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38 thoughts on “Python Machine Learning Tutorial | Machine Learning Algorithms | Python Training | Edureka”

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  2. Hi sir, your ML session is very well and clear, i have completed my python programming language training and i am confused about what is next ? how much difficult it is ,for an python language trained professional like me to start career in ML? please guide.Thanks

  3. Is that Next-Gen technologies is difficult to learn and practise as i am from legacy back ground for 15 years.
    Is that automation helps developer or create developer jobs in next 05 years?

  4. Hi team great work, thanks for uploading this, can you upload video on machine learning classification like gender classification from face using python

  5. Hi Edureka, this is a great tutorial. However, would you guys be creating a dedicated Machine Learning Course with Python (not data science or just python.. a course for Machine Learning Engineer career) in Edureka?

  6. Hi Team,    By watching this video I am very much satisfied… Looking forward to know more about ML , so keep uploading the related videos!!Happy Learning!

  7. Hi Saurabh, There are so many vidoes related to python on Edureka. How do I search for complete series which goes step by step covering all aspects from single tutor.

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