right some of them are slowly becoming getting funding from the centralized state okay but they also have to abide by the timelines of the state so for two months they can't be teaching in the summer right then we'll get any funding or whatnot so there's a lot of different systems out there I have two math teachers that are polar opposite one of them is a bit neurotic and aggressive the other is laid-back and that is very fun cool if only students hadn't decided to occupy sheesh why do they even have that choice you don't I all disagree with you on this one I think nonviolent group action is a good thing that's democracy in action so if they're occupying it's creating discomfort for you right now a little bit but maybe you'll make things better in the long run when they're pressuring the centralized system to change a policy which is horrendous I don't know why they're occupying I don't know what it is all right so I'm all for group action what do you call it that there's a word for it nonviolent I forget what it's called there's a political word for it all so I'm really glad I see you doing these and talking about topics like this yeah it must be done are we are we are are themed it's okay to brag sometimes it's okay to brag sometimes I think my biggest problem was school was that I really excelled in elementary and then in middle school there was a no there was no one-on-one time when you were struggling so I felt being I fell behind and then high high school I just stopped caring because it seemed like the teachers didn't care yeah okay I'll call one that's one of the problems one of the problems I'm seeing right now because I mainly deal with high school education I have some students that are elementary school as well right and a handful I get in post secondary but one of the problems of seeing with high school students is elementary school education has completely collapsed in regards to mathematics so I'm getting a lot of kids in grade 8 where they don't know how to add fractions like literally they have no idea how to add fractions they don't know how to move around an equal sign Wow right so one thing I do when I work with elementary school kids I teach them all that stuff before we go to high school so when they go to high school I still keep on working with them but my job is so much easier and I you know you fine-tune them for what they're learning in the grade eight and nine but I'm mainly teaching in grade 10 and 11 material school lost me in fourth grade oh that's so early when they started giving us a quiz on what our prime time prime minister said in media and other useful stuff oh god then the teacher thought it was a good idea to make a compilation of it I've made a list with points on all students in the class yeah that teacher really sucked that teacher really sucked when teachers bring in corporate propaganda into the classroom and test you on what the corporate propagandists are telling you and the puppets that are in control of the funding for a country when they start teaching you its indoctrination it's horrendous is it democracy if it didn't get a vote though the way Student Union occupation usually pan out is more akin to totalitarianism it's a touchy subject woman like I've seen school demonstrations where they prevent people from speakers coming in that's to me that's fascism that's totalitarianism you're preventing someone from speaking right however if the students are acting on mass to change a policy of the centralized system then I tend to agree with that so when the students band together and try to bully individuals preventing individuals from speaking going outside of the centralized institution which is governing the education system then that's what altruism that's fascism if they're working together to change the laws in the system then that's collective bargaining to a certain degree right I agree with you it's a fine line it really depends what they're trying to accomplish and how they're going about it right if they're trying to force their opinions on to other students then that's totalitarianism I agree with you hundred percent I agree I was lucky as I was educated in the 70s 70s 80s when classroom size were smaller the smart Wabun where if you decide for everyone that no one gets class I feel you're woman I feel you it really depends what they're doing and hopefully the class is going to be rescheduled right because if you're paying for the class then you're losing money right that technology was not so really yeah the technology thing is crazy I have a lot of students that are addicted to technology or I know about a lot of kids in high school addicted to technology they're not a recognized Authority or power democracy works with established entities described in the country's constitution a republic not some people just vote and do whatever they want no matter the consequences Robin I sort of disagree with you on that right democracy in large part has been shaped through mass movements right democracy doesn't come come about from top-down laws being passed democracy comes out from mass movers from the ground up so there has to be sort of a balance sort of an understanding of how we've come to be where we are right you can take the civil rights movement for as an example right civil rights movement didn't start from the presidents and the corporation saying yes we will grant equal rights and liberty to all of our employees and whatnot it came from people just taking the system and grinding it to a halt right and that is required at times I don't know what the sit-in for your classroom was all about dawn the classes are so big it sucks because there are too many people and I can't really blame the teachers they just get exhausted yeah now some teachers I blame but it's the system that I'm very much against Jacob what were you doing hey guys how are we today we're doing fantastic always a pleasure to talk about education really one of the root causes of our problems halfway through the 9th grade I quit going to school oh no today I've had two successful businesses awesome oh no also right yeah which is something you can do right there are certain experiences that you missed out on SiC things that I can't even pronounce your name Madden our Madden are abandoned there's a few different experiences you missed out on but those are social experiences not in regards to academia what if school students brought out a like your teeth make where you going the reign of terror for a more modern no killing people no off with their heads okay I'm currently a developer with a good career I want to get into education though because I see it's a huge problem for exactly the reason you were describing what's best way to get started so what are you your developer currently I'm developer I have to think about that man our theme there's so many places that education is being reworked like for example just to give an example I'm doing what I'm doing right you have places like Khan Academy and stuff doing what they're doing trying to create a centralized system to bring masses of people online and get them to pass whatever exams they need to pass right it's just basically feeding the Machine but it serves a purpose okay and some of the videos are not bad right for me is more of a personal touch I it's not about getting kids getting people through a system it's about educating people right so places like Khan Academy to a certain degree is getting people through the system for me it's more geared towards empowering people right especially focused on mathematics there are all sorts getting into the education system maybe bill gates Rupert Murdoch Apple in all this jazz right so you have to figure out your politics in your economics where do you want to be and look into those areas is it on the small scale personal level is it on the machine system right creating a new automated system to try to get people across or is it partnering yourself with major conglomerates to roll out their a business model right yes the school system needs more teachers and may be encouraging staying groups among students yeah study groups is good today we have we have don't have democracy anymore what we have today is called democracy that I got pronounced as the more credit or ship big difference the marketer ship inverted totalitarianism economics trumps everything right now in our current Western world anyway and huge parts of the other world do you understand the concept of lace it here I don't know from the like from the like of French Constitution here it kind of means that the education system is space needs to be a political a religious free and accessible I don't know that term Lisa T Lisa T the problem is our education system is 100% political Robin that's what our current centralized educational system is right now it's 100% political right so how do you prevent it from being political how do you deep politicize our education system if you don't challenge it try to make it deep political then it's gonna remain political if you use political means to try to make it a political is that's like this sentence is false if it's true as false as false is true so so Luke I really don't know what the solution is Robin really I don't know for the centralized educational system to fix it I know it's crumbled I know it's collapsed right I say let it die the solution to society for society to educate as populist is not the centralized education system its alter systems it's personalized education of the way I'm doing things it's it's multi-tiered there's multiple ways to go about it right currently working on school work enjoying this stimulating conversation while working awesome Jacob teacher you're still going happy days happy days intrepid hobby babies I hope you had a great run a developer what time is it cool a developer of what buildings or a web developer or a software developer yeah okey okey asking artheon good questions right I think lai lai city is a great philosophical principle to mandate in school to make them spaces free of political basic politics basically but the student unions infringe on that usually very left-leaning politics but the problem again wabun is our current education system centralized education system is 100% political right web developer web software developer you could always make a software that could help teachers or something along those lines or students you don't have to just jump jobs you can help do help help them do what you know and have experience in yeah okie-dokie is one arson correct right build your own platform to help teachers there are multiple different platforms that look for example what do I need as a platform what do I need as platform I need open source software 100% that's non proprietary right I need an amazing but there are there are systems out there some kind of graphing software algorithms and there are some out there played around with some of them I need some kind of organizational open source software that is as you see has anonymity right because there's no way me personally I'm going to use Google Spreadsheets or anything like this to manage the information for my students I keep all of that offline on personal computers right so it has to be safe secure system I don't share that information or with a centralized institution so there's things that personally is private educator now some ones are working with students that I need it's is really large the first order of business artheon is start following people that are putting on news about our current educational system and are doing educational streams and talking about education and some of the problems that they have and start off small and provide little solutions right for people to help them out right everything is political people who want to keep politics out of whatever just support the status quo which is political stance Daunte I agree with Dante politics is everywhere right now politics is in our food supply right in our health care like our health care system in Canada is completely put a call late it's not number one priority is not health number one priority is politics everywhere you Chucho a good morning man sleepy waves how are you doing hope I'm not too late not too late we're gonna go for another 20 minutes or so but we'll we'll have to end it by 9 o'clock my time with them too you know the to our stream I do have students that I have to meet Monday is the last exam I've done with most of my students on Monday that are in the current education system I have students that are that I'm teaching separately that aren't in an education system but the main wave is done on Monday so I have some students I need Carol well here it means that it's basically illegal to promote political party propaganda in the schools and in public schools there are there can be no religious proselytize so there's no religious favoritism Robin isn't stopping student groups from being political make the school's political the idea of Lee Lisa Lisa T applies to those in power more than those subjugated by the power up time one hour 38 minutes cool thanks Nicholas student groups from being political make the school's political sorry I mistyped student groups are allowed to do whatever they want but outside the education space as in the school building odd Nick is getting it but they are occupying it it's one of their more common measures of action not allowing free transit so for example is where the bus boycotts in Alabama were they with the wrong thing to do I know that's not a school system so what is it where is the school system I can't think of examples right now but there are different types of school systems where you know segregation you can take segregation for example where schools are segregated where the mass movement sit-ins to prevent segregation to end segregation were they wrong no they were right all right all wabun you're out of here I'm going to go get breakfast though it should be lunch at this point I thought y'all have a good time YouTube walnut thanks for popping in in Sweden there was a school during during the political voting times the dupes the principal invited all the different parties to the school besides one the party the party that is accused of being racist in left Media which they are not talking about sending where signals to the stones yeah I wouldn't if you're gonna invite everyone open up the platform let the discussion be there no censorship a closed system is the only way to keep personal information safe all all my work information isn't a closed platform yeah hello nice to meet you Angus nice to meet you too do you teach subjects other than that physics as well I used to teach a little bit of chemistry but I stopped that like 20 years ago but I do teach my physics as well okay I got to go get a new phone it was a great to be able to catch you livestream didn't know you did that I have only one I have only been watching you on YouTube for a few months awesome okay I'll come on thanks for popping by and thank you for gifting this off to Martin like I appreciate that very much what does your academic background consist of geophysics and mathematics for future purposes Friday for future of future protests or are doing school hours Friday for future protests see yeah but then it's not a political problem as much as the protest is affecting your convenience it is about convenience good point on back even if they weren't protesting something political the general occupation is the issue it isn't necessarily because of their political stance I realized the occupation probably won't happen if if not for their political views but the issue isn't their political views their way of protesting odd Nick you should be doing live streams I'd love to hear your perspective on live-streaming just going off right very good point I hope Walden caught it buddy there should be more decentralized spaces for political education 100% any politics are learning from the state is got a lot of BS in it and a lot of the lies right I don't care which country you're from in in Canada United States there's so much BS in history that they teach in our current education system a like really tremendous amount right all you have to do is go through go back let's see what they were teaching 40 years ago and look at it now and go oh wow like they didn't even discuss that now right and then realizes some of the things that were teaching kids 40 years ago I've completely turned around it's the opposite that they're teaching them now right forty years ago the warning and teaching kids about the what do you call it the schools for the NAM for the natives for the indigenous people where they took the kids away from their families and they put them in these schools that they were abused and stuff now it's there finally it's they're being taught right just imagine this should be more than that at the time like people's forum in New York City it's Saturday and I'm off time for a beer soon awesome Martin aren't you supposed to like your days off aren't you supposed to not drink because you drank during your work times you should be drinking herbal teas on your work on your days off rather balancé balancé balancé hard is hard to say that I could say for sure fun this was a good stream I love doing these education streams one out of eight I get off one out of eight Wow Wow honey – I got a Guinea here I need to energize myself a little bit of tahini and honey Martin you should go get some Sun green tea nice this one's sort of Persian tea black tea I'm started getting myself a little bit of I should greet he has nice caffeine to a tea in the morning every now and then I stopped drinking tea for a couple of days I'm just because I drink a lot of tea so I try to filter that on my system maybe maybe how are you doing doth make by the way Chicho have you heard of Freetown Christina Christiana no I don't Freetown Christiania I'm gonna look her up I don't drink hot drinks not sure why I know people that don't drink cold drinks because of the Chinese things saying Freetown Christiania Freetown Christiania also not Christiana is a self-proclaimed autonomous anarchic district of about in Denmark no I didn't know this district about 850 to a thousand residents covering in the boroughs of Christiana and Danish capital city of Copenhagen it was temporary close to residence in April 2011 by the Danish government oh wow I don't know about this that's cool I'm gonna look marked us save it as a as a pin table I didn't know about this solid MEC that is cool I think you did a stream on this but what's in tiny knee again it's the tahini so I this one is with honey so I take it's about you got a Nicholas you got to do it to your taste so for me it's about three quarters tahini and a quarter honey and I mix it with honey or maple syrup so I take tahini and I mix honey put honey in it and mix it and then I taste it if it's if it's not sweet enough for me I add more honey then they mix it until I like the sweetness of it right and I do the same with maple syrup so I either mix it with honey or maple syrup with honey it's a little bit more solid with maple syrup the color changes to a little darker and it's just a solid as well with maple syrup and tahini is just sesame seeds right totally off topic but Chicho I was seeing a girl for a couple of weeks and last night she told me she would rather be just friends any tips on letting go and moving on kind of woke up bombed on just do that just be friends but I would recommend if she just wants to be friends I would recommend not constantly trying to hang out with done okay hang out with them every now and then hang out together in social settings just so they see how I don't know how long you've known this person just see it just for them to see how you interact with other people may be there they might change their mind and say maybe I want to be a little bit more than friends right but don't don't rearrange your schedule to be constantly with them and every now and then if they contact you out of the blue and say you know I have to contact you a lot out of blue and say oh can we hook up right away that I really need to be with a friend or something like this for sure all for your time but don't do it every time that want to be with you right because you have a life now too and if you want to be find someone that you can be intimate with then you have to put some energy towards that as well and go outside of that friendship right I thought this happened I'll be everybody's had this happen to no sleep your waves for sure right it sucks if you want to be more than friends but one way to get over it yet it's not even over it just sort of accept their their decision right because it's their decision you have to respect it right is expand away from them still be there for them but expand away and meet other people there might be there guaranteed there's people there even that you're gonna be resident if not more at least as much as you were in them okay find those people and it's it's a long life man your paths will cross again if it's meant to be right it's a community in Denmark that was settled by squatters when the military left their base it's in oh it's on the military's I think I you've read about this it's an almost completely independent town from the country of Denmark I might have come across this when it first hit my radar back like eight nine years ago the military base triggered it but I didn't follow through it wasn't hitting my radar I'll look into it more or odd Mike thank you for that with a South African one it's absolutely mind-blowing completely anarchist anarchist independent proof that is possible for sure it's possible anarchist communities are 100% possible especially anarchist communities that don't have the full weight of the state on them right a lot of reason these communities don't survive is because the state comes down hard on them they locate them they put pressure on them it's basically the way they treat certain countries where they sanction them and block ate them right the country's economic prospects collapse people are under pressure and the system collapses right if people were left alone more freedoms right less restrictions do we would see so many different alternative systems of communities and lives everywhere right I'm familiar with that place love Copenhagen yeah I'm half Danish and I go to the school there it's one of my favorite places to go oh cool I never made it to Copenhagen was in Europe hate to say it plenty more fish in the sea plenty more fish in the sea Morgan's like straight up bar mentality plenty more fish in the sea you brother move on move on move on but if the person is a really nice person you do want to stay friends with them as well right there's nothing wrong with that but putting it bluntly plenty of more fish in the sea to what extent are you religious teacher a spiritual yes organized centralized religion not right I have been there wasted eight years waiting Oh eight years I've I've done a few months maybe a couple of years max I don't think couple years but I had fun in the process – right I see you eight years a long time Martin too bad for that their loss really from our interaction and the way you've been brother their loss big-time big-time all right big time happy to call your friend twitch chat friend and more right I also have relationship advice I could use if you are willing as you know I will be leaving for the Marines in early December and last night my girlfriend just told me she doesn't think that she can bear the belief while I'm I'll be gone and basically wants to end things once I leave this was very hard to hear to be honest yeah you guys have been together for awhile interrupted yeah what do you do for a living sir I teach math same here I have a spiritual set of beliefs but I disagree with mass religions Sam sir what are your favorite books oh man we've covered so many of these my favorite books I don't know on what front yeah I'll give you one here's one of my favorite books Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis I like this gore Vidal perpetual war perpetual peace with him ranks mass psychology of fascism we're here for you brother so sorry for you thanks teacher my pleasure man thank you I think I believe in a higher power I find it fulfilling I don't want to believe what to believe that's why I'm not sure about life after that though ah you know what I believe in life after death right but a higher power I don't know what MEC well I believe we are the higher power in large part right like that I believe in higher forms of being right thank you my friend intrepid I just bought perpetual war that's awesome sleepy ways starting nice nice starting tomorrow nice thank you for not ignoring me again sir no like if I can't help but I don't ignore me what was the last fascist book called can you type it math I calls you of fascism by Wilhelm right let me provide a link and intrepid brother and that's hard mass psychology of fascism here the mass psychology of fascism by wilhelm reich the version i have is the 19th it was yeah Oh a nice Mick you provided it the version I have is the 1945 I think rewrite he wrote it in nineteen nineteen thirty three and I've read some pages from the 1933 version and the 1945 version is better he added more to it right because he was writing it as the Third Reich was coming into power all right he was living through it and then after World War two we revamped it and stuff right difficult read hard read brilliant read highly recommend it really the pink font ain't working for him I think the majority people are embedded into the system not make it an impossible to escape until the system collapses Mick until the system grinds to a halt and people are just gonna be shocked out of that state of being where do you stand politically what I stand politically right here right now decentralization oh well the universe could be a simulation built by a charming 40 year old scary eating cheese puffs or hopefully eating tahini a beer – that not a bad beer though eating to me I guess the higher power my belief is isn't ascribable as an actual being as much as an amorphous nebulous collection of things I value and believe want to be in universe because I think they're universally good like what grant more said the way Grant Morrison described it we as individuals are this this this this is me this is odd Nick this is Martin this is Wabun and on everybody else right so this is us if you're looking at as a 2d so just imagine a 2d plane our hand going through this and each one of us appears as a circle right but if you had a higher perspective you would realized that each one of us is part of a hand and another being a whole being so we are all connected right looking at ourselves through the three or fourth dimensional point of view if we go to a higher dimension we realize that we are all connected that's a good good philosophy better than a forty-year-old programmer yuji sputtering it cold over there with tan Theo living in a virtual reality I recently finished reading 1984 for the second time I haven't read it for a second I reread it once a long time ago yes big brother knows this Big Brother 1984 what a scary book okay gang we're at two hours you're gonna we're gonna end the stream or I have to in this stream my apologies I'm loving these conversations but um I gotta go see some students gotta get them ready for the final okay thanks for being here thank you for the subs thank you for the follows thank you for the gifts if you've been gifting them I always come home from work too late to catch the full stream I'll look up Grant Morrison I haven't heard of him Grant Morrison is awesome Morrison yeah thanks G Joe Grant Morrison and he gives this explanation doing it this disinformation listen for this in four nation lectures I guess it's a lecture but he was talking about he talks about Robert Anton Wilson stuff like this it's the lecture where he comes on he's pretty plastered yeah it was really loud it goes and then he goes off right he's uh he's called he's he's a huge comic book writer creator okay happy to be able to cast his strength thanks Jay Cho my pleasure intro thank you for being here thanks for being here Nicholas odd make I'll look up Grant Morrison yeah you look like Lenin maybe yeah vibe vaya con Dios chicha vehicle do sigh I assume that means have a great day or something grandma's in this information and that's me okay gang hope you have a fantastic weekend most likely I'm gonna upload the previous live stream we did for politics today most likely maybe tomorrow evening or tomorrow and then the following one we did yesterday we'll be uploading a couple of days or so okay have a great weekend everyone we'll talk later and I'll now streams the next scheduled live streams and next three days or so okay bye for now

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