Psychotic Prisoners Who Terrify Other Prison Inmates

If you’re not already hardened to prison
life no doubt those first few days locked-up are going to be a daunting experience. Any number of prisoners who’ve turned over
a new leaf and talked about their experience on the inside will tell you it’s probably
better when you get to prison to keep your head down. In certain places in the U.S., prisoners have
talked about how they first had to show their papers, meaning the document that explains
what crime or crimes someone has committed. Other ex-convicts have talked about how you
might have to join a gang, even if you don’t want to, while you’ll hear a lot of toughened
former prisoners saying if you don’t want to get bullied then stand up for yourself. You might lose the fight, but at least someone
will think twice about bullying you in the future. That said, there are some extremely violent
and unhinged people in the prison system. If you get on the wrong side of these people
it’s just plain bad luck. You might not even have to do anything wrong;
someone could be so unstable the infraction you committed is in their mind only. They might simply be crazy. Imagine the nightmare of sharing a cell with
someone who’s done some horrible things to people and he’s not exactly friendly
towards you. You fear what might happen when you are asleep;
if you say the wrong word; if you breach one of rules he has laid down for what he calls
his cell. And then there’s the prison yard. In a recent interview one former prisoner
and leading gang member said the yard can be a tricky place to navigate. His advice was don’t go out there looking
too happy or too sad. Don’t be too animated he said, because there
are likely a lot of people who will read something into that animation. Have you suddenly come into money? Do you have illegal substances? Are you laughing at them!? Talking about them? He added that where he was in California some
guys on that yard might be wired and paranoid because they’ve been binging on illegal
substances. He advised people to keep a blank expression,
but his primary advice was just stay out of prison because it is generally a terrible
place to be. The numbers differ, but it’s stated by various
human rights groups that the number of mentally ill people in U.S. prisons is disproportionate
to the number of mentally unwell people on the outside. The Treatment for Advocacy Center wrote in
2016 that in the USA 20% of people in jails and 15% of people in state prisons had a serious
mental illness. Go back a few years and Human Rights Watch
said that one in six prisoners were mentally ill. That same article said, “Many of them suffer
from serious illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression.” That is not say though that these are the
people who tend to hurt others, far from it. Human Rights Watch wrote that mentally ill
people can be victimized and exploited by others, and they are often punished by staff
for making a lot of noise, or not following orders, and even hurting themselves. Because of that these mentally ill people
might be isolated from others, and this could really push them over the edge. Being left locked down and isolated could
lead to acute psychosis or a depression whose depths are unfathomable. That report took two years to write and involved
interviews with hundreds of inmates, prison staff, mental health workers and attorneys,
and while it’s a bit dated now, the neglect of mentally ill prisoners is still discussed
today and is still a big issue. The report told us that around 70,000 inmates
in U.S. prisons are psychotic every single day. This doesn’t mean all these people are dangerous
and violent. As we said, they might just be a danger to
themselves. But as Human Rights Watch says, some prisoners
do have extreme and uncontrollable mood swings, or sometimes they hallucinate or experience
troubling delusions. Some of these people might do things like
paint their cell with their own natural waste; they might beat their head against a wall,
or worse, attempt to finish their own existence. They are often moved, sometimes because they
have committed violence against others because of their delusions. As we said, paranoia can be fomented on the
yard after prisoners have done too much time alone with an illegal substance that might
have prevented them from sleeping. Some prisoners have been known to be perpetually
unstable; too quick to lash out; and you can find many instances when prisoners have asked
for a cell change because they fear for their life. Of course not all psychotic people are violent
and not all violent prisoners have a mental illness. But if your “celly” is constantly obsessed
about how you are plotting against him – when you are not – it’s a problem. It’s also a problem when you share a cell
with someone who is so explosive and unpredictable that he causes you great harm for the smallest
of transgressions, such as you snored or left some food crumbs on the floor. Such people exist, and no prisoners wants
to share a cell with someone like that. We should now give you some examples of when
mentally ill people did some horrible things while in the general population. One prisoner that made headlines all over
the world should very likely not have been in the general population. This is a British man still in prison today,
but isolated because of the things he did while locked up with other prisoners. His name is Robert Maudsley, and he has somewhat
sensationally been nicknamed the real Hannibal the Cannibal by the British tabloid press. He’s also the longest serving British prisoner
right now. Reports state that as a child he had suffered
terrible traumas and he had tried to take his own life a number of times. He claimed to hear voices telling him to kill
people, and then he did commit one murder which landed him in prison. Given his background, you might think he needed
psychiatric care and perhaps the authorities might have thought hard about how he might
get along with other prisoners. He actually did get some psychiatric care
as he was first sent to the mental health facility, Broadmoor Hospital. There he and another prison captured a man
and held him in a cell, and proceeded to torture that man to death. The year was 1977. But believe it or not, it was then decided
to send Maudsley to a normal prison. He wasn’t happy about this transfer and
made it known, and around a year later other prisoners would pay for this bad move by the
authorities. On one afternoon in ’78 Maudsley invited
a fellow prisoner into his cell. He then proceeded to garrote that man and
stab him to death. After that he hid the body under his bed. Subsequently he invited other prisoners into
his cell, but they declined the invitation for a chat. Maudsley didn’t stop there, and went out
on the wing to find another victim. He found one. The second victim gained the killer some amount
of notoriety as he was found dead with a spoon sticking out of his head and part of his brain
missing. In spite of what the British tabloids wrote,
it’s thought he didn’t actually eat the brain. After that he was detained in a special glass
cage cell which looked a bit like the cell Hannibal Lecter was locked in, in the film
The Silence of the Lambs. He will stay in isolation until he dies, and
has had requests to kill himself or even have a pet bird denied. The Guardian wrote in 2003 that he has a genius-level
IQ, loves poetry and art, has a university degree, and enjoys classical music. Other prisoners have talked about the day
he killed the two men, saying they saw madness in his eyes and they believed he wanted seven
victims in total. The jury is still out as to if this man should
have ever been among other prisoners. Some of his victims had hurt young people,
and that’s what he said happened to him as a child. Because of this some people will tell you
he should have had more treatment for those traumas, and not been part of the general
population. Maudsley’s relatives have said the system
has only ever wanted to break him. The man himself said this, “All I have to
look forward to is further mental breakdown and possible suicide. In many ways, I think this is what the authorities
hope for…. It does not matter to them whether I am mad
or bad. They do not know the answer and they do not
care just so long as I am kept out of sight and out of mind.” Even if you think the prison system got it
wrong here it probably doesn’t detract from the fact you probably wouldn’t want to bunk
with this guy. These kinds of stories are not so uncommon,
either. In 2014 the Australian media reported that
an inmate who was suffering from schizophrenia had murdered his cellmate. The press wrote that this man believed that
other prisoners were actually aliens, and he killed one of those aliens by strangling
him with a television cable. A psychiatrist that later talked to the prisoner
said the man thought all the other inmates were trying to kill him. Apparently he believed that people of different
nationalities actually came from different planets. Because of this he wasn’t convicted of murder
and was sent not to another prison but to a prison hospital. In 2019, in the USA, a man called Jaime Osuna
did something even more gruesome but he wasn’t thought to be suffering from an acute mental
illness. In interviews he claimed to be a sadist; his
face tattooed with a Joker-type smile and satanic symbols. He was locked up already for murder, and in
interviews called killing, “an addiction, a drug.” Is he mentally unwell? You could say he is, but more in the way we
might refer to someone as a “psycho” than someone who is a certified psychotic. You wouldn’t want to be in the same cell
as him, that’s for sure. In 2019 the media reported that Osuna had
killed and dismembered his cellmate in California. He then beheaded that man. A Kings County Assistant District Attorney
said about the incident, “This is probably the most unusual and gruesome case that I’ve
had in my career.” It’s highly unlikely Osuna will get a cellmate
again, and even 20 years down the line you wouldn’t want to be the person who shares
a room with him. But unhinged people time and again have been
given cellmates. The Guardian in the UK reported in 2006 that
an extremely violent and openly very racist man was put into a cell with a man not of
his race. This man was British-Asian and just 18 when
he was killed by his cellmate. He was only serving 90-days for a small offense
and it was the first time for him in prison, and worse, he only had to wait until the morning
to be released. That didn’t happen because his cellmate
beat him to death with a table leg he had managed to take off. How could this happen? The prison officials knew this man was a racist
and other prisoners later said he was “strange, weird and aggressive.” It’s also written that he had displayed
the behavior of someone mentally unwell, such as when he ate soap, painted the walls with
his own product, or started a fire. As a teen he had slashed his own wrists, stabbed
a teacher, and then was put into care and later young offenders institutions. One officer at such an institution wrote on
a report that he was a “disaster waiting to happen” and a mental healthcare worker
wrote he had “a long-standing, deep-seated personality disorder.” The Guardian writes that he was also involved
in another murder at a young offenders institution, and cites a report that there was a real chance
that prison guards where the murder of the young Asian man happened played a game called
Gladiator. This, in the words of that newspaper, involved
putting “unsuitable inmates together in the same cell to generate violence.” The judge in the case said prison officials
should have known this young man with such violent tendencies could have been capable
of such a thing. It became a huge case and a movie was later
made about it. After hearing this, do you have any thoughts
on how the prison system should deal with inmates who are mentally unstable? Tell us in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
Why Was This Prisoner Kept Locked Away In Permanent TOTAL Isolation. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
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  2. The prison system should help people with mental illness the prison system in Britain failed why afraid of losing power well they have lost it already

  3. Self segregation by race is a thing if you watch any documentary especially american ones then it's like it happens naturally. However if you look at English ones or Russian ones then it's very clear that there's none of that. But Russia walks it's criminals around in a "stress possession" so automatically the guard has more power

  4. I will say this every time bring back the asylum. Letting the mentally ill loose on to the streets only for them to end up homeless or in jail was a mistake.

  5. Man I’m glad you have these straight facts for the people. This is one of thee best channels on YouTube. It just like that in jails and prison.

  6. While more mentally ill people being in prison doesn't necessarily indicate discrimination (some groups commit more crime than others) the facts you've listed are true; they do get bullied by both prisoners & staff. It's a sad conundrum & we need more mental health facilities for these mental ill people who commit non violent crimes.

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    what does anyone gain by keeping them alive? if they dont want to live anymore..

  9. I remember the story about that kid getting put in same cell as a racist. That should never have happened as the prison has legal care and attention over the prison population. As in, seperate gang members and also racists and non whites. Shame that kid died over incompetence.

  10. As a young guy (20) who has EUPD and a psychotic episode in the past. Horrible things have happened to me in the past and especially while psychotic I did some terrible things, the best thing you can do for someone in that situation is either avoid or commit to support them

  11. I've been to psychiatric hospitals and county jails and I can tell you with 100 percent certainty jails have way more mentally ill

  12. CSRA's (Cell Sharing Risk Assessments) eliminate this… do violence markers on the Prisoner Record system. These are extreme cases where these BASIC markers clearly were not employed.

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    stick with your own nationality

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    Never sing the lyrics to M*A*S*H
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  16. I worked as a state Corrections official for about four years. Speaking from that experience, I know full well that most people who end up in our prison system aren't evil or even mentally unstable. The majority just took a wrong turn in their lives at some point, usually for something seemingly trivial on paper. Although there are obvious exceptions.

    As far as the prisons themselves, the U.S. has the worst conditions in the developed world. If you weren't messed up in the head when you came in, you will be by the time you get out. That can be said for a lot of people who work there and the prisoners, alike.

  17. whats funny is these people make great soldiers, think about it theres an actual gene for anyone that goes to prison. Its called the "superhero" gene, its something that calls for war or high stress activity. Theres an article somewhere from a scitific journal if you can find it read it. Sorry It was long ago that I had to do a project on it. Something about chromozone and how makes them stronger and smarter but more violent. The bronson effect.

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