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one of the technicians had the needle in her hand in complete tears then they were told that the dog was crushed well had to be put down and the head of the shelter walked in and said we're gonna get a second opinion this is a different story when I saw starfish I just attached so quickly you couldn't pick her up like you do a normal puppy you had to like hold her sideways actually was flat like a pancake but I just grabbed her it's gonna let her go they were able to diagnose starfish with swimmers pup syndrome which is completely curable she moves like a swimmer she moved like you would to be doing breaststroke all we had to do is get her feet up underneath her and as soon as we got her onto the grass she had a little something to hold on to she just she'd follow us anywhere had all these other people around her the animal shelter folks who wanted to get her over to the rehab clinic and those people knew what they were doing she responded to everything that they taught her because she wanted it so bad I don't usually walk into something like this with any expectation or even any hope in fact that you working at it so hard gives me hope the fact that she doesn't know what's wrong with her she just gets up and does it again and gets better just a little bit every single day and that's starfish herself was so determined at every moment to do whatever she could whether it was you know walk down our steps for the first time I mean she like practically tumbled down but she still did it again five minutes later I knew that she would make progress because she just keeps going after it she was walking into money it's just like it makes you wanna drop to your knees like is this real she has a tremendous well of inspiration for us this like crazy family in San Francisco Bay Area we need something grounding and that starfish maybe the most interesting relationship was with my five-year-old son because they're kind of like similar development stages like they are both kind of you know they both are kind of fluffy and run around like they're kind of chunks there they're gonna be that they're gonna grow up together and that determination that excitement for life was missing for me and I feel lucky that she came our way

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  1. This is why you dont put dogs down unless they are suffering really bad! They can progress just like this pup did!!!!

  2. I love dodo! I may be allergic to dogs but dodo’s videos make me feel like I have a dog already😍😊😊

  3. One of my cats they said the people that we got him I mean her from they said they found her on the side of the road she's the littlest cat we have and she's named after the cat that we tried to say sorry says but she didn't make it

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