psycArticles (EBSCO) Database

In PsycARTICLES you have access to over 164,000 articles on behavioral science and related fields including education and nursing. All results in this database are full-text articles from peer-reviewed academic journals. To get started, click on the Advanced Search option. The Advanced Search screens allows you to enter multiple terms at a time. You can refine your search using the fields in the dropdown menu. All Text searches for the terms in the article’s title, abstract, and full text. You can also limit to a particluar author or title. The Subject terms field will find items described with standardized terms that identify the item’s content. If you do not choose a field, the database will automatically use a broad search that looks in multiple fields. For this tutorial, we will not select a field. Let’s search for articles about depression and anxiety. This search retrieved 1,350 results. In the Refine Your Results section, you can indicate a publication date range for the articles. This is option is particularly helpful if you only need current information. We can take a look at one of the articles by click on its title. Full text options for this article are located on the left. The PDF version will contain a scan of the original article including page numbers and images. In the center details section you’ll find the authors of the article and source information including journal name, volume and issue number, date of publication, and page numbers. Below, the abstract provides a summary of the article’s content. This introduces the scope, thesis, and relevancy of the article. On the right is the Tools section. Here you can print, e-mail, or save the article. Let’s take a look at the Cite tool. This new window displays example works cited and refernece list entries in a variety styles. Be sure to check these examples with an official citation guide for accuracy.

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