24 thoughts on “Public Education: U.S. vs. China”

  1. Look at it Lol .
    Its an to compare Chinese education system to United States and Indian education . One that is for money and one that is there for a civilization .

  2. China's don't pay for education it's free in China's that Western countri , just don't getting it's fool that or free education for all China's get it right

  3. I studied in Xavier School a Jesuit run Chinese school in the Philippines and I believe the study methodology carried me through law school. Now that I am in the U.S. and almost retired, I take time to do Mandarin tutorials. It’s a good thing as Martha Stewart likes to say …but I do like the Japanese educational system where for the first 2 or 3 years the child is taught Respect, , Good Manners n right Conduct…. I had to be Bribed to continue my studies cos I disliked religion and other “useless” subjects. LOL

  4. I suspect America is deliberately suppressing their children's education with Internet porn, video games, Facebook and twitter in order to control which and how many kids will enter the intellectual and capitalist market. In China 🇨🇳, social media and the Internet are frowned upon whereas, education and humility at all times take centre place in a child's life and teachers' status is comparatively higher than in the west.

  5. Actually more about culture & philosophy. when kids did not do well in school, western parents more blaming to teachers & school systems. east Asia parents more blaming to the kids that their children was not working hard enough?? this only one of the example…

  6. Good thing your Neoliberal 'charter/private/elitist school' looters will never be able to take over the chinese educational system, eh?

  7. Asian parents are strict…the kids are scared…don't get A's you die!!" Hahaha they don't care about hurting your feel, it call tough love. Make you do homework 24/7! We are not naturally smart , we are just hardworking people and hope to get good grades 🙂 there is a lot of pressure on us than than the other race.

  8. No, in China one gets into good university with only good grades, not bullshit garbage likes sports, or Spanish club or music or whatever. Chinese go go school 9 hours a day and half day on Saturday. They don;t have time for sports or social life.

  9. Threes reasons:
    1) China and India do not tolerate violent savages in their schools.
    2) They have homogeneous societies.
    3) Their teachers do not try to indoctrinate,
    they just teach.

    The liberal-left do not teach students to think for themselves. They want to teach students what to think, They want students to think what they think.
    Sometimes this is covert and rather sneaky. Sometimes it is overt. This is why we have so many worthless SJWs.

    Other than that, it is the students that are responsible for learning. If you have a communist teacher, and it's likely that you do, you must learn on your own.
    Do not be the kind of student that must be spoon-fed. Learn to be resourceful and get what you need. The teacher should work hard to teach, the student
    should work even harder to learn. Most important; the ability to learn on your own.

    Isn't it interesting that you are more likely to get a communist teacher trying to indoctrinate the students in the United States, than in China!

  10. We might not want to model the east I think it’s best we model Europe because countries like Korea and Japan and even China have the highest teen suicide rates in the world

  11. The question why is the U.S. still a powerhouse?? Ans: Immigrants – highly motivated, who value education and are disciplined and focused.

  12. This is completely ridiculous, anyone who has spent actual time teaching in China knows that what this guy is saying is completely false. It's like he has read all the propaganda about education in China and then made hilarious conclusions!

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