PUBG Game Effects On Students | Educational Story | Sad Story | Emotional Story | #Desi_Kalakar

After reching home ,come online in pubg ok We have to take chicken dinner today. Because of you only we missed Chicken dinner yesterday night. i said you to gaurd me but you dint atlast we both died i had said you there is squrd dont go but you dint listen okay today we have to take chicken dinner there is nothing good in tv whats there in pubg where ever i see there is pubg in friend’s mouth ,in tv, in facebook where ever i look there is pubg whats fun is there in pubg let me see downloading it let me see whats fun is there in it. what kind of game it is .i am alone running here and there and they are saying this is good game and they are crazy about it totaly waste of 1.5 gb today we will play .after reching home ,come online no brother ,today we will start late yesterday we played much of the time thats why my head wa paining yes even my eye had become red yesterday i had downloaded the game i dint find it that much funny oh you installed the game you dont know to play thats why you are finding any fun at night i will invite you when i will come online okay then dont forget to invite at night ok you also become mad or what why what happend you will become mental like them or what you will say alone .come this side that side .kill and all i want to see what fun is there in this game for which people is crazy about it dont play all those game ,this will effect your study i will play for 2 days then i will unistall it yes say come online in pubg okay i am coming someone is killing me, no one is killing you you are outside the safe zone thats why come to the safe zone okay i am coming there is man infront of me ,will i shoot yes shoot thats me you will find numbers in head ,thats your friend follow me and come hey rahul after going home come online in pubg why you had said yesterday that game is not good i dint knew playingthats why i had said game is quiet interesting having fun okay lets go yes 1 min i am coming online this side ,this side shit ,all waste fellow Make ready no ,my head is paining very much lets have another match ok then hey rj its 10o’clock when you will go to collage ? get up no father today i will not go to collage my head is paining okay then i am bringing medicine for you what happend to you why you are doing like this i dont know what happend to me my head is paining too much felling like some thing went inside the head lets go to doctor no father i will not able to walk i am felling giddy ok wait i am calling doctor hello doctor come to my house immediately something happend to my son come doctor from when this is happening let me see take breath come outside doctor what happend to my son this type of sickness cause due to watching excessive of tv ,mobile etc staying awake late night give thse medicine to him,hope we will recover and remember one thing ,he sould notwatch tv ,mobile or stay awake at night much i will play pubg i will play pubg pubg pubg what happend i had said you dont stay awake at night,not to use much mobile now see the result is this time to say all this call the docor immediately stop ,stop hold him nicely let me see come outside with me see these things are beyond my limit take him immediately to hospital i think he is mentaly not fit if you dont take any action then it will be too bad for him okay hello friends we have seen friends nearby playing game named pubg busy playing here and there everytime there is some friends who always play pubg instead of having food or doing any work we know there is many side effect of pubg so friends i will say only i thing dont involve in this type of game and try as much less you can play and if you all like our video then share with your friends and dont forget to like and comment subscribe our channel and keep your helping hand so friends good bye ,we will met in our next video

68 thoughts on “PUBG Game Effects On Students | Educational Story | Sad Story | Emotional Story | #Desi_Kalakar”

  1. This video is just wonderful ,i will just say this is the master piece of Desi kalakar.
    in this video we can know the real face of pubg ,the effects of pubg ,i will not say playing game is bad but playing excess can lead to many side efect so we should play the game in limit,or it will efect our studes and our personal life too…if you all like the video then do like comment and subscribe the channel

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  3. I hate pubg bro it is affecting my friends they never play cricket with me anymore 😢😢😢😬😬😬😬😬

  4. Wow guys ossm lesson for all pubg players…i reqst u to all pubg players
    Say no to pubg ur lives 💔💔💔💔

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